Nursery Rhymes

Once a hardened criminal, now transformed into a great father figure, a man is tempted to commit another crime in order to save his daughter's life.
Alina Chorna
Los Angeles, California
United States
5 Team Members


We are a group of independent filmmakers, and each one of us was working in the industry for many years. We love what we do and we want to keep doing it in spite of the fact that those activities don’t always pay the bills.  Our group is an international one: Director and Writer is Asian, Producer is Ukrainian, our Lead Actor is African American, Set Designer is Russian. We want to show the diversity in our film as well, since it is the reality of what we have in Los Angeles nowadays.

We want to tell a story of a single dad, Damon, and his interactions with others in the city of Los Angeles. He is doing his best to be the good father for his daughter, Denise, but his past catches up with him at some point.  You will see interesting characters and you’ll follow Damon’s journey.

PC Vaj, Writer and Director

I have been a story teller long before I am a film maker. To be able to breathe life into characters on the screen and help open up people's views to whole new worlds and make an impact in their lives is a great feeling. But in order to do that, I need your help.

Although Hollywood has begun to make slight changes in its view of the Asian Actor, they are still stuck playing the typical roles of the nerd, the salon owner with a thick accent, or gang members with no real back story, etc... you get what I mean.

In order to change something, I truly believe that you have to be a part of that change. And as filmmakers, sometimes we have to stand up and do what isn't considered popular and go with our gut instincts.

I have an amazing diverse cast, but more so incredible Asian actors to help pull off these complex characters. But in order for these actors to be able to showcase their talents, I cannot do it alone. I need your help.

I wish we can make this film on our own without asking for your help... I wish we didn't have to feed the cast and crew. I wish we owned all the equipment and didn't have to rent it. I wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg to hire extra crew. But in order to make this film we will need to buy food, rent equipment and hire crew to help us.

My immediate cast and crew are all starving artists, meaning we are all working for free. We do it because it is our passion and we love what we do. We all have regular jobs, but are brought together as a group because of a common goal - to make a kick ass film.

Please support us by donating to our film. Any amount will help us to get a step closer to making this film a possibility.

We have a really great team on board!

Alex Kruse, Line Producer

I'm Alex, and I like to consider myself to be a jack of all trades when it comes to film. I've been asked to do everything from running simple errands on set, to serving as a videographer, to wardrobe design, to casting assistant, to prop master, to script supervisor, to set design, to location scout - a little bit of everything without being glued down to any one particular role. What I'm best at, however, is the writing end of things. I've been writing prose, poetry, articles, and scripts since the fourth grade, and have hosted panels and seminars in the Northwest in regards to how to write a good story, as well as how to critique other people's works. Projects I'm working on now? I do my "jack" magic with a crew that specializes in music videos for local LA artists, I've assisted with some commercial shoots, I'm a co-writer and AD for an upcoming supernatural web series, and I've got a few things up my own sleeve that I hope to start putting into motion very soon. Outside of filming I'm kind of a super nerd who enjoys anime, steampunk, tabletop gaming, live action role play, comic books, video games, conventions, and fanfiction, plus some less geeky hobbies like belly dance, hiking, canoeing and white water rafting, of course going to the theater, people watching at Venice Beach, and I absolutely adore karaoke. I have an affinity for animals, and my "day job" has always included working with them from state aquariums to zoos to spending the last thirteen years of my life in various canine fields revolving around daycare, boarding, training, grooming, and fostering. If anyone asks, yes, I'm pretty positive I have a mild form of ADD (hence always needing to be involved in five million things at once); but I also definitely have a mild form of OCD (which makes me have to perfect almost everything I do). Yes, I believe that people like me are designed to be filmmakers, because what better job is there for a creative, chaotic, yet detail-oriented person? I couldn't think of anything else, either, so here I am, and I couldn't dream of being anywhere else!

David Mizzell, Production Assistant

Senior year Cinema and Television Art Student at California State University, Northridge. Experienced Production Assistant for film shoots, photo shoots, talk shows, and interviews. Worked on sets of MTV's "The Hookup", truTV's "Guiness World Record Unleashed", interviews and events with high profile subjects and guests, as well many other student and independent projects.

We also have a very diverse cast in our film. These actors will blow your mind - we can say that because that was what they did at the auditions! They are not very famous yet, but we do believe that every one of them has the potential to make it big.  We have an absolutely amazing cast, and our actors are very excited to be a part of this movie.

Introducing our outstanding cast:

Lyanna Van Scyoc
Six year old Lyanna Van Scyoc was born in Fountain Valley, CA. An active and talkative child, her parents thought performing arts would be a good fit for her. Shortly thereafter she was signed with both a top talent agency and talent management company.

"Nursery Rhymes" is her film debut and she's very excited to play the role of "Denise". She also filmed a principal role in an episode for a Disney Interactive TV Pilot "Other People's Kids" alongside "Dino Dan" actress Allana Harkin.

Lyanna has been dancing since she was 3, taking ballet and hip-hop, and loves performing on stage. Other than being a normal 1st grader, she loves playing with her baby brother Lennox, her Siberian husky Aiko, and making YouTube videos with her toys. Her goals this year are to ride a bike without training wheels and play the ukulele.

Ken Shiode

Born and raised in Southern California, the bright lights of Hollywood have never been more than a couple of miles away. Propelling out of the womb with an extraordinary passion for life, but with no sense of direction, Ken Shiode found his love of performance at the late age of seventeen after he took a beginning acting class at his community college to simply satisfy his prerequisites for transferring. With  the incredible passion his professor (Chis Coddington) was able to instill in him, combined with his love of all films, the rest as they say was history.

Ken can credit his success to date to a single exercise that took place after transferring to UC Irvine. His acting professor at the time (Adrian Alita) made him stand in front of the entire class and told him to roar like a lion. This particular activity was what changed everything for Ken. There was a freedom and breaking of the chains that catapulted his confidence and freed himself from the insecurities that he had long held on to. From that point on, nothing was the same and everything was up for grabs. Since then he has received a Bachelor's Degree in Drama from UC Irvine, and is now fully pursuing a career as an actor. To date Ken has been cast in 15 short films, worked on two features, and completed one commercial.

Tadamori Yagi

Tadamori Yagi is from Berkeley, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. He has acted in plays, television shows, independent features and shorts, and has appeared in several national television commercials. Tadamori has won awards and recognition at various film festivals for his leading roles in the short films WAKING UP ( and REUNION ( When not acting, Tad enjoys riding his bike around LA; reading biographies, plays, and novels; listening to rocksteady/ska/classical/electronic music; and watching Netflix documentaries with his girlfriend. Tadamori's recent television credits include TNT's SOUTHLAND and The Disney Channel's SHAKE IT UP. 

Adrian Zaw

Burmese-American Actor Adrian Zaw was born in Apyauk, Burma. His acting career began in 1997 when a Professional Actor came to his Middle School and convinced him to become an actor because of the "free food". Since the age of 12 Adrian Zaw began his training to study Acting. He's won over 60+ Awards in Speech/Solo Performances throughout High School and became the State Champion of Dramatic Interpretation of California in 2001. By 2007 he starred in "Satacracy 88" (Directed by Brad Winderbaum) a webisode that won the 2007 Emmy for Outstanding Broadband Drama. In 2008, Adrian Zaw played the main villain (Syrus Primoris) and was part of the team that created "The Resistance Series" (Directed by Adrian Picardi) an Action/Drama webisode that became the first ever to transition to Major Television (SyFy Channel, Hulu, Netflix). Then in 2001 with the release of "Burmese Refugee" (Directed by Mike Tacca) Adrian Zaw was discovered to be the first and only established Burmese-American Actor in the United States.

Adrian Zaw founded ZAW INC. and built the Studio as the Corporation's first asset acquisition. His hopes were to build a bridge that connected people from their goals to accomplishments. The second creation was forming the MARKETING Division where Social Media, Traditional Marketing needs were met with the support of ZAW STUDIOS.

Daniel Favela-Gary

He is a real up and coming lead actor that  is often referred to as a young Denzel Washington mixed with James Dean and Marlon Brando in their youth. In the film festival world, he is currently starring in "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories" as Luis Clemente. On YouTube, he can be found in the music video series "Welcome to Fresh Coast" as the Lead. He is proud to be a part of such a creatively ambitious project. He would like to thank his parents, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and best friends for their love and support.

Wyatt Earley


My name is Wyatt. Although I am from Los Angeles CA, I am fairly new to Hollywood. Growing up, I always enjoyed helping others, which is likely why I chose to study Psychology and got my Bachelor's degree in it. In my opinion, it's much easier to analyze other people's lives than one's own. Although helping others and sports have always been my passion, to my surprise acting was my deep seeded true passion. I actually discovered my LOVE for acting by accident. I have a friend who works for an event company. He asked me if I'd like to make a little extra money to be part of the staff and make sure things run smoothly. I agreed. To my surprise, the event attendants were people involved in the industry. I spoke to a few people who purse acting and a few casting directors who make it sound great! I thought to myself, "This actually sounds fun". A few weeks later I went on my first audition with no intentions of getting the part, I really just wanted the experience. To my surprise, I got a callback with the good news that I got the part! Let me tell you, I had the biggest smile on my face that I could remember. I've been hooked ever since!


Even though some of us would enjoy working for free, we still have to pay for production: equipment rent, location, insurance, food for cast and crew who might be spending very long hours on set. It  all costs a lot of  money, and the better equipment and locations we can get, the better quality of the film we can have. Therefore, the more we have in our budget, the better the final product you, the audience, will have. And it just would be really nice to pay those outstanding actors and so very hard working crew!


If there is no way you can donate to this project, you can help by spreading the word around: tell about us your friends and family, and share this project on Face Book, Twitter, or any other social media. You never know who might be interested in being involved in a creative process.

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