NYC Food Truck Sandy Outreach

Please donate today to continue to get hot food out to New Yorkers without power in the NYC area tomorrow!

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David Weber posted an announcement 11 months ago

The grand total of outreach delivered to New Yorkers via the NYC Food Truck Association outreach program was 350,000 hot meals!

Thank you for your help and support in getting this outreach effort off the ground. Thanks to your grass roots support, many corporate sponsors and the NYC Mayors Fund provided ongoing support to keep food trucks out helping those in need until more permanent relief efforts could be put in place.

We have just learned that we have been shortlisted for the NYC Helping Hand Award as one of 10 organizations that demonstrated outstanding leadership to help those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The winner will be chosen by public voting, so please give us your continued support by voting for the NYC Food Truck Association today at: www.cbsnewyork.com/helpinghand

Laci Texter posted an announcement over 1 year ago

$51,761. THAT is the total amount, between our two indiegogo fundraisers, that you all were able to raise in a mere FIVE days… FIVE days!!!! Because you and others like you chose to give back, we have been able to serve 7,394 free, hot meals to people in New York and New Jersey who have no power and, in some of the worst cases, no homes.
You all are incredible and from the very bottoms of our hearts, we thank you for your incredible generosity.

Today, ten days after Super Storm Sandy struck, many are still living without lights and heat so we are continuing to serve via our partnership with The NYC Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC and several corporate sponsors. If you would still like to help bring hot meals to NY-ers, you can donate to the Mayors Fund and ask them to earmark the money for food truck emergency outreach.

Thank you and take care.

Laci Texter posted an announcement over 1 year ago

Exciting news to share!

Those who donate over $50 can enter in a contest on the Serious Eats website to win a goodie bag of SE products and some shippable items from the very same food trucks you’re helping to put out on the roads!

All the of the details can be found here: http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2012/11/support-...

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Laci Texter posted an announcement over 1 year ago

You all are superstars! We were able to make such a big impact that even the Mayor’s Fund for the Advancement of NYC took notice and have made us an official part of NYC’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts!

Again, thank you so much.

One quick note: Please be sure to leave your Twitter id if you opt to give $70.00+ and want us to give you a shout-out!