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 Sex toys have been around for thousands of years and pure masturbation has been around, probably forever. Conversely, the beauty and enjoyment of masturbation with sex toys craves major innovation! Glovin Life TEAM realized it was time to rethink the fundamental principles behind personal pleasure devices, and the result is their game-changing, patent pending product; The Glov.

The Glov is a sex toy that provides its user with a enhanced way to masturbate. Currently, every self-penetration device on the market requires the user to hold the device and operate it in an unnatural manner. It requires the user to grip the device at its base, hold it at a 90 degree angle, and incorporate the whole arm in order to create the rhythmic in and out motion. The Glov incorporates unparalleled innovation to offer a simple and fresh alternative.

1. All backers have the option to remain 100% ANONYMOUS. Simply check “Don’t display my name” when you are making a payment.

2. Every order will be shipped via USPS in a discreet, brown box. Nothing on the outside of your package will identify the pleasure awaiting inside ;) 

Before we set out to make The Glov we decided to seek public opinion to validate our concept. We asked 24 woman to compare their current sex toys with The Glov's operational design and functionality. We walked each of them through the biomechanics and then asked for individual evaluation. 

Our team at work finalizing the working prototype of The Glov!

Here is the Nitty Gritty on the Naughty Mitty!

Our goal was to create a uniquely different Self Pleasuring Device. Have a look at the features.

The Glov currently comes in two colors - Fuschia and Purple. We also have two different attachments - The Rabbit and Dildo that also come in the same matching colors. 

It is our intention to offer new stimulating attachments and colors on a regular basis.

We spent 8 months researching the global manufacturing sector to find a company that meet all our stringent production standards.  We choose to partner with the Lover Group because they are one of the world’s leading and most reputable Sex Toy manufacturing companies in the world.  With over 20 years of sex toy design and manufacturing experience, they adhere to the highest level of sex toy manufacturing standards, which qualify them for FDA, CE and ROHS & TUV international certifications.  This company uses the most advanced manufacturing technology, which ensures the highest quality Health and Safety standards possible. 

Countless hours of research have gone into developing The Glov. We can’t say it all felt like work ;)  We still need some help! 

That’s where you come in...

Development Time

We need your financial support to help us complete the last phase of the The Glov’s evolution. In order to do this we need $38,000 to bring the first production run to market. We are currently in advanced stages of product development. The final steps require us to make design refinements, fine tune engineering specifications and produce the custom molds for the varied components. All of this takes time and capital.

We hate being kept in the dark as much as you do so we've made it a TOP priority to keep you in the know. We'll be posting images, status updates and videos on a regular basis as we progress. The Glov team will also reply to all email inquires in a timely manner. 

This is the mantra we operated under while conducting our research and development. How can we make a sex toy that is both easier to use and delivers better results? We ended up with a product that fits this description perfectly, and it does so by improving in these key areas:

Q. Does The Glov come in multiple sizes?

A. Yes, it comes in 3 sizes. The glove portion is made of Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) and is very flexible. We have created a glove-sizing chart to reference so that you can pick the appropriate size.

Q. How do I determine what size Glov I need to order.  

A. We have made is very simple for 95% of the global adult population to find just the right fit. We have designed The Glov in 3 Unisex sizes. Please consult the Glov sizing chart to help you determine the best fit for your right hand. For hands larger then what the chart provides please contact the company directly at –

Q. Is there any possibility of Electrocution?

A. Absolutely 100% not! The Glov uses a super low voltage and low amperage power source so even if you touched the ends of an exposed connection you would not feel a thing. Now if you are a mad sexual scientist and are looking to get more kick out of The Glov and contemplate hooking it up to your 5000 watt generator well...let's just say you need to urgently seek some professional help ;)

Q. Will my hand get all sweaty?

A. Well, that really depends on you and how you use it! Statistics show that the average masturbation session lasts only 10-12 minutes so you could have slight perspiration like you would normally expect. Now if you like to play in the shower getting a little damp is part of the fun!

Q. Does The Glov come in different colors?

A. Yes, it comes in Purple and Fuchsia.  

Q. Is The Glov waterproof?

A. Yes it is. You can get it wet so using it in the shower is OK. It is not recommend that it be submerged in a bathtub or hot tub though.  

Q: What attachment options do I have?

A: The attachments we have right now are the Rabbit and the Dildo. We will be adding new attachment options on a regular basis.

Q: Are the attachments motorized?

A: The Rabbit attachment is motorize. It has two very strong vibrators imbedded in the device. We will be offering other motorized attachments moving forward.

Q: Do you warranty The Glov

A: Yes we give a 1-year, no hassle warranty for all our products

Q: Why do you not have a left hand glove?

A: We do not have a left hand glove at this time because 90% of the population is right handed and due to costs associated with making a left hand glove we have decided to hold off making one for now. We will be offering one in the near future.

Q: How do I know when the battery is getting low?

A: When the battery is below 20% a little red light will turn on indicating that the battery needs to be charged soon.

Q: Can I get the attachment in other colors?

A: Not at this time. This is due to the fact that we have a minimum number of attachments we have to produce for each production run so we need to keep tight controls on costs vs volumes. I can assure you we will offer other colors in the near future.

Q: What will the Indiegogo funds raised be used for?

A: The funds will be used for the first manufacturing and production run of The Glov.

Q: When will you ship me The Glov?

A: Once the campaign closes we need up to 90 days to manufacture, produce, test and ship the product to you. We will keep you completely up to date throughout the whole process.

Q: When will I be charged for The Glov

A: Generally if you are using a Credit Card it will show on your statement within 2 business days. If you are paying with PayPal it will be instant up to 5 days depending on how you use your PP account.

Q: How does the purchase appear on a credit card bill or bank statement?

A: The purchase will appear on any bill or statement as G-Lovin Enterprises LLC.

Q: Do I need to sign up for PayPal to donate?

A: No!  Any standard credit or debit card can be used through the PayPal gateway.  Simply select the choice for people who do not have a PayPal account and enter your credit card information as you normally would.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: The best method is via email at – One of our customer service representatives will get back to you within 48 hours.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes of course. We want all our neighbors to have as much fun as are having. There is a slight additional charge though – Canada $10 and all other countries $25.

Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A: That depends on the woodchuck.

We want to especially thank all of the wonderful people who made this campaign possible!!

  • The Team at Spray Pixl - 3D modeling and animation
  • The Love Group – Design & Engineering
  • West Toronto Wellness – Heath & Product development support
  • SeedBoom, LLC - Business Strategy and Crowdfunding Consulting

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    Thank you for supporting our amazing innovation! We'll give you an update a week before the campaign ends in case Foreplay leads to sealing the deal! We'll also keep you updated on our company progress over the coming months as we...Change the Way You Play!! Thanks again. You ROCK!

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    Shipping to Canada

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    Ultimate Climax

    The GLOV plus the Rabbit Attachment & Organic Personal Lubricant. Mind Blowing "Me-Time" awaits! Need we say more? If shipping International or Canada, please add the shipping perks to order. Must be 18+ to order.

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    The Naughty Supporter

    The GLOV PLUS the Rabbit Attachment PLUS the Dildo attachment and Organic Personal Lubricant. Your drive for multiple orgasms with a little naughty on the side is applauded. If shipping International or Canada, please add the shipping perks to order Must be 18+ to order.

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    Double the FUN Package

    2X - The GLOV PLUS the Rabbit Attachment PLUS the Dildo attachment & Organic Personal Lubricant. Warning: This Playtime Package could keep you locked up at home for weeks. If shipping International or Canada, please add the shipping perks to order Must be 18+ to order.

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    If The GLOV Fits - Share it!

    Distributor Pack - 6 of The GLOV PLUS the Rabbit Attachment PLUS the Dildo Attachment & Organic Personal Lubricant. Must be 18+ to order

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