Not Productive!

We are Not Productive!


Our Story

We have always wanted to create a site outside of the rigid control structure of YouTube, focused on quality content pertaining to entertainment, film, gaming, original comedy and more. Every minute, over 48 hours of video are added to YouTube, and most of it isn't worth watching. Much of the original, quality content that is worth watching is lost in a sea of irrelevant videos of farting cats and burping babies. Our aim is to deliver quality content by innovative and charismatic producers with consistency and without the diluting effects of two days worth of junk videos that no human being of intelligence would or could ever watch that are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds.

Don't get us wrong, YouTube is a great site, but it has a fatal flaw: how can truly unique and entertaining content producers distinguish themselves when they're in a seemingly endless mire of mediocrity? With Not Productive we aim to give exposure and highlight many great video-making talents, and all of our content producers will keep 100% of the revenue generated by their video ads.

Not Productive will be set apart from our competitors by our professional interface, seamless Facebook integration, a better variety of content, less editorial meddling and, most of all, vigorous recruitment of high quality talent.

The Importance Of Your Contribution

Developing a top-tier website in a competitive marketplace is an expensive task. We have procured a bid from a high echelon web developer, fresh from his work on the official web page of National Geographic, of $4,500 for the initial design alone. After his design is complete, we will need further revenue to cover the costs of things like servers, promotional costs, further developments as we see the inevitable flaws with our initial design.

For your important contribution you will aid us in the creation of a website that will expose you to a new pool of exciting talents whose content will entertain, amuse and inform. As a thank you, project head and YouTube star The Amazing Atheist offers several levels of incentives to let you know how important your contribution is to our project.


Other Ways You Can Help

You can help us by getting the word out to your friends about what we're trying to accomplish and why you feel it's important. You can also help by aiding us in our search for new and interesting talents, whether it be an obscure YouTuber with an undersized audience, someone you know who you think would make good videos—even if that person is yourself.



Why are you trying to raise so much?
The costs associated with a site like this go well beyond simply having it designed. After it is created, a process that our designer assures us will cost at least $4,500, we still have to pay for our server, promotion, procurement of talent, development of applications, video introductions, social media. We don’t want to constantly be hitting our supporters up for money. One big drive at the beginning is a lot easier and less annoying for everyone than us constantly asking for contributions month after month.


What happened to Free Speech Vids? You raised money for that, and it never happened! 
I don’t know how this notion began that Free Speech Vids never happened. Free Speech Vids was an active and fully operational website for more than a year. It closed down because we just couldn’t make it work. It failed because it simply wasn’t a good business model. Instead of focusing on entertaining content and a high quality website, it was focused on free expression. Unfortunately, most of the people who freely expressed themselves on it just weren’t very much fun to watch. And no advertising networks wanted to touch it, making it an impossible business model. Not Productive is an altogether different concept. It will emphasize entertainment value, navigability, a pleasant and an intuitive user-interface.


What will set Not Productive apart from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and Revision3?
Quality of content. Virtually nothing on Revision3 is watchable, and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses is essentially a vanity project of Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic). It’s his site, and he’s the star, and everyone knows it. Not Productive will not be an Amazing Atheist vanity project. It will be far more egalitarian. We will promote all of our content providers, because we want everyone to find their audience.


Team on This Campaign: