Nouvelle Vie

Nouvelle Vie is a film about hope and new life after losing a loved one.

Who are we?

Well hello there, we are some Dallas Filmmakers, passionate about film, and passionate about using film for a purpose.  Through a common vision, we have created the project, Nouvelle Vie.  With your help and support we can create film that brings hope and a voice to those who have lost a loved one. 

What is Nouvelle Vie?

Though Nouvelle Vie is a short film, this film is a platform. Through brilliant, new, fresh, and yet classic filmmaking, we provide a voice.  This film speaks to all of those who know the pain of what it is like to lose a loved one to a devastating disease.  Everyone knows someone who has died of cancer, or some other deadly illness, and understands the pain that remains.  This film is about those people.  To be a voice of hope, a voice of awareness, and most importantly, a voice of new life. 

By supporting Nouvelle Vie, you are putting yourself, your organization, or your voice, on a platform to be heard on an A-list level, in the biggest, and most influential medium that exists: the film industry.  We have studied, designed, and created Nouvelle Vie srategically to go far and with the goal in mind to win at Sundance and Cannes Film Festival.

Where's this money goin, eh?

Right now, our budget here on indigogo is honestly, bottom dollar. This would be minium for the quality and excellence we want to acheive and showcase on screen.  The $38,000 is putting all egos aside and letting passion fuel the project.  This goes to the needed rental equipment, booking locations, paying quality talent and paying the people and crew we need in order to make the project excellent.

We've gotten a few, simply awesome people onboard with supporting this project, including, former Dallas Cowboys, Greg Ellis!

With your donation of $25, you'll receive a downloadable copy of Nouvelle Vie!

With a donation of $50, you'll receive a signed football by Greg Ellis along with the downloadalbe copy of the movie.

You will also be included in the credits of the film.

The funds will go to a dedicated bank account to the project and will rest until we reach the entire budget whatever way we can.  We will work and wait however long it takes to make this film. We want to make the film right, with quality and no shortcuts. 

The Impact

By supporting Nouvelle Vie, you are helping the voice of hope to be put in front of the faces of some of the most influential people in the film and entertainment industry. It is our hope that Nouvelle Vie helps to start the healing and the process of new hope around the world. All this will be done through the beautiful cinematic story; of a love between a man and a woman, who have grown and shared life together their whole lives, and then one of them is taken abruptly through a deadly disease. What choice will the one left behind make?  What choice will you make?  Because there is a new life to be had. 

We as a team have been working diligently and fervently in the film & entertainment industry for over a decade. Look us up and see! 

Drew Waters - Creator/Author/Director

Candice Irion - Writer/Producer 

Josh Spake - Writer/Co-Producer 

Reidland Tucker - Cinematographer/Editor/Producer 

And there are more of us!

Other Ways You Can Help

So, obviosly we don't have the money to just throw down and make this project, and we understand if you simply don't either!  But we still want your help!

Please spread the work about Nouvelle Vie and what we're about.  Share us with those you know who have been effected by Cancer, or have lost someone to a devestating disease  Share us with anyone you think could help, or anyone you know this would impact, or inspire.

You can do this easily through Indiegogo's share tools, they make it easy to just click a few buttons, and post away!

Thank you so much for whatever contribution you can make to Nouvelle Vie.  We are going to inspire the world through film, and we would love for you to be a part of it.


The Nouvelle Vie Team

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