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Screwless Interchangeable Frames and Temples- A true modular system. 1 system 1 million possible combinations.
Nuke Optics
Miami, United States, Singapore
1 Team Member

Featured on Washington post, vulcon post, the malaymail and la miranda de grand optic


 Revolutionary Concept by Nuke:

A revolutionary screwless modular eyewear system that is fully cross compatible and completely interchangeable across parts that are different in shape, design, size, colours and applications. The possibilities are limitless.

Nuke Venom

It is a patent pending, completely screwless hinge that allows complete interchangeablity and cross compatibility between your lenses/frames and temples, regardless of shape, size, design, colours or applications. This is the heart of the worlds first modular system designed for eyewear. And backing us up on indiegogo will give you massive savings. Lets unite to change the way the eyewear industry has operated. Freedom Changes Everything.

venom configurations


Please use a PC based web browser using either google chrome or firefox mozilla. and go to www.nukeoptics.com to try our PC Browser based web configurator. Give it about 30s to load- then it should work very fast.Use this web configurator to see just how powerful a single modular system can be;) share it with your friend or family to see how cool this modular concept is. It bring customisation to a whole new level for specs and sunglasses.



For the first ever nuke venom batch, we have made designs to cater to 4 primary applications- Spectacles (V2), Lifestyle (V4, V41), Sports (V6) and Saftey Z87.1 (V8). Choose the configurations you need and start building your own eyewear using the different frames, lenses and temples. Create that perfect pair that fits your personality or needs.

You can download our pdf to know more about venom and the choices it offers below

Download the NUKE VENOM PDF Catalogue


you can visit or customisation software at our website www.nukeoptics.com to see how your customised pair looks like. Please note to enjoy the huge savings you will have to purchase it via our perks on indiegogo. Our website's customisation software was designed to show you what your configuration looks like with all the different choices that you have. Any combinations goes and the great part is once you recieve your first set you can still continue to build , upgrade or replace your eyewear or sunglasses anytime you feel like it.

 v2 actual frame look

V2 Spectacles (frame choices)- you can bring the specs to the nearest optician to fix in your prescription lenses.

 v4 actual frame- RX clip for prescription lenses is available( pic above the frame). We do not make the prescription lenses, you can bring it to the nearest optical shop to make the prescription lenses.

V4 Lifestyle (frame & lens choices)

v41 actual frame- RX clip for prescription lenses is available( pic above the frame). We do not make the prescription lenses, you can bring it to the nearest optical shop to make the prescription lenses.

V41 Lifestyle  (frame & lens choices)

v6 actual frame- RX clip for prescription lenses is available( pic above the frame). We do not make the prescription lenses, you can bring it to the nearest optical shop to make the prescription lenses.

V6 Sports (frame & lens choices)

v8 actual frame- RX clip for prescription lenses is available( pic above the frame). We do not make the prescription lenses, you can bring it to the nearest optical shop to make the prescription lenses.

V8 Safety (frame & lens choices)

V- Temples (temple colour choices)




Lens technical specs 

we conducted a meet the backer sessions:) overwhelming response and people loved our concept

What's in the insanely cool looking box?

*The venom case is pure white in colour with the black portions as shown in pics. The picture of the case shows light grey so that it stands out against the white back ground. The Venom case fit up to 3 frame/lens/temples + 2* 2 piece lenses, 2* 1piece lenses and microfibre bag

The Lens Construction

The Pros Of a single modular system for eyewear

A)  Parts Replacement: if something breaks all you need to do is replace the specific part that is broken like the temples, frames or lenses. There will never be a need to buy a totally new pair.

B)  Configurations- Chose between 3 Nuke Venom Configurations. 1) Venom Basic, 2) Venom Advance and 3) Venom Pro. "Venom Basic" is meant for those who has a single eyewear need. "Venom Advance" is meant for those who have multiple needs of eyewear. "Venom Pro" is for couples, families, individuals or teams who have different or same eyewear needs but want it in a single product. As Nuke Venom is fully cross compatible you can switch your looks with any other nuke venom product line any time your feel like it.

C) Add Ons: All Nuke Venom products including safety, lifestyle and sports models have the ability to add an rx clip to cater to those who need prescription eyewear.

D) Upgrades: Side shields and protective inner sponges for our safety line, can be purchased as upgrades when you need them.

E) Upgrade- buy a specific part upgrade whenever you feel like it, or if we release a really cool looking design.

F)  Customise the Venom way: Customisation now comes right to your doorstep. Literally. In this concept you actually build the look you want for each day, based on your own complete freedom of choice for the parts that represent you. For the first time we are not the manufacturers of your eyewear , YOU ARE.

the pros of a single modular system is really massive and it will only get better without ever having to buy a whole new pair again. Its allows us to introduce new technologies or innovations without ever having to burn a hole in your pocket because we just need to work on improving that specific part and not create a whole new pair. We save and you save as well. Nuke Venom creates a whole new world of possibilities for you, your friends,  and even families. This is about the common man's right to freedom. "FREEDOM  CHANGES EVERYTHING'


Where we are at :Research, Development, design and colours

Prototypes and the last tage before mass production

It took us about 1 year to come up with the most robust modular system and a further 8 months to come up with the actual prototype designs, shapes, colours and moulds of every single item. Throughout this time consuming and expensive process it was a huge financial strain on the company. As big as the project sounds we are a team of 5, and we had to operate this project in a very controlled environment or lose everything we had worked for.  In the last 6 months of the project we stopped releasing any new models and even delayed reordering out of stock items, so that we could dedicate any available financial resources to this project. We are glad we took this step to make this project a reality, so that the world could enjoy the first eyewear sunglass modular system that actually works at so many different levels. The journey was though but it was well worth it. We are very close to completion.

Protection- Patent

The venom system is a patent pending system.


For the first release of our nuke venom line up, it required the building of completely new moulds ground up- a whopping total of 9 of them. Because venom is unlike anything that is available on the market, everything from the frames, temples, right up to the cases had to be built from scratch with new moulds. The level of precision engineering involved in our moulds made this even tougher(took us a total of 6 months to get all the moulds in perfect condition and measurements). Anyone who has manufacturing experience knows this is the toughest, most time consuming and most expensive part of the project besides the entire research and development phase. The great news is this portion has been done. For a small company like us this was a massive undertaking.


Indiegogoians here is were we need your help

We want to be more of a crowd-driven eyewear company than a product driven or investor driven company. With NUKE, PEOPLE decide what they want their eyewear to be. The faster we hit our goal the faster we can begin production which would be approximately 30 days.


The manufacturing of each part requires a higher  than normal minimum order quantity, so that the price remains competitive and low in accordance to the more expensive  high level of imported grade materials we require to manufacture each venom part.  The current funds we have are not sufficient to produce venom at the level we require and we are looking at raising an additional 15,000 USD which will enable us to start manufacturing nuke venom immediately, with the best possible materials and start delivering it around 15 days after the campaign ends. This is a revolutionary concept and very much hope to bring this into reality. You can help make this project a reality by being an early backer of this project only on indiegogo. You can select some really awesome perks, that allows you to get Nuke Venom at a real bargain before it is officially launched. This is to thank all those who have supported us since day one.



We have been in business for about 1 yr 9 months, The manufacturer selected for  this project have worked with us from day one. . People have trusted nuke to make quality products. The only difference this time is we wanted to make not only a good product but a great product. A product that could change an industry and give freedom back to our consumers. It’s a massive undertaking for a small very young company. 


CEO and Design- Samy (Bachelors of business management, Royal Melbourne Institute of technology, SIM, Singapore)

Operations-ila (diploma in material science and engineering, republic polytechnic, Singapore)

Sales and Marketing- Yanies (Singapore)

Chuck Wright- Nuke Venom Operations, Marketing, USA , RIDER (University of Central Florida, Mechanical Engineering)

Nick Sanchez- Nuke Operations, Sales USA, RIDER (Dr.Phillips High School, Center of International Studies)

DSMEDIA- Web software, animation. These are the guys who helped us to bring the project to another level through their niche expertise. We are forever grateful to the huge favour done by these insanely cool guys from ds media.


Please do support us and we do hope you feel this concept and system is revolutionary. Please re-tweet, share and like this on ours or your own facebook page. Any help will be greatly appreciated and will give us the motivation to continue innovating revolutionary concepts with really cool designs. We are also excited to bring this product to retailers or distributors worldwide please contact us or purchase the retailer pak "perks" to try us out.Here are some of the unique stuff you can get free if you purchase the premium dealer pak during this campaign.

Display table and cabinets for retailers who get the premium dealer pack

CEO: samy@nukeoptics.com

Press media: samy@nukeoptics.com

Retail Sales/Marketing: yanies@nukeoptics.com

Indiegogo enquiries/information/rewards/orders: ila@nukeoptics.com

W:wwwnukeoptics.com(great for checking the various configuration for venom system)

Facebbok: www.nukeoptics.com/facebook





How do we select our colours, shapes, designs ? Based on the above list or visitng our website www.nukeoptics.com , you can select the colours you need and email us at ila@nukeoptics.com .  At nukeoptics.com on the top right hand hand section there will be an order list. once you are fully satisfied with your selction just cut copy paste the order list  in the following format

Name: john doe

Contact: 78965431 (please ensure this hp is an easily contactable number so that the delivery guys can contact you)

Address: Please rememember to ensure details are correct including postal code, country, state and unit number.

Perk Bought: $65

Order List: this is the entire list that you would have seen at the top right hand corner of nukeoptics.com while configuring your set. We will based your order on this list. In case you have a change of mind before we ship on a different colour, please remember to send us an email togther with the orginal email order list, so that we are aware of the history of our conversation.

In any way , ila will get in touch with you about 1.5 weeks before we start shipping out to confirm any last minute changes.

Free Shipping?

By singpost it takes about 12-20 days worldwide to all countries except USA and Singapore.There is very limited tracking for this. There is a shipping upgrade at $29 usd within 5-7 days by DHL with full tracking capabilities. Customers can upgrade their shipping options if choose to do so.

For USA we will be using USPS. Both Chuck Wright and Nick Sanchez who are part of our operations and sales team for USA, will be ensuring timely delivery of all USA orders. It will take about 4-6 days for those living in USA. What will happen is we will be packing all the usa based orders from singapore and ship them over as pallets with the address already printed on the box itself to chuck and nick in USA. Once it arrives they will ship it out via USPS. this is one of the most cost efficient and safe methods of delivery.

For Singapore it will be via singpost 3-5 days or self collection at our head office.

I would like to be a retailer of nuke.  Drop us an email at yanies@nukeoptics.com . or get your hands on the retail pak "perk" . It's a huge savings before we release it worldwide. As a retailer you would be expected to sell the product at the MSRP price and not the indiegogo price.

I would like to purchase exclusive rights for distribution in my country? USA, Singapore,  and Malaysia is unavailable.The rest of the countries are available for exclusive distribution rights which will be effective only after campaign on indiegogo ends. The exclusive distributorship rights is dependant on size of country and would require a minimum purchase value of between 45,000 USD to 250,000 USD for a one year contract.





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216% funded
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$15,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on February 15, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $25USD
    Venom Spares.

    Choose any 1 out of 3 types of spares- Frames or Lens or Temples. MSRP is $30 for each type of spares, so you save $5. Free Normal shipping worldwide.

    6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $25USD
    DHL shipping upgrade

    full tracking capability. Tracking number povided. Delivered within 4 to 7 working days.Most safest for international delivery outside of USA and singapore.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $69USD

    Choice of any 1* frame+lens and 1*temple. Comes with Cube Case, Microfibre Bag and Retail Box. MSRP is $99. You save $30. Free normal shipping worldwide.

    13 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014

    Nuke Venom Pro - Early Bird

    Choice of any 3* frame+lens and 3*temples. Comes with Cube Case, Microfibre Bag, Retail Box MSRP is $249.You save $124.Free normal shipping worldwide.

    125 out of 125 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014

    Venom Pro - Early Bird II

    Choice of any 3* frame+lens and 3*temples. Comes with Cube Case, Microfibre Bag, Retail Box MSRP is $249.You save $124.Free normal shipping worldwide.

    75 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $149USD

    Choice of any 3* frame+lens and 3*temples. Comes with Cube Case, Microfibre Bag, Retail Box MSRP is $249.You save $90.Free normal shipping worldwide.

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $1,999USD
    Nuke Venom- Retail PAK

    6* Venom Basic 6* Venom Advance 6* Venom Pro 1* Nuker Head Display MSRP Value is $3250.Retailers save $1251.Free normal shipping worldwide.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $7,499USD
    Premium Retailer Pak

    15* Venom Basic 15* Venom Advance 15* Venomise Pro 1* Nuke Venom Retail Display Table 1* NUke Venom Cabinet 4* Nuke Venom Posters MSRP Value is $13250.Retailers save $6000.Free normal shipping worldwide. Cabinets and table display will be shipped via sea freight.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
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