Official Jessica Redfield Sports Journalism Scholarship Fund

Please help us raise funds to launch the Jessica Redfield Sports Broadcasting Scholarship. Help us creates futures from such a tragedy
Jordan Ghawi
Denver/San Antonio, Colorado
United States
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Help Us Build Futures from Tragedy

On July 20th, a gunman entered the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado and began firing. The aftermath, 12 dead and over 70 injured.

Jessica Ghawi, aka @JessicaRedField was one of those victims. 

Jessica was an aspiring sports broadcaster who moved to Colorado only a year before to pursue her dream of a career in sports journalism. 

We ask that you help us kick start the Official Jessica Redfield Sports Journalism Scholarship Fund.

Jessica was an avid blogger and tweeter, and we hope we can show how powerful social media can be during times of tragedy.

Why This Cause?

Jessica worked several jobs in order to keep going to school here in Denver, and worked as many intern positions with the different teams and media stations to prepare for a career that was cut way too short.

Jessica had moved to Aurora only a month ago in order save money to help keep chasing her dream of being a sports broadcaster.

The Jessica RedField Sports Journalism Fund will be seed money for the scholarship to help send another upcoming young sports talent to study journalism.

This is the official fund on behalf of Jessica's Family. Her brother Jordan Ghawi, and her mother Sandy Phillips.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate to the fund, please assist Jessica's cause by sharing this message on every social media platform you can. Let's show the power of social media for a great cause. 


Thank You


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