Odyssey 2050: The Climate Change Film

Educating the the next generation about climate change and the environment.
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Who we are?

We are an association of likeminded individuals from across the world that have joined forces to take positive action to protect the environment. Within our association there are Costa Rican animators and film makers, activists and bloggers, astronauts and scientists, businesses, ambassadors and most importantly....students and young people from across the world! We're creating an groundbreaking and interactive animated film about the environment. 


Our Story

Our aim is to engage young people across the world in environmental debate and to motivate them into taking positive action to protect the planet.

In the past year we've created a promotional short of our film and now need to push forward to complete the feature length. This film blends cutting edge animation and fun graphics and it's being produced by the brotherly duo of Daniel and Miguel Bermejo of Synchro Studios, with the backing of 'climate blogger' and musician Bruce Callow of the British Embassy in Costa Rica. 

Along with the film, the Odyssey 2050 Association and our global partners have taken our brand and dream forward by running workshops and raising awareness at schools and universities worldwide. We have held creative competitions and attended climate change conferences championing the importance of environmental protection. A notable feature of Odyssey 2050 is its mandate to reach vulnerable and marginalised young people such as those who don't have access to the internet or electricity, and to achieve this we have recently released the Odyssey 2050 comic book..... 


The Money??

To complete our feature film we need $100,000.... however, on Indiegogo we´re only requesting $5000......curious...

We have various interested organisations teetering on the edge of investment to help us achieve our financial goal, however it will still not be enough!.....we´re looking for investment from environmentally minded individuals and companies who want to join our project and to bolster our efforts.

For this campaign our $5000 total can easily be exceeded and we hope that it will!!! All monies donated on Indiegogo will go directly to the running costs of creating the feature length film and a short ´The Making of´ documentary to accompany it. We have the expertise of our amazing Costa Rican animators, but without donations they are unable to continue production, we are unable to keep our dream alive.

You can donate from anywhere in the world to this global project!!


The Benefits

Odyssey 2050 is an extremely interactive project and here's how we intend to get you on board.....

  • $1 you'll find your name on our blog.....
  • $10 your name on our blog with a personal thank you from Odyssey 2050....
  • $20 and even bigger thank you! and a link to your site on our blog..
  • $50 we'll send you a copy of the feature length dvd once complete with additional bonuses and a promotional T-Shirt...
  • $200 All of the above and world renowned Astronaut and scientist Dr Franklin Chang-Diaz will send you a signed copy of the Odyssey 2050 comic book....
  • $400 all of the above and your name in the credits of the film...
  • $5000 your company will become our sponsor, with its name (and environmental efforts) promoted at all our upcoming events, in the credits of our film and on all our promotional material!!! You'll join Odyssey 2050 as we reach all corners of the globe.... 

The Impact....

....of this project will be hugmongous.... Our aim is to give a voice to young people around the world so they can express their concerns about climate change and the environment. Our global reach will ensure that young people on every continent will have an interactive and educational resource.

You can learn more about our project...

on facebook, our blog, follow our twitter and read our wikipedia entry.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share this project with everyone possible!! Whether it´s with your global business strategy or your Grandmother who´s suddenly developed a passion for recycling, please share our efforts and aims with as many people as possible!! Get busy on social media sites, read our blog and comment on our work! The more publicity the better!

Thank you for reading! 

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    Give what you can!

    If enough people pull together in small ways great things can be achieved!!! With this contribution, Odyssey 2050 place your name on a designated page on our website.

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    Thank you donation!

    With this contribution, Odyssey 2050 will place your name on a designated page on our website with a personal thank you message! If you have a blog or website we'll link to it and give our thanks directly to you!

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    An even bigger thank you!!!

    Like above but bigger!! Whether you´re a company or individual we´ll say thanks!!

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  • $50USD
    The final product

    With a $50 donation we'll send you a copy of the completed film, a copy of the Odyssey 2050 Comic Book and a thank you letter.

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  • $200USD
    Dr.Chang says thanks!

    Dr Franklin Chang is a scientist and former NASA astronaut who currently holds the most amount of trips into space with 7. He's world renowned, environmentally active and a great guy. With this donation you'll get all of the above, and a copy of the Odyssey 2050 Comic Book signed by Dr Chang.

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  • $400USD
    Film Star...

    All of the above plus your name in the credits of the film under the glorious title of 'Friends of Odyssey'.

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  • $5,000USD

    become a sponsor! We'll reach a global audience and we want you to join us. We'll include your companies name on our promotional gear! Including DVDs, our comic books, posters, at global workshops, conferences, press releases, banners and a special credit in the film, The perfect opportunity for great publicity for your company and to raise awareness of your environmental efforts - we'd be happy to incorporate this into our film! Get that corporate social responsibility moving!

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