Obedient Steel

A new play by Chloe Brown, premiering at HERE Arts Center in November. Produced and developed by Tugboat Collective and directed by Rebecca Wear.
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What is Obedient Steel?

Obedient Steel is a play about the brightest minds in the world. They are young, smart, and talented. They dance. They wear very stylish glasses. Their work is too complicated to explain to parents or childhood friends - it is also too secret. But if you did know, you would be very impressed. Then, something happens. A small thing, really, that could have happened to anyone, or just as easily not happened at all. And now nothing will ever be the same.

This is a play about Brilliance. This is a play about Progress. This is a play about the guinea pig you really didn’t mean to hurt that is now lying dead on the table. This is a play about You.

(graphic design by E. Noelle Bullion)

Obedient Steel has been developed since Spring 2012 with Tugboat Collective, playwright Chloe Brown, and director Rebecca Wear. It will premiere November 14-24 at HERE Arts Center, featuring Nathaniel Basch-Gould (Tugboat member), E. James Ford, Craig Mungavin, Anastasia Olowin, Max Reinhardsen, and Kate Thulin (Tugboat member).

What is Tugboat Collective?

Tugboat Collective is a Brooklyn-based group of collaborative artists dedicated to developing accessible, low-cost, experimental theater. Headed up by Artistic Directors Eben Hoffer and Joseph Wolfslau, Tugboat Collective is Nathaniel Basch-Gould, Chloe Brown, Mike Faba, Isaac Hoffer, Kate Thulin, and Nick Trotta. We are actors, writers, and designers; we make work that is surprising, funny, and makes use of the fact that you are in the room with us.

(Jack the Bird and Moon & Marble)

We've been hard at work this past year. In December, we premiered Moon & Marble, a white-face clown show that featured live music and a complex hemp-and-bag fly system at the Brooklyn Lyceum.  Next came Jack The Bird, which appeared both in January's Snowballs Festival (Space on White) and August's Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City. We also continued workshopping our surreal rock musical, The Violet Road, and produced a full album of music from the show.

All the while, we worked on Obedient Steel. Since April of 2012, Tugboat has held regular workshops to develop the piece. When we began, we didn't have a script or even a story, just a lot of questions about things we'd read, heard, or seen through bullet-proof glass. After a year and a half of writing and workshops, we are so excited to share our fourth Tugboat production with you.

Why We Need Your Support

We're over the moon to have been selected for HERE Arts Center's SUBlet Series. However, even with this subsidized rental, the cost of the venue in addition to the other costs of putting together a full production mean that to present Obedient Steel, Tugboat must raise $5,000.

Where do these dollar bills go towards?

  • Performance venue rental
  • Rehearsal space
  • Material for set, costume, and props
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Transportation of equipment and materials
  • Marketing and printed materials

We are so thankful for whatever you can give - we couldn't do it without you!

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    Facebook Thank You

    Direct thanks from Tugboat Collective to you through Social Media, so all your friends can see how cool and generous you are.

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    Stamped Thank You Note

    A thank you note stamped with the Tugboat Collective logo. Sincere. Artisanal. Small, but in a good way.

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    Signed Thank You Card

    Signed by all the members of Tugboat Collective. Includes a little special secret.

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    Signed Print - Moon & Marble

    A rather pretty signed print from Tugboat Collective's production of Moon & Marble.

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    Isaac writes you a poem

    Back by popular demand, Isaac Hoffer will write you some verse in on the subject and in the style of your choosing. Limited quantity available due to the scarcity of the raw poetic material necessary to smith these exquisite ballads.

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    Autographed Script

    A signed copy of Obedient Steel. Enjoy the piece in its textual form!

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    Kate makes you a comic!

    Specifically, an ad for a fake 1950's product. You can choose the object of patriarchy-controlled desire featured in the add, or you can leave that choice up to the devious mind of Tugboat Collective.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $200USD

    A spectacular arrangement of desserts will find it's way delivered to your doorstep. Hand-crafted by confection engineers Chloe Brown, Rebecca Wear, and Joseph Wolfslau, you will need to either eat these immediately or hide them in a secret spot so they are not preyed upon by friends, family, or passers-by. New York City residents only.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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    You get a song!

    Eben and Isaac Hoffer will write an original song for you, about the subject or object of your choosing. Includes a signed thank you card and a print from Moon & Marble.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Co-Producer Credit!

    Gratitude that will never cease to be tremendous in scale, and Co-Producer credit for the HERE Arts Center production of Obedient Steel. Also comes with thank you card, a signed copy of the script, a print from The What Dance, a print from Moon & Marble, a comic and a poem.

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    Estimated delivery: November 2013
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