Northward is a co-op management game centered around teamwork, exploration and sacrifice; scheduled for release Q1 2015. Try the pre-alpha on Win, Mac & Linux!
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"With all the usual strategy game busywork taken out, planning the village roads and delivery routes has a classic feel that fed some long forgotten neural pathways." - Ben Barret, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"It’s so awesome." - Jorge Figueiredo, Toronto Thumbs

With Northward we want to create a co-op experience that we feel is missing on the market. Management games are often a very solitary experience and we want to change that! Planning your next move, optimizing your shared resources and having to handle catastrophic events is something we believe is a lot more fun when shared with a friend.
   We're planning to develop the multiplayer through Steam and thereby we are targeting Steam as our only platform. We need your help to get greenlit!

Pre-alpha demo

With the pre-alpha demo we want to let you get your hands on the game right away and experience the basics of the gameplay by playing through a short scenario. Keep in mind that the gameplay in the pre-alpha won't mirror the final version of Northward, as the current system is very rough around the edges and many features have yet to be implemented into the game. There will definitely be bugs and issues in the pre-alpha that won't remain at the time of release.

       Download the pre-alpha for:

                    Pre-alpha Windows    Pre-alpha Mac    Pre-alpha Linux

                                                 Alternate download links:
                                                     Windows Mac Linux

The soundtrack for our last game Oknytt by Kristoffer Beijer is out for FREE. 


For Northward, the talented Shane Mesa will compose the music. 

Check out the preview track below!

A great fog has been making its way down the mountains in the north, devouring everything in its wake, leaving only husks of what was once living beings. Villages swallowed by the fog have slowly turned silent and the inhabitants have one by one left their homes, wandering into the forest never to return.

Protected by an ancient relic passed down through generations, your villagers travel northward in search of the source to the corruption. As you make your journey across the uncharted land you will encounter other tribes, wild beasts, ancient artifacts and mysterious deities. What fate awaits you beyond the fog?

    Experience the online co-op campaign together with a friend.

    Journey together into the fog and overcome the challenges that lurk within. Communicating, setting goals and distributing tasks amongst yourselves will be necessary in order to survive. Will you declare yourself the explorer, administrator or commander?

    Gather resources to expand your settlement.

    Your villagers are the ones that will collect and transport resources, as well as constructing buildings. Each worker have their own task that they will carry out. Making sure all inhabitants have a busy schedule is a cornerstone of creating an efficient village.

      Cast spells and explore the vast Nordic landscape with your village elder.


      Each of the players will be able to pick one of several elders to control. The mobility of your elder will provide you with the ability to scout ahead and explore the environment in order to decide where to go next. Should danger be imminent you will have powerful enchantments to rely on as you make your escape back to the village. Sorcery is not only for combat, but can also be used to improve productivity in your village with auras or other helpful spells.

      Defend your settlement against beings lurking in the fog.

      Erecting defensive structures along the front lines will ensure the safety of your villagers as they build expansions for your settlement. Always be on your guard, you never know what may emerge from the fog.

      Connect multiple industrial centers with transport routes.

      Optimizing the infrastructure of your village to grant your villagers safe and quick passage when transporting resources and creating an even flow of transport will ensure your success in each area you explore.

      Sacrifice to gain the boon of the ancient ones.

      Tribes across the land have their own respective deities they idolize. Some are kind to their followers, some take pleasure in their torment. Will you take a chance and show your devotion?

      Journey across Nordic landscapes as you unravel the secrets of the world.

      The road north will take you through grassy fields, dark forests and treacherous swamps as you make your way to ascend the snowy mountains.

      Should we reach our initial funding goal, this is how the money would be distributed:

      • Tax & administrative costs – €11200. Paying tax and running the company during development is a mandatory cost in order to be able to work on the game.
      • Indiegogo - €1280. A standard fee is payed by all projects once funded through Indiegogo.
      • Paypal transaction fees - €1280. Transactions across the globe from different countries carries with it various fees depending on how large of a sum is transferred and from which country.
      • Audio - €3520. We will create the sound effects ourselves but we need a professional to compose the soundtrack for the game, hopefully the talented Shane Mesa who made the music for the trailer and demo. A great atmosphere is important to us and the music plays a big role in achieving that.
      • Software - €1920. In order to make the game reach it's potential we need to buy a few software licences, primarily a Pro license for Unity. 
      • Programming, graphics and game design - €7680 total. We will handle these areas of the development in-house and the money will go toward salaries.
      • Game testing - €2560 An important part of developing any game is quality assurance and making sure most bugs and balance issues get weeded out before release.
      • PR - €2560. Getting word of Northward out there by continuous contact with the press, social media as well as the creation of promotional material and trailers.

      After finishing our last game, Oknytt, we wanted to create something other than another single player game, a more social experience with players interacting with one another. That is how the idea for Northward came into existence. Multiplayer games bring another layer of fun that we want to explore with this project as well as a new take on the beautiful Nordic landscape that surrounds us.

      Working on the game, apart from the staff at Nemoria, the talented Shane Mesa will be composing the soundtrack for Northward. He’s currently the Audio Director of the popular MOTHER 4 project and is collaborating with us to bring the world of Northward to life.

      We are here on IndieGoGo because we want to be able to keep working full time on the game after the initial months of laying the groundwork are over. Funds raised will go towards costs such as outsourced music, software as well as sustaining the three people working on Northward. That said, we are also very curious to see if there’s interest for a game like this, if it's something that other people are craving as much as we are!

      Project risks

      Our past experience with game development makes it easier this time around, but every project has its own challenges.

      There are many unknown factors that could be thrown into the cogs of development such as technical problems, bugs, injury or simply underestimating the workload of certain parts of the game. Sometimes the plan you had for the game changes when you come to certain realizations, a feature didn't turn out as expected or something fatal happens that you wouldn't have been able to predict early in development. When this happens, naturally the development time will increase as well.

      We will do our utmost to bring you a quality product and steer away from any dangerous situations that we see approaching!

      Spread the word!

      Even if you can't contribute through backing, there are ways to help us get the game finished!

      Telling your friends about the campaign, sharing it through social media such as Facebook and Twitter or even making a Youtube video is extremely helpful to us. It is not easy to get the word out there and with your help we can reach even more people!

      We welcome your involvement in the development process and we would love to hear your ideas! Head over to the forums and let us know what you think about the game!

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      • €4EUR

        A Steam copy of our previous title Oknytt and a thank you in the credits.

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      • €9EUR
        The game!

        A Steam copy of Northward + Oknytt and a thank you in the credits.

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      • €16EUR
        Friend pack!

        2 Steam copies of Northward + 2 Steam copies of Oknytt and a thank you in the credits.

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      • €25EUR
        Early bird!

        Access to in-house builds during the development and to the dev forum + (2 Steam copies of Northward + 2 Steam copies of Oknytt and a thank you in the credits.)

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      • €75EUR

        Play in-house matches, talk about the development with the team and get a pixel portrait & QA title in the credits + (Access to in-house builds during the development and to the dev forum + 2 Steam copies of Northward + 2 Steam copies of Oknytt and a thank you in the credits.)

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      • €250EUR
        Creature designer!

        Develop a concept for a creature together with us. + (Get a pixel portrait & QA title in the credits + Access to in-house builds during the development and to the dev forum + 2 Steam copies of Northward + 2 Steam copies of Oknytt and a thank you in the credits.)

        0 out of 12 claimed
      • €500EUR
        Elder designer!

        Develop a concept for an elder together with us. + (Get a pixel portrait & QA title in the credits + Access to in-house builds during the development and to the dev forum + 2 Steam copies of Northward + 2 Steam copies of Oknytt and a thank you in the credits.)

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