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Nocturion is a medieval strategy game from a community-driven, indie development team. nocturion.com
Stefani Angelopoulos
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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It sounds like the usual Indie game story. A few friends start chatting about what they think would make a great game, then someone says Why not? Lets do it!

What makes our story more interesting is that we actually did it!

In 2012, Universe Online (UO) was officially launched and has evolved into an exceptional online space strategy game with an active and vocal (which is why we love you!) game community. It took MANY years and lots of trial and error, but we think we finally got the game formula right.

Now we want to start all over again with a new lore and medieval theme... but this time, instead of taking years to create, we're asking for your help through this campaign.

Nocturion is a medieval world that resembles our own - with a darker twist. You, as an inhabitant of Nocturion, will build strongholds and populate them with buildings and armies to defend themselves as you grow your influence over the world.

But of course, you are not alone.

You will encounter necromancers and their armies, conclaves of ghosts, vampire lairs, haunted towers, undead wizards and, well, dragons. Some of these beings may be hostile, while others can be subjugated into serving as a supernatural army.

And this is just the beginning.

Surrounding Nocturion are the Elemental Planes. The rulers of these planes are hostile, raging war with one another, which is why they are leaving Nocturion alone... for now.

When you play, you become part of a game community where there is no hierarchy between developers and players. Every opinion matters because making an exceptional strategy game is the goal over everything else

UO player testimonials:

"I am looking forward to this game very much. I have played Universe Online and not only is it an outstanding game, the developers are always looking for ways to improve their game and I expect Nocturion will be no different. Keep up the good work guys!" - SirBartox

“Kudos to the devs... I cannot believe how responsive you folks have been to player suggestions. I am looking forward to all future expansions! Again you guys KUDOS!!!!!!!!” - Otodus obliquus

“...the devs of this game are a whole lot better than 80% of the games out there. They are kind, let a lot slide that others would crack down on and restrict making the game bad, are quick to answer any concerns u have, and generally care about people of this game and not just making half the game for only money people.” - Aqwia1

“This game has been developed carefully (and I can see, sometimes painfully) by one of the most CUSTOMER FRIENDLY and RESPONSIVE team of Developers. It has evolved and will continue to do so!

Those true to the game, and often pushed to side when offering guidance to newer players, learned long ago how much work the Devs have gone through; and though we and the Devs may not always agree, they have ALWAYS had an open ear to our issues (complaints, whines, moans and groans) and most importantly... OUR suggestions for game improvement!!!

To the Devs...I lower my staff! Well done my friends!” - ICT_Ranger

“Absolutely spot on! Most members of our allicance have been around for more than 3 years. We have seen players come and go, we were there while the game developed its “story”, and we will probably be here for the next “surprises” that the developers-story tellers have in mind. We all must consider that this game doesn't end!!! There are no alt servers, no seasons. The story goes on. Let's enjoy playing.” - khatzi

“[Another feature is> the forum, as there are great players in this game who are willing to help new & older players alike. The Dev Team is 2nd to none! Overall a very good game which is working on getting better & responds to player issues.” - Johnny Reb


Nocturion is a massive, multiplayer strategy game, played in a browser, and aimed at a mature audience. Players will assume the roles of heroes who build their empires by commanding armies, improving their skills, and forging alliances. Your success will be determined by your ability to plan and execute tactical strategies and your attention to detail.

At the beginning, you will focus on creating a productive stronghold capable of mining the countryside for valuable resources and producing armies to help you raid the dungeons around your area for crafting materials and hidden treasures.

At the same time, using your alchemists, you will try to unlock new technologies that will in turn allow you to build bigger and stronger armies.

The game supports any kind of game style you want. We aim for casual (PvE), which means that you can choose to play it at your own pace, facing only the game's villains, completing missions, and following a very exciting campaign/scenario. If on the other hand you feel that you are up to it, you can engage in PvP (Player vs Player) combat trying to prove yourself versus your opponents. It is always your own choice!

Original story: Nocturion's lore spans hundreds of years with original geography, history, noble houses and politics, warring factions and influences, supernatural enemies, dragons and more.

Strategy combined with role-playing: Players must be tactical in building their cities to help the weakened emperor survive the day. As the game progresses, players uncover clues, and soon become entangled in the epic clashes that shape the world.

Technology Research: Use your alchemists and blacksmiths to unlock the mysteries of the arcane powers and gain access to stronger units and pets.

Crafting: Players discover recipes and craft items to enhance their game actions.

Influences: Battle your opponents in the political arena increasing your influences in areas such as Research, Finance, Trade and Construction.

Reputations: Karma comes after everyone eventually. Player actions affect their reputation with various factions (such as noble houses or the emperor), which alters their skills accordingly.

Pets (Companions): Players may collect companions, which enhance their skills. Companions may be trained to become stronger and compete in the Pet Arena.

PvP: Nocturion is built for strategic, casual play. Aggressive players, however, may attack others to steal resources and conquer cities. Less direct players may attempt to claim bounties issued by the emperor against renegades. It is your choice whether you activate the PvP mode or not! You can play our game without ever engaging in PvP battles.

Guilds (Alliances): You can create your own alliance or join alliances created by other players. Once inside an alliance you gain access to powerful special talents that will help you defeat your enemies. Every alliance has it's own Chat Room and Forum to make communication between it's members easier. Furthermore you have your own "Bank" where you can store resources and help each other out. Last but not least, there are special parts of the game that are only accessible if you are a member of an Alliance.

If you've been following Nocturion's progress (via Facebook, Twitter, blog), you may have seen that we've been slowly creating graphics, writing lore, and planning... lots and lots of planning! We would love to have the game ready this Summer, but covering the cost ourselves is challenging.

Through this campaign we hope to cover the initial costs of the game. This includes graphics and servers - not salaries and marketing.

We have come up with some perks that we hope will entice you to contribute and become part of Nocturion.

The Goblin

A very powerful pet that will accompany you from your first steps in the game until you reach levels as high as 50(!)

It's attributes make it a formiddable opponent in the arena and a highly valuable companion in your quests.

The "Goblin" is available only through this IndieGoGo campaign!

The Battle Armour

This special armour will grant you with high attribute bonuses comparable to bonuses provided by high level armours available in the game!

The "Battle Armour" is available only through this IndieGoGo campaign!

Millions of CPs

Purchase the "Coin Master" perk and you will have enough Character Points (CPs) to enjoy the game at your own pace!

The actual value of the CPs will be $150 when the game launches, so you do get more than 30% discount if you help our campaign!

Be part of Nocturion

If you want to play a significant role in shaping the game itself, you can become a Story Teller, writing your own story inside the game!

Meet our great develoment team and become part of our upcoming "Behind the Scenes" game promo video!

Konstantinos Manos (a.k.a. Kevorque) leads the way in design, development, and just about anything else you can think of. He is a huge strategy and adventure game fan. From the moment he discovered table top Role Playing Adventure games as a child, he delved into the world of fantasy RP games and hasn't quite found his way out yet!

Dimitris Xanthakis (a.k.a. Archmage) creates the world, the game lore, the storyline quests, NPCs, items, pets and helps with game design.

Thanasis Manos (a.k.a. Strahdvonzar) has taken on the role of Community Director and is responsible for the development of the chat engine and the composing of the game's music and sound effects.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't make a contribution at this time, you can still be part of the Nocturion game community. In the past, we've found that our players are the best publicists. Please share this campaign with your friends and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Nocturion's blog for updates and game secrets!

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This campaign ended on September 7, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $15USD

    Your character will get the Paragon title (only obtainable through this Indiegogo campaign). You will also start the game with a bundle of goodies worth 150,000 CP. You or your character will be listed on the game credits page (Section: Knight).

    38 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $30USD
    Be a Quest Writer!

    You will have the opportunity to add directly to Nocturion's quests by writing one of your own! - you will get access to background material to help you fit your story in the world - the quest will be forever marked as created by you and linked to your game profile - you will get the titles "Paragon" and "Storyteller" ******************************** You or your character's name will be listed on the game credits page (Section: Storytellers)

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $50USD
    Master Crafter

    You will start the game with the powerful "Battle Armour" only available through this Indiegogo campaign! It has the same stats as armours allowed only to level 55 characters, but you can equip it from level 1! ******************************** - Your character will also get the "Paragon" title which is only obtainable through this Indiegogo campaign. - You or your character will be listed on the game credits page (Section: Master Crafter)

    26 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    Unique Pet

    You will receive a unique pet: only your character will have it! The stats of this pet will be similar to those of the highest companion you have acquired in the game. There are only 5 unique pets available through this indiegogo campaign.

    5 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $100USD
    Coin Master

    Your character will start the game with: - the Paragon title (only obtainable through this Indiegogo campaign) - 1,000,000 CP! ******************************** You or your character's name will be listed on the game credits page (Section: Coin Master).

    10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    Be a Storyteller!

    You will have the opportunity to add directly to Nocturion's quests by writing FIVE of your own! - you will get access to background material to help you fit your story in the world - the quest will be forever marked as created by you and linked to your game profile - the quests can be linked to form a small story - you will get the titles "Paragon" and "Storyteller" ***************************** You or your character's name will be listed on the game credits page (Section: Storytellers)

    10 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $400USD
    Ultimate Game Pack

    Actual Value: $1600 (75% off the in-game price!) ******************************** For the ultimate gaming experience, your character will start the game with: - The "Paragon" title - A powerful pet (The Goblin) - A complete advanced armour set (The Battle Armour) - 10,000,000 CP ******************************** You or your character's name will also be listed on the game's credits page (Section: Grand Duke).

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    Be a game Designer!

    You will have the unique opportunity to work with our game designers to: - create your own in-game NPC (Non-Player-Character) with full background story - name a pet and an armour - write a set of chain quests to introduce the character in the game's lore - create a "behind the scenes" video (optional) ****** You also get: - the titles of "Prince" and "Storyteller" - an "Ultimate Game Pack" - you or your character's name will be listed on the game credits page (Section: Developer Team)

    1 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
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