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Nightwing : Prodigal Son started as a fan made trailer- now we are looking to raise the funds to bring top notch talent together to create the full short film.
Brady Roberts
Calgary, Alberta
1 Team Member


Short Summary

In June 2012, Brady Roberts and JD Buzz began pre production on a fan trailer for a series based on the comic book character Nightwing- aka the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Titled "NIGHTWING: PRODIGAL SON", filming began in October 2012, and wrapped in January 2013, with the full trailer being released in February. Through the pre production phase, ideas began to surface amongst the team for an actual Nightwing television series- of course, copyright issues prevent this from happening, but we want to produce a non profit pilot episode of Prodigal Son to show the studio executives that there is a huge demand to see this cult character come to life on screen, in the proper manner. We have yet to see a great live action Robin- Chris O'Donnell in the nipple suit? No thanks. John Blake in the Dark Knight Rises? Come on, really?! 
We want to produce a 22-25 minute episode of a show that focuses on Nightwing, taking place in both Bludhaven and Gotham City, without Batman. Appearances from other cult characters in the Batman universe will take place. The storylines will be true to the source material, focusing on the comic books, Arkham City, and pulling inspiration from Batman: The Animated Series as well.
The pilot will be available to be seen by the general public online for FREE.

Please donate to our show guys, it would be a dream for us Batman fans to be able to create something set in that universe, true to the original source material!

Are we legally allowed to do this?! YES- this is a non profit 'fan film', and here is the official statement from WB prior to Comic Con 2005-
Warner Bros. wrote:"Warner Bros. definitely appreciates the enthusiasm and respect of its fans. We will continue to monitor the use of Warner Bros. properties as used in fan films. However, we will only consider taking action against such films that are either commercial in nature, are commercially exploited or otherwise engage in or depict inappropriate activity. Further, we will try to work with the comic book conventions, such as Comic-Con, to develop fan film screening programs that do not conflict with Warner Bros. rights in its properties. "


What We Need & What You Get

We need YOUR help to produce this- why do we need this amount of money?
-Shooting on the RED camera, the same camera used to shoot "The Hobbit"
-Equipment Rental
-Professional film crew
-CGI/Green Screen post production
-Travel expenses to bring actors in
-Food for the large crew and cast
-Securing great locations to shoot at
-Costume upgrades- upgrading the Nightwing costume to look more like armor, more functional for live action film
-Props/other costumes
-Marketing/advertising when the episode is complete

Primary Cast

Brady Roberts as NIGHTWING - Brady Roberts is an award winning actor, international pro wrestler, and champion fitness competitor- he is also a huge comic book fan, specifically Batman and Green Lantern (he has a Green Lantern half sleeve tattoo on his left arm). Being a performer since age 4, he has a long resume of lead roles in film, TV, theatre, commercials, and stunt work- besides LOOKING the part, he has the athletic ability to pull off all of Nightwing's famous moves, and the acting chops to pull off the lead role in this show.
Check Brady out on IMDB at- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2873781/resume
Taya Valkyrie - Catwoman
Kira Forster (Taya Valkyrie) as CATWOMAN - Taya Valkyrie is one of the hottest names in pro wrestling right now, competing for AAA all over Mexico. Taya brings not only the sex appeal, but an athletic background in wrestling, dance, and fitness competitions.

Joleen Ceraldi as POISON IVY - Joleen Ceraldi is a total babe- and an accomplished theatre actor. She graduated in 2009 from Playhouse North School of Theatre, and has since incorporated her own theatre company "The Janes", which will play at 3 different venues in summer 2013.
Peter Durrett - Bane
Peter Durrett (Pete Powers) as BANE - Bane is another character who has yet to have a TRUE live action incarnation- the Dark Knight Rises was not true to the comic book version. We are bringing in a real, jacked up luchador to play the role of a jacked up luchador. Pete Powers has competed for AAA Wrestling in Mexico, one of the biggest pro wrestling companies in the world, and has a background in film and stunt work. He also has a huge Justice League sleeve that covers his entire arm. Bad ass.

Stuart Bentley as ALFRED - Stuart is an incredibly talented actor based in Calgary, having just shot the lead role in the short film "32". He was chosen for his close resemblance to Alfred in Batman: The Animated Series, his tuxedo, and his great British accent!
The initial pilot episode also includes Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Oracle, Red Hood, and more.
Main CREW-
JD Buzz - Director/VFX - As seen in the trailer, JD is a CG whiz. At only 18 years old, he already has a feature film under his belt (he directed the upcoming "Incursion"), and a short film ("Warehouse on Fifth"), and LOTS of CG experience. His demo reel can be seen here-
Chase Gardiner - Director of Photography - Chase is an experienced Director of Photography, having worked on over 20 short films and webseries, and 5 full feature films. His demo reel can be seen here-
Kris Wedgwood - RED Camera Op/Lighting Tech


Other Ways You Can Help

If you're unable to contribute, there are other ways you can help!

  • Share the project on Facebook, blog about it, tweet about it, etc.
  • Ask friends and family to get the word out by telling others about this project.
  • LIKE our Facebook page - search "Nightwing : Prodigal Son"
  • Watch and share the original trailer on YouTube and funding campaign on IndieGoGo
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This campaign ended on April 7, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10CAD
    Red Robin

    Thanks for the assist Tim Drake! Your name will appear in the Thanks section of the credits!

    3 claimed
  • $25CAD

    Thanks for all your help Alfred!! For $25, we will send you a personalized autographed photo of one cast member of your choice, as well as your name in the Thanks in the credits!

    1 claimed
  • $50CAD

    Thanks for saving our butt and all the intel Oracle. For $50, you will receive a personalized autographed photo of a cast member of your choice, your name in the Thanks in the credits, and a DVD copy of the Nightwing : Prodigal Son episode!

    3 claimed
  • $75CAD
    Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy, great choice ;) For $75, you will receive a personally autographed cast photo of all the ladies in the Nightwing show, your name in the Thank You list in the credits, and a DVD of the show!

    0 claimed
  • $100CAD

    The jacked luchador. For $100, you will receive a DVD of the show, a Thanks in the credits, and a 10 minute SKYPE call with either Peter Durrett (Bane), Stuart Bentley (Alfred), or Joleen Ceraldi (Poison Ivy)!

    0 claimed
  • $150CAD

    You get a 10 minute SKYPE call from CATWOMAN herself, pro wrestling star Taya Valkyrie!

    0 claimed
  • $250CAD
    Harley Quinn

    For $250, you get a 10 minute SKYPE call from Catwoman herself, TAYA VALKYRIE, and an autographed script (after the launch of the show)!

    0 claimed
  • $500CAD

    Autographed copy of the script (after the launch of the video) by the main cast, a 10 minute SKYPE call from NIGHTWING himself, Brady Roberts, a NIGHTWING comic autographed by Brady Roberts, and a SPECIAL THANKS in the credits!

    0 claimed
  • $750CAD
    The Penguin

    The owner of the luxurious Iceberg Lounge! You get a SPECIAL THANKS in the credits, a 10 minute SKYPE call from any cast member of your choice, a NIGHTWING comic autographed by Brady Roberts, and an autographed copy of the script (after launch of the show)!

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    The Court of Owls

    You are a member of the Court! You get to be an extra in the show, get a SPECIAL THANKS in the credits, and meet the entire cast during lunch on set! Flight and hotel not included.

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $5,000CAD
    Bruce Wayne / Batman

    You've got Bruce Wayne money. NICE. You get a Producer credit on the final product, all access pass to the set and filming at all times, meet the entire cast during lunch on set, and a ONE LINE walk on role in the show!!! Flight and hotel not included.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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