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The educational YouTube channel NurdRage needs a new laboratory to produce a greater quantity and variety of science videos.
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Short Summary

Since 2009 the YouTube channel NurdRage has produced educational chemistry videos. While there are lots of channels that explain chemistry our approach was to actually demonstrate it. We aim to enable and inspire by directly showing just how amazing chemistry can be.

But to continue this video series and expand it to even more sophisticated and exciting demonstrations we need to crowd source a new laboratory.


What We Need & What You Get

A new laboratory requires around $250k minimum in funding. This may seem excessive at first but it's largely because such a laboratory must be located on industrially zoned land. A basement lab in someone's home is technically not a legal use of residential land. And because we’ll be ordering significant quantities of dangerous chemicals we cannot simply hope law enforcement doesn’t notice.

The money will go toward:

  • Obtaining necessary permits and licenses for industrial activities (chemical transport permits, toxic waste disposal permits, etc.)
  • Purchasing an industrial unit on properly zoned land (by far the biggest cost)
  • Obtain insurance for said industrial activities
  • Modifying the existing structure with extra ventilation for additional safety
  • Installation of fume hoods
  • Modifying existing plumbing to accommodate a laboratory setting
  • Modifying existing electrical system for laboratory use
  • Laboratory equipment and machinery (weigh scales, glassware, magnetic stir plates, vacuum pumps, etc.)
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Digital filmmaking equipment (lights, cameras, computers, etc.)

Two years of videos will be produced at an intended rate of about one per week. If the YouTube channel becomes self-sustaining production will automatically continue into subsequent years.


The Impact

Chemistry is one of the most misunderstood sciences often being portrayed as destructive or only useful for illegal purposes. News reports of clandestine drug labs and rising chemical phobia in products like sunscreen and shampoo has only served to darken that perception and perpetuate misinformation. NurdRage aims to show the other side of chemistry. While the destructive will always be a part of chemistry there is also the constructive, the transformative, and wondrous side that gives us so much from metals, to medicine to glow sticks.


Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone can contribute financially. The best way to help NurdRage is simply to share the videos with others who are interested in chemistry or science.


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Select a Perk
  • $25CAD
    Ask a science question

    In a video I will answer any quick science question to the best of my ability. Ever wonder why toast falls butter side down? How platinum is used to treat cancer? Or if we can make a light that lasts forever? Now is your chance to ask a scientist! WARNING: I don't know everything!

    39 out of 1000 claimed

    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $50CAD
    NurdRage Branding Sign

    In addition to asking a science question you'll also get one of the official "green atomic" NurdRage branding signs. These are the actual printed signs used in the background of latest videos.

    3 out of 100 claimed

    Estimated delivery: August 2013

    The last red branding sign

    In almost all of our videos there is a prominent NurdRage branding card that serves as the background. Of the original 25 red signs only 2 have survived the chemical attacks, corrosive gases, toxic splatters, fires, and occasional explosions. Covered in grim but still intact you can get one of them. A rare piece of NurdRage history.

    1 out of 1 claimed

    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $5,000CAD
    Corporate Sponsor

    Have a science related product or service we could review or use in a video? Want to reach tens of thousands of chemists, teachers, science enthusiasts and students? Let's talk business.

    0 claimed

    Estimated delivery: December 2014
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