NoAppFee transforms the rental process with a 21st century solution that benefits renters, landlords and homeless families across America.
Tyrone Poole
Portland, Oregon
United States
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NoAppFee Helps House the Homeless by Re-inventing the Rental Process

I'm Tyrone Poole, founder of, an online rental platform approach to housing homeless families. You can help us address this national problem. is a market-driven solution for the real estate market designed to meet the needs of America's most challenging property renters: Homeless families. It also meets the needs of millions of 21st century renters in recovery from the Great Recession.

My team and I are preparing to launch as a next-generation rental platform that incorporates the insights I learned while homeless and helping homeless families find housing. Since the rental market is the first step for upward mobility for most Americans, it makes sense to re-design it to fit 21st century needs. 

The Birth of NoAppFee 

I never thought I'd be homeless. I wanted to be a firefighter. During a training accident, I suffered a debilitating injury that cost me my dream, my health and nearly my life. I eventually found myself homeless, living in a shelter and volunteering as staff to help find housing for homeless families. I learned that homeless families make up 1/3 of the homeless population, with more than 200,000 children in shelters across America on any given day. (My story: from homeless to CEO).

Unnecessary Tragedy

Each day, there are thousands of families in shelters that qualify for housing. And there are existing properties willing to house them. However, they often don’t know how to find each other and the resulting homelessness is an unnecessary tragedy. In today’s database driven world, families being provided resources through shelters and nonprofit organizations should be able to find properties willing to accept those resources in a short window of time. Unfortunately, the current process is slow, cumbersome and costly, often requiring more than 60 days of searching and creating a logistical nightmare for families interviewing at multiple properties during the search. Solution

So we decided to tackle the problem of re-designing the rental market application process to accommodate the needs of 21st century renters and landlords by addressing the needs of the most challenging prospective renters: homeless families. 

I recruited a team of concerned developers and marketers to address the most challenging problems faced by families in the rental process. My team has invested our money and time to produce a platform that is near market-ready. Now, we need your help to launch.  

Renters & Landlords Save Time and Money While Helping Homeless Families is a creative next-generation platform that all renters and landlords will want to use to quickly find each other and save both time and money. Your contribution to the development of this 21st century platform will help us launch within the next 90 days.

Landlord Benefits helps landlords quickly find tenants that match their criteria, without the hassle of conducting numerous background and credit checks, and interviewing multiple unqualified tenants to find the family that fits.

Renter Benefits is great for all renters, including those who may be between jobs, under-employed, working multiple jobs, freelancers and entrepreneurs whose applications do not conform to conventional standards.  

Homeless Shelters Helping House Families

NoAppFee's innovative approach to re-designing the rental process empowers homeless shelters to quickly match qualifying families with available units in their region and dramatically cut down on the time homeless families spend in shelters. Watch the video below to see the power inherent in the NoAppFee platform to help house homeless families.

Improving the Process of Housing Families

 Helping the Homeless by Using

What's most amazing about's benefit to homeless families is that its 100% community funded. 

That means no tax dollars, no government grants and no continual request for donations. Instead it's funded from everyday people like you. Each time someone decides to find, screen, apply and move into their next home using a  portion of the proceeds of their lease gets distributed right back to all the homeless nonprofit programs registered with us. Those dollars cover the costs for any homeless family using rental application anywhere in the nation. So, not only can you save time and money yourself on your next rental, but you can smile knowing you helped many more families who needed it.

See How NoAppFee Works

Use of Funds

We need your help to finance a complete beta test launch of the site and fix any bugs we find. We also need to strengthen the team and infrastructure behind the app. A successful beta test will position us for scaling the platform nationwide. 

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