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NOOKA is developing its first chronograph timepiece and we need your support! (4 Limited Models)
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The NOOKRONO is our take on the classic chronograph-style wrist watch. With this project, our goal is to create a beautiful, contemporary timepiece with a movement designed in-house that will compete with those used in Swiss or Japanese watches. The inspiration for this design is Space and the Space Race of the 1960's. The dial and face of NOOKRONO are evocative of spaceship launchpads, ready to reach the stars, and the intersecting lines represent directions you can go in the explorations of your own space and time. The watch will only be available in 4 very limited editions exclusive to Indiegogo, and will only be available during this campaign. 

NOOKA is a New York fashion design company founded by artist/designer Matthew Waldman. We are most prominently known for our timepieces, and are constantly pioneering our craft of expressing intuitive processes with physical objects. The ethos of NOOKA is universal language, which guides the creation of products with enhanced functionality and a techno-progressive philosophy. 

Our work has had an enormous impact on the younger generation, generating a greater interest in both industrial design and linguistics.

With 10 years of experience, NOOKA is a proven studio that knows how to bring a concept into production and reality. With the funds we receive, we will be able to follow through the design process until completion of the product, create the new molds necessary for manufacturing, and complete all the testing and prototyping required to insure a fantastic end result. Any additional funds will be used to help us develop the next generation of NOOKA products and support our ongoing student internship program.

Despite its wide global reach and strong presence in the fashion industry, NOOKA remains a small design lab that has never received any outside funding. As a self-sustained company, we face harsher financial consequences than larger corporations when presenting new products to the marketplace, so we often don't have the opportunity to develop all of the products we would like to. By contributing to this campaign, not only do you get a truly limited edition timepiece, you also help support NOOKA and its team of talented designers to continue to independently promote optimistic futurism via universal language.

If you love our designs but simply can't afford to add this NOOKA to your collection, you can always help us out by spreading the word! Or follow us by joining our Twitter feed or Facebook fan page. Please be sure to check our website,, for sales and new products.

The quartz chronograph movement new to this watch is one that we are developing in-house and producing in China. We are confident that this movement will match the accuracy and performance of similar Swiss and Japanese movements, bringing the joy of the chronograph to a wider audience. 

The position of the chronograph dials may vary from the renderings and prototypes shown on this page.

Some potential risks may include delays due to unforeseen issues which can affect any manufacturing process, but our track record in producing custom quartz movements is excellent, so we feel confident that this should not be a problem. Our production specialist lives full-time in Hong Kong to make sure production continues to run as smoothly as possible.

Please read through the FAQ before supporting our project.

All Product Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Q1.  When will I get my NOOKRONO?

Our goal is to ship the watches to the awesome Indiegogo supporters by the end of 2014. As we have produced timepieces for the last 10 years, we are confident in our projected time of completion.

Please refer to our Project Timeline section for more details leading up to the delivery of your NOOKRONO. We will also keep you updated on the progress via our Indiegogo page.

Q2.  Is NOOKRONO unisex? Will it fit my wrist?

Yes, this watch is unisex with a wrist circumference range of (6¾in / 171mm) and (9¾in / 248mm).

Q3.  Is the NOOKRONO waterproof?

Yes, although we do not recommend diving with it. Our plan is for NOOKRONO to be waterproof between 3 - 5 ATM (We will update this number when the water test of the production model is completed.)

Q4.  How much does shipping cost?

Free Domestic Ground Shipping within the United States. For International Shipping, please add $20 to your contribution via Paypal.

PLEASE NOTE: the customer is always responsible for taxes and duties levied upon delivery and these costs will NOT be reflected in your purchase on Indiegogo.

Q5. Is there a warranty?

You will receive our standard 1-year warranty. Wear and tear is excluded from this policy.

Q6.  Is there a number for Customer Service?

Nooka is a small company with one employee dedicated to customer service. Because of this, email is the most efficient way to resolve issues with an online order. We understand that this can be frustrating for some customers, but please bear with us. We are striving to improve customer experience as we grow. (

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