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The story of one boy's struggle with the loss of someone he barely knew.
Ella Bruccoleri
United Kingdom
7 Team Members

What an amazing month it’s been!
Thank you ever so much again to all of our contributors! You are all absolutely fantastic people! We still find it hard to believe that you have contributed so much!

You will all receive regular updates on the progress of the making of Ocean of Noise – we are so excited about it! And we really hope you are too!

Also have a look here, that’s where we’ll post most of the material!




Or contact us directly here: oceanofnoisefilm@gmail.com

Thank you so much again everybody!!

Versión en español: haz click aquí.

Version française : cliquez ici !

Who Are We And Why Are We Doing This?

Ocean of Noise follows the story of Francis and Alice, two seventeen year old's living side by side in a small and deprived coastal town. One rather magical evening, after years of silence, their paths collide. From the comfort of Francis' bedroom, they talk of big plans and Alice ignites the idea of one day leaving town together. This, being something Francis has never before considered possible, opens up a world of hope and opportunity to him. 
The next morning Alice is reported as missing. 
Setting the small town mentality against the aspiration to achieve something bigger, our film journeys Francis' very silent struggle with the loss of someone he barely knew, in a town where nobody ever speaks of leaving.
"In 2007, 39% of all youth suicides were completed by people who'd lost someone of influence or significance to them"....

Our film is about the difficulties of teenage life, and how things that may seem trivial to adults can become unendurable in a time period when everyone around you is pressuring you to consider your 'future'. We are also exploring the themes of loss and isolation. The shockingly high number of teenage suicides (curiously more prevalent amongst males) and depression is a relatively untouched subject, and we aim to bring it to the fore-front.

Inspired by directors such as Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Shane Meadows, we wanted to make a film where the focus would be on the acting... Think detailed back-stories, extensive improvisation sessions, we want the actors to feel secure and free to experiment, very much a collaborative project between actor and director. No 'actions' and 'cuts' here, we will use improvs to play out what happens to the characters just before the scene begins, and keep the camera rolling after the scripted dialogue finishes, just to see what happens...!

We are a group of young emerging artists who have come together to form a collaboration, but who share a common ambition: to create pieces of work that are alternative, striking and reflective. We are starting small, but thinking very big indeed, and we would love it if you hopped on board the magical train of our progress (driven by a tiny elf named DETERMINATION). Oh yes, we did just say that.

New music, Original illustration, Bespoke knitwear design - it's as much about these individual art forms as it is about the film itself as a whole!

The Crew

Click on the links to see more!

Ella Bruccoleri - Writer/Director/Actor

This will be my first foray into film-making, but I am coming at this project with ultimate commitment and a very strong vision. My background is in acting, and as such I am an avid art-house cinema fan! Weird fact: I recently lived and worked in Paris, studying the art of mime.

Andrea de la Cruz Barral - Producer

Has worked with orgainisations such as Stamp Collective and The Accidental Festival at London's Roundhouse (Director of Events and Fundraising).

Alvaro Alonso-Peraita - Editor / Assistant DOP

Over 5 years experience in TV, and as a Film-maker and Editor in various short films, web series and documentaries. He forms, with Jaime, the London based tandem We Are The Scavengers.

Cuatro Semanas Documentary 2011 - Creation, Production, Direction, Shooting, Editing.

No Retorno Short Film 2010 - Writer and Director.

Jaime Asensio - Director of Photography / Assistant Editor

5 years experience working for a Spanish film production company (Riot Cinema Collective), developing skills as a Camera Operator, Editor and Photographer. Fact: Photography is his great passion. He forms, with Alvaro, the London based tandem We Are The Scavengers.

The Cosmonaut Film Project 2009-2012 - Field Producer, Graphic Design and Editor.

Design and Photography Portfolio Video and Photography work.

Yoan Segot - Sound Design and Music Supervisor

6 years experience in the world of short films, as a sound recordist, boom operator, sound editor, mixer and sound designer. Also a musician and audio producer for music and audiobook projects. Weird fact: He created a cocktail made from orange juice, gin and milk. He calls it 'GinJilk'.


 Katie Sheppard - Illustrations and Artwork
Francis is an artist, constantly sketching, but showing nobody. Until he meets Alice.
Katie will be bringing the artist in Francis to life. She has provided works for: Green party society, Food Co-Operative, Bristol University, and the East Anglia Institute. But aside from these credits, she has a beautifully naive quality to her work that inspires joy!
Chloe Forrestier-Walker - Knitwear Design
Alice has aspirations to sing jazz and sell a range of home-made knitwear!
The latter will be created by Chloe, a talented and innovative up and coming Knitwear Designer. I will let her website speak for itself!:
Marry Me Emelie - Music

A London-based acoustic duo with a great deal of musical experience (both together and apart). They will be creating the original film score.


Everybody is offering their time and resources for free, a truly crowdsourced project! Please help us make it all worthwhile!

What We Need & What You Get

So here is why we need funds for our 5 day shoot:

  • Shooting equipment (we have the basics already, but those extra bits and bobs will create an altogether more professional production!)
  • Set design and Art materials.
  • Catering (yum yum - sandwiches!).
  • Travel expenses. Because, a major part of our film will be shot on the coast of England, this means travelling to and from! We are based in London, so it's not too far, but we will need to hire some means of transport in order to support our equipment and crew!

If you are considering making a donation, be reassured: some lovely unique rewards are on offer! Original artwork from our illustrator, and new pieces of music from Marry Me Emelie, plus a copy of the film itself, amongst others... !

With pre-production going on as we speak, the shoot will take place in late Feb/early March, and if all goes to plan we expect to be finished by April!

The Impact

Although this is a SHORT film we're making, we don't want to take any SHORTcuts! Haha, see what I did there? We want to create an artisan production, of true quality, where almost everything is handmade! And the more money we raise the more creative we can be with this project, so please assist us in unleashing our creative beasts (so to speak..) !

The plan is to create a piece of work which we are all proud of and then tour the festival circuit!

You will help us achieve something which, otherwise, would not be possible. We are all working either in restaurants or cinemas, and we need this project, and indeed your help, to give us a creative boost. Your support means an awful lot to us, it really does.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're not in a position to help out financially, but you believe that our film is worth making, there are numerous other ways to get involved and we would really appreciate it! 

  • Tell your family, friends, colleagues, the people at your skydiving lesson, pretty much anyone you think may be interested in emerging indie cinema! 
  • You can even tell us! (but we already know about it, so it may be a tad more effective to tell other people)....
  • You can use the Indiegogo share tools to spread the word on facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc, all with the click of a button!
  • If you would like to help, don't be afraid to think outside of the box! For example, donating shooting equipment could be the most useful of all, so if you're able to do so, please get in touch!

If you have other skills/ideas you'd like to share, please feel free to contact us directly on oceanofnoisefilm@gmail.com.

You can find us on:




Don't forget to check back for updates!

Thank you for reading!

The Ocean of Noise team. 

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    A HD download of the film, along with the soundtrack, featuring original music! On top of this, a selection of exclusive behind the scenes photos! *plus a shout-out!

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  • £50GBP
    Make us say 'Ooh la la!'

    Now this is a good one... ! A personal thank you postcard from the director featuring original artwork from our illustrator, hand-made just for you! *plus all previous perks.

    6 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • £100GBP
    Make us dance (the robot)

    You will receive a Special Thanks in the film credits and on IMDB! *plus a shout-out, HD film download, soundtrack, and some behind the scenes pics!

    3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • £150GBP
    Make us jump for joy

    You can select a song of your choice and Marry Me Emelie will perform and record a cover especially for you! Along with two tickets to the film screening in London, Q+A and after-party! *plus a special thanks credit, behind the scenes pics, HD film download, soundtrack, and a shout-out!

    3 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • £250GBP
    Make us cry (happy tears!)

    A beautiful production still from the film, signed by the director, along with a signed copy of the script. *plus two tickets to the London screening, Q+A and after-party, a special thanks credit, behind the scenes pics, HD film download, soundtrack, and a shout-out!

    1 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • £500GBP
    Make us love (YOU!)

    Wow! An Associate Producer credit, plus a personalised portrait (great idea for a gift!), drawn by our illustrator! *plus two tickets to the London screening, Q+A and after-party, production still, signed script, behind the scenes pics, HD film download, soundtrack, and shout-out!

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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