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A documentary about the world of limited edition movie posters, art prints and the cultural implications of a copyright world.
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Last Day Offer - Win a free Tim Doyle, Jay Ryan or Tyler Stout poster!

Any contribution of $10 or more from noon Central Standard Time on January 13th until the end of the campaign will be entered in a drawing to win one of 3 posters!


Officially Limited is a feature length documentary about movie poster & pop art culture - the creators, collectors, events, curators and the business approaches that have created the phenomenon.

Where We're At

A good portion of the work for the film has already been completed. Over the past year, I've traveled across the country (San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, North Carolina) shooting footage of events and interviewing artists and enthusiasts.

I've accumulated over 60 hours of footage (sorry editors), and now need help putting it all together. I also have a few crucial interviews that still need to be shot and they require travel.  I've run out of money with lots of work and travel left to do and I still need to pay an editor and sound designer, run the film through post-production, get DVDs made, submit to festivals, generate promotional get the picture.

What You'll Get

With the help of some amazing artists and colleagues, I've got some pretty great rewards set up - exclusive prints from Tim Doyle, Jay Ryan, and a bunch of others, a subscription where you get all 10 prints planned, exclusive access to outtakes and insider updates about future prints, custom handbills from the film, a poster and party with fellow filmmakers Chicago ROT & of course the Officially Limited Posters, DVD/Blu-rays and exclusive screening access.  

In additon to movie and poster fan type rewards,  we have an educator reward where the school or teacher has permission to screen Officially Limited to students and I will Skype in to answer questions about the process of making the movie and my thoughts in general.  As a teacher, I am looking forward to this one.

There's a reward for businesses, galleries, artists, print shops or whoever thinks they might benefit from exposure to our fans.  A logo and link to your business will be put on our website and a special credit of "additional support provided by" with your logo will be in the end credits of the movie.  The earlier you coontribute, the higher on the list and the better visibility your company will have.

For the super fan who is dying to show the world his or her amazing collection, we have a "You can be in the Movie" reward where you provide footage/stills/whatever of your collection and we will play it next to the credits.  Your collection immortalized in a movie forever - how about that for bragging rights?


Where We're Going

Am I making this film because I'm personally interested in pop art? Absolutely. It wouldn't be any good if I weren't. There's more to it though as this culture is rich in different approaches to business and this gray area where art, marketing, and merchandising collide.  I think it is an important discussion to be had and I am trying to cover all the angles.  Most people I have interviewed have either had strong beliefs and approaches to this or they are not sure.  I do not pretend that Officially Limited is going to have all the answers but I think it will spark discussion and maybe some clarity can com out of that.

Having been an educator for the better part of a decade, I'm hoping this film can be an accessible introduction for students to the delicate world of intellectual property, copyright, licensing, fair use, and appropriational art.  Nothing would make me happier then to know that this film was being shown in classes and that it might spark in interest in this area.


Other Ways You Can Help

Don't have the cash right now? I understand. (No, trust me, I do.) If you'd still like to help get Officially Limited past the finish line, you can:

Spread the word on Facebook or Twitter (or email or Pinterest or Google+ or...). The more people that know the more likely we are to meet our goal.

Sign up for updates on as we will have more opportunities to suport the film with new prints, events, and screenings in the future.  No way I could squeez it all into the 60 day campaign so stay tuned for more ways to get involved and tell your friends.

Let's get this film finished!

Officially Limited is like these posters on the ground in the dark right now, great stuff but not put together properly and not being shown to people.  Help us get Officially Limited up on the wall were everyone can enjoy it.  I feel like we're half-way through this process and this isn't my first time at the rodeo.  Your help will definitely get Officially Limited done more quickly and done the right way.


Thank you, Officially Ltd. Team

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  • $10USD
    Heads Up and Outtakes Access

    You will get a heads up email about any print we release before anyone else knows. You'll be informed about any print we are releasing well ahead of the general public. The list will be Official and definitely Limited. We will also be pulling interview outtakes that wouldn’t otherwise be seen and putting them online and password protected only for the "insiders".

    10 claimed
  • $20USD

    We are making handbills with “characters” from the film as in the artists and gallery types. Handbills will be made by some of these characters as well as signed by them and by the director. Which one you get is random, but if you buy more than one, we will make sure you get different ones and maybe some extras. Continental US shipping included, extra shipping if elsewhere.

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  • $30USD
    DVD/Blu-ray w/ Insert

    How could Offcially Limited be released without a special package? Well, it probably will, but not before you get an exclusive DVD/Blu-ray with screen-printed packaging and some bonuses inside. Continental US shipping included, extra shipping if elsewhere.

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  • $50USD
    Thank You Package

    Everything above (DVD *or* Blu-Ray copy, not both) plus a big thank you in the credits of the movie for less than the cost of a poster plus shipping. Continental US shipping included, extra shipping if elsewhere.

    12 claimed
  • $50USD
    Jay Ryan - Michigan Artprint

    I know not everyone is interested in movie or TV related prints, so here's a great alternative - an exclusive print from the talented Jay Ryan. His art adorns the walls of both my daughter’s and sister’s rooms (i.e., family friendly). Jay and I share a love of West Michigan in the summer time and he has agreed to do a print on that theme. It's currently in production, but have no fear, It will be a great print and in time for x-mas. Continental US shipping included, extra shipping if elsewhere.

    26 out of 85 claimed
  • $50USD
    Chicago ROT Poster and Party

    These guys are making a crazy and twisted horror/thriller in the vein of Rob Zombie here in Chicago. I know the guys and love how they've made this film. We are teaming up to make a killer poster and throw an Offically Limited/Chicago ROT party. You will have 2 invites as well as a very limited, screen-printed Chicago Rot poster. All you Chicago ROT fans will want this and you will be helping the guys who made the movie get a great poster.

    3 out of 100 claimed
  • $100USD
    Poster & Screening Package

    You will get a signed and numbered copy of the officially licensed, limited edition, Officially Limited screen-printed poster (try saying that fast) and 2 tickets to a special sneak screening in Chicago, Grand Rapids and other cities yet to be determined. Filmmaker’s and likely some artists will be on hand with a Q&A, and of course the poster, plus the Thank You package above.

    4 out of 200 claimed
  • $200USD
    Be A Part Of The Film

    And by you I mean you and your collection of posters and prints. You shoot some footage of your collection, on your walls, in a flat file, under your bed, maybe in your bed (I don’t know, could happen) and we will include it during the credits of the film. How else will everyone know how awesome your collection is if you don’t show them on the big screen? Also get the Poster and Screening package above.

    1 out of 20 claimed
  • $200USD
    Educator/Institute License

    As a teacher for the last almost decade, I appreciate having content to share in the classroom. My hope is that Offically Limited can help make the topics of intellectual property & art appropriation interesting and engaging for students. For teachers, I am offering a copy of Officially Limited (DVD or Blu-ray) with a special license that allows the license holder to show it in their class to their students as many times and for as long as they are a teacher. Plus a Q&A skype

    1 claimed
  • $200USD
    Company Sponsorship

    Your company/studio/print shop/blog gets a credit under “additional support by” with your logo in the film as well as placement and a link on the Officially Limited website for the next year. Good advertising, great cause.

    6 out of 20 claimed
  • $500USD
    The Collector Subscription

    Over the next 10 months we will be releasing 10 prints, you will get all of them including the edition of 30, Tim Doyle, King of Baltimore variant on metallic gold paper, the Jay Ryan art print, Jon Smith macho print, another secret Tim Doyle print, a little something from Hero Design and at least 5 others that are too secret to talk about. You will receive one of each as well as the Thank You package above and some bonus stuffs. Continental US shipping included, extra shipping if elsewhere.

    1 out of 10 claimed
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