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Sergio Barbesta, founder of AnimalsTrust NPO declared: "There is an only way to stop Dogs slaughter in China, it's to act from the problem origin". Yes, WE CAN
Sergio Barbesta
1 Team Member

Short Summary

  • Founded in 2013 by Sergio Barbesta and other two partners with same passion for nature and animals, following the success of two International campaigns, started respectively in 2012 and 2013, dedicated, the first one to stop Dogs slaughters in China “Nobody touch the DOG” and the second one to block any type of safari hunting in Africa “No Safari”, AnimalsTrust NPO is an International no-profit Organization dedicated to animals rights and to nature defense.

    Sergio Barbesta declared: “In the past months, working day by day and monitoring the International success of my two campaigns (up to this point more than 533,000 signatures from more than 190 countries), I was thinking what I can do more to give voice to animals and give visibility to animals’ rights.

    The only answer was to create an International organization dedicated to animals in difficulty with presence in different countries and put together all the people who love animals and are ready to collaborate with us to to report situations of animals or species in trouble or in danger of extinction, in order to take action and bring the situation to the attention of world public opinion.
    We have to create an International people network, people who care about the planet future."

    The animals have no voice, but we do! Then we make our voice heard.
    More we’ll be and stronger will be our call and our results.

  • We ask to stop the terrible practice of eating dog meat and tortures to which the dogs are subjected in China. We ask Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso President of the European Commission and Mr. Barack Obama to convey our request to the Chinese government.
  • We are all world citizens and were shocked to see how the Dogs are treated and killed in China, as you can see directly from this video link: "Nobody touch the DOG - International Petition and campaign to stop dog slaughter in China"
  • We don't need words, because we don’t have any word, to comment on the brutality and ferocity of what we saw, and we don’t have the courage and strength to review the video twice.
    The DOG is always considered, by all civilizations, in any culture and in any place of world, man's best friend and it never hesitated to sacrifice its life for men.
  • For this and other many reasons, we want all together to make our voices heard because this senseless cruelty is stopped, the dogs’ dignity, as well as that of every living creature is respected, and it will be sent an official note by the European Commission and US Government to the Chinese Government because this brutal and uncivilized practice will be stopped immediately. 

To read more please go to this page: "Nobody touch the DOG".

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need a first tranche of 50,000 USD to start a massive online advertaisment and banner campaign on the main Chinese portals to raise public awareness of the Chinese against the consumption of dog meat and to stop the inhumane methods by which the dogs are killed.
  • With our campaign, “Nobody touch the DOG”, launched in 2012 on the platform Causes.com, we ask officially to Mr. Barack Obama and to Mr. Manuel Barroso to send an official note to Chinese Government to stop any dogs slaughter in China and to enact a law prohibiting the consumption of dog meat all over China.

    Our goal, as we told above, is to promote a massive advertaisment campaign on all the main Chinese portals, because we need to act at the origin of the problem. We are sure, as weel, that the most of Chinese people are with us and we’ll fight with us to promote this law.

    We’ll don’t stop till we’ll reach our aim.

  • It'll be the best Christmas present for our dogs and pets.
  • In any case, even if we'll not reach our whole goal, we'll start online banner campaigns in China to ask people to stop this terrible practice.

The Impact

  • To have more details about our petition and our campaign please go to this page: "Nobody touch the DOG"
  • With our campaign, “Nobody touch the DOG”, launched in 2012, we already reach almost 1/2 million signatures practically in every world country.
  • We aim, with your great support, to reach 1 million signatures, within 30th June 2014.
  • The dogs have no voice, but we do! Then we make our voice heard. More we'll be and stronger will be our call.

Other Ways You Can Help

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