Nova Scotia Artist Residency

We're attempting to create a program of artist residencies during the summer and fall months, in beautiful and remote Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Sojourner Parsons
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Ingonish, Nova Scotia
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We are Sojourner Truth Parsons, Caitlyn Purcell and Brad Phillips. We are three artists who have a deep love for, and have been profoundly touched by Nova Scotia.  Sojourner and Caitlyn both attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, and their dream has always been to come back to Nova Scotia and establish a life for themselves, and a place where artists could come for intense periods of creative endeavors.

Our goal is to refurbish a two bedroom house and acreage we've been given the opportunity to purchase for twenty five thousand dollars, steps away from the ocean. To create an environment for ourselves to live amongst nature, and focus on work. We realized with this property that we would also be able to create a space for other artists with similar sensibilities to come and spend periods of time unencumbered by city life and modern stress, to work creatively in an atmosphere of natural beauty and isolation.  

Both Sojourner and Caitlyn plan to move to Ingonish, Cape Breton, this summer to commence working on this project while we continue our creative endeavours and work towards making the house and property a viable space for ourselves and others. We feel the house and adjacent landscape offer an ideal opportunity for creative minded people with the right amount of support; and with hard work on our end, we can really make this happen.

We are three successful artists who work in the areas of painting, craft, sculpture, video and jewelry. Our credentials are available on the internet.

Funding will allow us to purchase the house and begin renovations as well as create an independent studio structure that will function as an artist residency. That this region of the country is lacking an environment like this shocked us, and funding will help us to facilitate an experience that would benefit both artists, and the community.

We're asking for fifty thousand dollars. As we mentioned the house and the property itself are an astonishingly reasonable twenty five thousand dollars. Caitlyn's parents bought this house in the 70's and for over a decade it's sat unoccupied within a verdant paradise. As it's 'all in the family' - they are willing to sell it to us without making a profit, as they share our desire to see it used in a way that is aligned with the landscape and mentality of the region. The house itself needs about twenty thousand dollars in renovations. Your funding will go towards plumbing, electricity and structural improvements. We envision that the building of a freestanding studio would be in the area of five thousand dollars, bringing the total of the entire project to fifty thousand.

All three of us are community minded, nature loving artists who've experienced success in our fields and want to share that as well as develop a more peaceful space for us to continue our work in.

Were we not to reach our entire goal, our plans would not change. Regardless of this campaign our dream is to live and work in this space, and we would still with time try to turn this into an opportunity for other artists, and to create a new, vibrant residency within the Canadian art scene. 

For ourselves this is a lifelong dream, an ideal environment to live and make work. Canada offers artists residencies in other countries, but there is a startling lack of opportunity to live and work in areas of Canada itself. This would be a residency that would not be restricted to Canadians. There would be nothing required of the artists participating, no show to work towards, no budget or paperwork to fill out. It would simply be an opportunity to spend a period of time in a beautiful environment, one that naturally fosters creativity. We feel this would be a great addition to the art scene in Canada, as well as globally, as this entire region of Canada is known for it's unsullied landscape yet lacks any real spaces for artists to spend time. We would hope to offer this opportunity to four artists a year, for periods of one to two months duration.

Caitlyn was raised in this house until she was two. We all spent time on a nearby property this past fall, seduced by the landscape. Caitlyn took Brad and I to see this property and told us of the opportunity to purchase it. We had had nothing but amazing experiences in Cape Breton, and the idea was borne out of a love for the region and a sense of well being and creativity that's ordinarily elusive. Caitlyn opened her own craft shop several years ago half an hour away that only sells local handmade artisanal crafts from Nova Scotia. She's an integral part of the creative community in Ingonish, and has a strong sense of integrity which, combined with this property being connected to her family and her own life, is an assurance that all three of us take this project deeply to heart.


Thank you for taking the time to consider our proposal. We are very grateful, and hoping from the bottom of our hearts that others can sense what we already feel about this opportunity, what it could mean now and in the future, for creative individuals who feel connected to nature.

Our longing is to satisfy a need within ourselves that will carry on for sometime and develop into something exciting and new for Cape Breton and for artists.


If you are unable to contribute to our campaign but feel it resonates with you, please share this with others.


Thank you,


Caitlyn, Sojourner, Brad












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  • $25USD
    a token from the ocean

    an original poem about the ocean written by Sojourner Truth Parsons

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  • $50USD

    while we are in cape breton we are all taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings. If you donate 25-50 dollars we will send you a 4 x 6 photographic print

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  • $100USD

    Both Sojourner and Brad are known for making sometimes beautiful, sometimes funny drawings. One hundred dollars gets you a drawing from one of us.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $500USD

    Caitlyn makes beautiful unique jewelry. For five hundred dollars, send your ring size, and we'll send you a ring for that finger.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $1,000USD

    Both Sojourner and Brad also make paintings. For one thousand dollars, we will make you a small oil painting on canvas.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $5,000USD
    Jewelry and Art

    For five thousand dollars and up, we'll send you some very nice art as well as some luxurious handmade gold jewelry that will make your friends jealous.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $50,000USD

    If you are the most amazing human we've encountered and fund our entire project, we will put a beautiful plaque on the studio building that lets each artist until the end of time know that they were given this opportunity to live and work in Cape Breton by you. Plus art and jewelry, because you deserve it.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2014
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