OctopodiCon 2012

We're steaming up the future, with a steampunk science convention, the Junior Sprockets, Tentacle Classes, and Tea!

Do you dream of Steam?

We did!

That dream spread in our community and became OctopodiCon.  Weird name, right? But it fits, because OctopodiCon is a steampunk college weekend that extends farther out into the community - we call them "Tentacle Classes" and "Steampunk Science Teas". A Hugo award winning artist, Brad Foster, designed our logo and our mascot - Baron Octavian von Calamari, Esq. An entire convention full of people gave us the Calamari Kidz, individual mascots for the Pods - octopodly "greek" organizations to help people enjoy OctopodiCon all year long all over the country. The children got in on it and Junior Sprockets was born and will debut with a Captain's Manual and the first of the Sprocket Project Manuals at this OctopodiCon.

Our mascot is an octopus because those creatures are smart and sneaky and into everything, just like steampunk - and OctopodiCon!

We're a group of 17 artists, lawyers, college professors, performers, scientists, authors, secretaries, youth group leaders, and engineers who also have experience working with and helping run science fiction conventions, renaissance festivals, science fairs, and science cafes.  Together, we have a combined experience of successfully organizing events that is decades long.

Steaming up the future is our goal - playing with science and engineering, doing and making awesome devices and we want everyone to play with us because it's so much fun. We've done the organizing and the set-up so others can come build on this - we joined with the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library and the Society of American Military Engineers to provide prizes and programming, and asked college professors and some prominent people in steampunk to come and share their knowledge so people can learn what steampunk is and then join in for all kinds of inspiration and fun.


We've spent quite a bit of our personal resources so far and now we need just a little bit more. Yes, $6,000 sounds like a lot, but an event of this nature at the quality we want to bring to it costs more than $75,000 - and all we need to finish it off is $6,000 more.

We will spend the money to pay for the increased costs of transportation for our awesome Distinguished Visiting Professors - Professor Elemental, Ay-Leen the Peacemaker, Lucretia DearFour, Tom Smith, Peter Pixie, Dr. Grymm,  Leanna Renee Hieber.

We'll also spend it printing the programming books and materials to enhance the experience of the attendees. That includes having certificates for the contest prize winners and the people who finish their "freshman" programming printed - the design is by Brad Foster.

Part of that programming material will be a Junior Sprockets Club Captain's Manual and project books. People all across the country have asked if they could have a Junior Sprockets crew in their area, so we've written the first of the manuals and will debut the program and the first Captain training classes at OctopodiCon, with more training classes at steampunk conventions around the country.

So, yes, we need just $6,000 to get all of that accomplished.

The more money we can raise, the more we can provide! 


We are attempting to go beyond our $6,000 goal to make sure this steampunk college becomes the best resource for steampunks across the country. From mad engineers and scientists to tinkerers and tailors, we will develop instructions on a wide variety of skills and projects to present at our convention and in our outreach program of Tentacle Classes to appear at other Steampunk Conventions. Because we feel it's never too soon to introduce our children to the wonders of steampunk and science and making projects, we're developing a Junior Sprockets Club with Captain's Manual and Project Books.

Just $5 will get you in and include you in all of our projects - you'll get updates and photos, maybe even a chance to attend a Tea, a Field Trip, a Tentacle Class, or OctopodiCon itself.

Everyone who contributes will be assigned a Pod, and you'll get to participate in your Pod's group, sharing information about steampunk, meeting up with them at other conventions or Make festivals or science festivals, or even just having a spot of Tea.

Steampunk is already influencing fashion, the media, literature, and the Maker culture - it's starting to impact how we view science and engineering.  We're going to be a part of that - and you can be, too, for as little as $5.00.


Some of the other perks we offer, depending on how much support we get, includes:


A dinner with the Distinguished Visiting Professors on Friday night (October 6, 2012)

Visiting Scholars Enrollment (includes a canvas book bag, 3 day enrollment, and 1 Makeshop)

a digital copy of the OctopodiCon 2012 Yearbook

a digital copy of the Junior Sprockets Captain's Manual

a 3 day scholarship (transferable) to OctopodiCon 2012

an OctopodiCon T-shirt

an OctopodiCon book bag

an OctopodiCon poster

a lapel button with your Pod on it

a Junior Sprockets COGS (Curious Object Given to Steampunks)

your name on our website and in our Class Schedule listing you as a Tentacle Supporter


The best way, of course, is to come play with us!  You can buy a 1 day or a 3 day enrollment and come join us at OctopodiCon 2012 for 3 days of steampunk fun.

You can purchase a Remote Student Enrollment that gives you a badge number that we store your "credit hours" and "community service hours" under so you can progress from Freshman to Post Doctoral in earning novelty steampunk degrees (our goal is to become accredited so attendees will one day earn real college credits and not just the current novelty ones).

You can spread the word and tell your friends about us.  Maybe they'll want to support us.

Be sure to use the "share" tools here at Indiegogo!

Together, we can make this awesome!

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