Nutmeg Education for all

Expanding the Nutmeg platform to include ELA and Science.

What is Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is an assessment platform that helps teachers make better tests/quizzes. We help teachers align these assessments to Common Core Standards and give them real time data and insights into students' learning. Teachers love that we go one step further and leverage the collected data to give students free online tutorials and videos based on their students' individual needs.


How do I know Nutmeg is legit?

- Nutmeg was a finalist in the NYC Gap App Challenge ahead of over 200 companies.

- Selected out of 1,200 companies to be a part of the 2013 Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

- Reviewed by a panel of master teachers: 86% approved of using Nutmeg in the classroom, 100% approved contingent on having more content!

How can you help?

Your contribution will go directly to expanding our platform to more grades and subjects to help as many teachers as possible (High School Math, Science, & English Language Arts).

The Nutmeg T-Shirt!

The Nutmeg Team (teachers, developers, & eduwonks)

This is the core Nutmeg team. We've had over 60 teachers help us develop Nutmeg and would like to thank them!

The Nutmeg Platform: Simple 

Teachers are busy. We get that. We were teachers once. Between lesson planning, coaching, hosting extra help sessions after-school and most importantly, teaching, educators just don’t have the time to spend figuring out how a program works. Nutmeg is designed with this exact principle in mind: teachers need time to teach. Once a teacher logs in to our platform there is no confusion.

Teachers can easily create an assessment (like a quiz)

Instead of creating every quiz from scratch, we save teachers time by allowing them to use questions that other teachers create! Every classroom is unique, so teachers need a tool that is flexible to teachers needs.  TGFN (Thank God For Nutmeg).

They can either email it to their students or print it out!

Not every class has the latest set of computers or tablets. Don't worry, we've got that covered too — teachers can just hit "print"! We'll be adding a scanner to upload quizzes soon!

Teacher get real-time reports on students' progress

So many professions rely on analytical data to make better decisions, so why shouldn’t teachers? 

Students get the help they need

We help support students by recommending them free online videos & tutorials based on their individual needs.


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