Nudy Patooty: Clothing that Cares!

When life happens a Nudy Patooty will give you a luxuriously soft inconspicuous layer to keep you cool, calm and confident all day long!





Stop stressing, stay cool and start living and wearing the solution to look and feel more confident every day!  Join the movement to start living a more confident life! 

Launching Nudy Patooty is just the beginning!  Whether you are able to support us at this point or not we would still love for you to join our community to inspire and be inspired!




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Say Good-Bye to Embarrassing Odour & Perspiration Stains and Expensive Dry-Cleaning Bills!

We don’t wash our pants after every wear and that’s thanks to our undies!  But what about our shirts and dresses?  With nothing to protect them from damaging perspiration and antiperspirant stains, it means more costly trips to the dry-cleaners which is expensive and hard on our clothes.  Not to mention the embarrassment of odour and perspiration stains!  As women we have enough things to think about in a day that perspiration stains should not be one of them!

The Nudy Patooty Goal:  To create a practical and comfortable undergarment solution for women to wear under their clothing to protect against embarrassing odour and perspiration stains, and reduce the frequency of laundering.

What causes perspiration stains?  Perspiration is mostly water, but the small percentage of other things - ammonia, sodium chloride, urea and lactic acid - are what cause the stains.

What causes the odour?  Body odour is created when bacteria that is naturally found on the skin's surface reacts with moisture. Bacteria grows quickly in the presence of perspiration, especially if the pH balance of the skin is off or if moisture remains on the skin for a prolonged period. Shaving also contributes to bacteria growth because it removes hair which is used to wick perspiration away from the surface of the skin.

Why isn’t antiperspirant enough? Antiperspirants do not prevent underarm perspiration they simply reduce the amount you perspire (the FDA requires antiperspirants reduce perspiration by 20% to meet standard guidelines, and 30% to be considered extra-effective).

Do antiperspirants contribute to the problem? Yes. They use aluminum-based compounds that cause perspiration ducts to swell and block moisture from releasing. However these ingredients bond with perspiration and when they do escape they create stains.

Nudy Patooty's patent pending undergarments are specially designed to fit snugly to the body so they can be inconspicuously worn under almost any style clothing.

1) Fit: 

As most women’s garments are fitted or made of a delicate fabric we recognize the importance of an undergarment fitting perfectly.  Nudy Patooty's pay special attention to detail to make sure they can be worn under most styles of clothing without being detected.

  • No bulky sleeves:  The sleeves have been expertly tailored to lie flat against the arm so there is no extra fabric adding bulk.  
  • Low neckline:  The neckline is cut low to the apex so the shirt can be worn under low or high neckline tops and dresses.  
  • Delicate hem:  The hems have been finished with a delicate stretch lace to lie flat to the body.  
  • Two sleeve lengths:  Two sleeve lengths each address different needs of different style garments.   Short sleeve, and three quarter length which hits just about the elbow and blends in with the creases naturally formed by your arm.

2) Comfort:  

The perfect undergarment should be so comfortable that you don’t want to wear your clothes without one.  For this reason we have used a premium bamboo fabric.

  • Luxurious bamboo fabric:  The shirts are made of bamboo fabric, with a touch of Spandex for stretch, which is luxuriously soft against the skin.
  • Anti-odour:  Bamboo fibers naturally have anti-bacterial properties and these properties stay in the fiber even after they have been processed into fabric.  Bamboo is also a renewable resource and no chemical pesticides are used.
  • Regulates body temperature:  Bamboo fabric has micro-gaps, which aid in ventilation, meaning they trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter to regulate your body temperature. 
  • Super absorbent:  The porous nature of bamboo fabric also means it is three to four times more absorbent than cotton, allowing it to wick and absorb perspiration away from the body allowing you to stay dry and comfortable all day long. 

3) Reinforced underarm:  

One of our main concerns is preventing embarrassing perspirations stains from damaging clothing (and confidence!), we have added an extra layer in the underarm.

  • A reinforced layer in the underarm allows for extra absorption, wicking moisture away from your body and absorbing it into the shirt to prevent perspiration stains from leaking through.

What are the colours?

Both styles come in nude or black, which you can select after the project closes.

How do Nudy Patooty's fit?

Why do YOU need to wear a Nudy Patooty?:

We all have enough things to worry about – whether it's a job interview, review with your boss, a first date, or trying to let loose with your girlfriends on a Saturday night – no one should have to worry about perspiration stains!  It is hard to feel and act like the fabulous woman you are while trying to conceal embarrassing perspiration stains.  Nudy Patootys will give you an extra layer of confidence!

Do you save your favourite clothes for a “special day” because you know you can only wear them once before they need to go back to the dry cleaners?  You bought your clothes to wear not look at in the closet!  A Nudy Patooty will get your favourite clothes back into regular wardrobe rotation without you having to worry about damaging them or what each wear is going to cost at the dry cleaners.

No matter how little you sweat, or how good your deodorant is, some materials are just more prone to perspiration and odour stains.  Or maybe your skin is sensitive to certain fabrics so you have avoided wearing them at all.  A Nudy Patooty fits perfectly under almost all materials.

The Story:

Nudy Patooty founder Michelle Shemilt was inspired to create an undershirt line when she realized she wasn’t wearing her favourite clothes either because they were prone to causing embarrassing odour and perspiration stains or they were dry-clean only which was costly! These are problems common to most women, and yet there was no practical solution available on the market, so Michelle set out to create the perfect undershirt. Her goal was to create an undershirt that could be worn under almost any style clothing to reduce the frequency of laundering, and most importantly prevent embarrassing odour and perspiration stains. Michelle felt women should be able to go confidently through their day in comfort, without sacrificing their style. In short, she wanted to create an extra layer of confidence! Michelle collaborated with a top New York manufacturer and pattern maker to develop the perfect fitting undergarment, and the Nudy Patooty was born!

We are ready to launch but need your help!

We are ready to start production but need your help to meet production minimums.  We are looking to raise $35,000 that will all go towards our first production run.  

Please help support our undergarment revolution by pre-ordering your Nudy Patooty today and wear an extra layer of confidence!  

Risks and challenges

We've spent the past six months working with a top manufacturer in NYC who has over 50 years experience in the garment manufacturing industry but we know there is still the possibility of hurdles along the way.  We will always share updates with our community about any challenges that may arise, including the following:

Ship date:  We've built in extra time for the production and are confident we'll ship by the estimated dates, but there is always a chance that things will take longer than planned.

Product:  We have worked diligently with pattern makers to get the fit of the undershirts perfect and to ensure everything is done to the highest quality and comfort standards.  But once we put the order into the factory for production we will go through one last set of samples and size grading so if any tweaks need to be made at that point than we will take the time to make the necessary corrections.

A special thank you to:

Nadia Cheema for her amazing photography and Whitney at Spot 6 Management for being our beautiful model.


When will my Nudy Patooty be ready?

We are targeting an October delivery for all finished goods.  We've built in extra time for the production and are confident we'll ship by the estimated dates.  But once we put the order into the factory for production we will go through one last set of samples and size grading so if any tweaks need to be made at that point than we will take the time to make the necessary corrections.

Are there any special care instructions for bamboo fabric?

We recommend you wash your Nudy Patooty in cold water and tumble dry, just as you would any garment you want to last longer.

When do I get to pick my size and colour?

We will send you a link once the campaign has been completed where you will be able to select your desired size and colour.

Do you plan on making additional styles and colours?

Yes!  We appreciate that women have different style needs and have plans for additional colors, sizes and designs to address them.  We'd love to hear your feedback, so please share any particular garment problems that you have.

How does Nudy Patooty help women in the community layer confidence?

At Nudy Patooty we believe that having a strong support system is fundamental to layering confidence in women.  $1 of every Nudy Patooty sold is donated to a local women's shelter where women with no where to turn can find a safe, welcoming and supportive environment.



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