Occupy Stickam

After 7 years stickam.com is shutting down service. Let's buy it! And then let's upgrade it to something awesome!

The Cause

Stickam.com was the pioneer of live streaming. In 2005 they launched and there was much rejoicing... and then drama. and then more rejoicing.

Now 7 years later the word came down from on high to shut it down.

I (Sam Proof) have long been involved with the staff at stickam, helped run and cover events and have climbed my way to the 7th most watched channel on stickam.

Sufficed to say this like being told from the vet they have no other choice but to put down you're most beloved pet. I do not hold to that.

I believe Stickam still has life left in, still has a community that loves it, and still deserves to exist.

So join me in pooling our money to take over and Occupy Stickam.com

My plan is to purchase the company in full, and provide people with the live streaming services it's always provided and maybe even make it better.

It's a community site, so why shouldn't the community own it?

Thank you,

-Sam Proof

This is NOT just buying a business. It is a whole project to upgrade the platform and create something new from the ashes.

A stickam studio - The new studio space will be open to live streamers to use for their events and will help take your live streaming ideas to the next level.

The Impact

Help us help you!

  • Stickam is a community of over 7 million users
  • Letting it fade away now would be like traveling back in time to shoot your looper self in the face!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you loved stickam please

• Tweet this link

• Share it on facebook

• make a youtube video asking people to help.


5 Million Dollars?!

I know, it sounds unfathomable. At the same time, this is why I chose to do a fixed campaign and not an open one (so either we raise ALL the money or it all goes back to the people that donated it.).

I'm not interested in taking your money. 

I don't want to push and push, raise thousands of dollars and turn around and say "sorry gang, but thanks"... so this is it, It's ALL or NOTHING.

Stickam is an amazing website, and I think not only can we raise the money, but WE SHOULD!

Let's pool together, let's take back our favorite site and let's OCCUPY STICKAM!

Team on This Campaign: