Non-profit 3D printer collective for students

We are a group of students that would like to start a non-profit shop that offers 3D printers to students for a lowered price.


Who we are and what we are trying to accomplish:

We are a group of students that would like to start a non-profit shop that offers 3D printers to students for a lowered price. Our shop is going to be run by students for students on a voluntary base.

Having a physical location would be awesome but it might be a little out of range for now. That's why we will set up a webshop at first to handle the orders. It will be possible to pick up the orders locally or when needed we'll ship them.

Once we start selling orders on a regular base we would like to acquire a physicial location in Enschede where students can come in, have a cup of coffee and buy parts or their 3D printer. We are also looking at the possibilities of offering a 3D printing service at that location but we'll continue with that once we reach that point.

Our customers:

We are based in Enschede, The Netherlands. Enschede has a large student community (20.000 in total) of which the largest part study technology related courses. We'd like to offer our service to local students and later on expand to cover the entire country.

Students have little money to spend  on new exciting technology like 3D printers even though these machines could do a lot for their education and career. Having a 3D printer will allow creative students to take their concepts and projects to a higher level.

Other non-profit collectives that sell books and computer parts have proven to be very successful with students as their customers and we believe that we can be succesful aswel.

It'd be amazing to offer the same service but then for 3D printers! :)

What do we need money for:

To start the collective we need money to buy a 3D printer to manufacture the plastic parts in-house and to stock up on the other parts that come with a 3D printer that we'll then offer to students.

With €2300 we would be able to buy a quality 3D printer along with all the required stock (electronics, metal parts) for 1 or 2 open source 3D printers so that we can start offering our service to students right away.

We don't mind starting small but if we get more funding we would be able to purchase a larger stock and start offering our service to more people right away. Buying in bulk is always cheaper.

What we have currently:

* Enough filament to print a dozen plastic kits
* Web developer who's going to build our webshop free of charge

What problems do we face:

If we reach less then €2300 we will have to purchase a lesser quality 3D printer, which might slow us down a little, and we'd have to start smaller. This shouldn't be a problem but it will just take a bit longer to be able to start helping big groups of students.

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