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Smart TV News will be a platform for journalists (including bloggers and everyone else) to showcase their reporting to a local, state, or national audience.
Thomas Davis
13 Facebook Friends
Video / Web
Jefferson, Texas
United States
3 Team Members


  • I am a project developer who has worked many small projects. I have written software for over 30 years. I have blogged at DailyKos for ten years and am well known within the community. While my political leanings are towards the liberal side, I will not allow Newsstream to be a partisan. I will not censor content based on ideology. There is a reply feature which will allow users to rebut and 
  • I believe many of the current news outlets are ideology based, limited in scope, and personality driven. There is too much fluff and opinion and not enough local news. Newsstream will provide a blend of national, state, and local news items personalized to the viewers location and interests.
  • If Newsstream reaches it's potential journalists (including bloggers and anyone with a camera) will be able to submit videos. The videos will be streamed to viewers who subscribe to the topic or live within the area impacted by the video's content. Newsstream will stream short videos to it's viewers and will be able to provide the viewer links to longer videos or the web page of the journalist.
  • Journalists will be encouraged to obtain sponsors and will be allowed to plug the sponsor as part of their video. I hope this will create a method for local reporters to financially support their activities.

Where Smart TV News needs to go

  • The backbone website is already in place and able to accept contributions but it there is limited storage and bandwidth available. Funds are needed to move the site to a dedicated server and to move the videos to a hosting service. I believe Vzaar is the best video service for it's needs but the there are no funds available to maintain a business account their. My first move will be to reinstate Vzaar as the video server and to upgrade the services such that it will be easier for low bandwidth users to view videos.
  • Newsstream is meant to available on multiple streaming platforms. As soon as funds are available we will use a reputable software developer to expand Newsstream to Roku and other web enabled devices.
  • As Newsstream grows there is revenue generation methods in place to ensure it's long term survival and profitability but those methods won't be fruitful until a contributor and viewer base is built. Much of the funds generated through crowd sourcing will go towards marketing to build the contributor and viewer base.
  • Even if the goal isn't reached the funds contributed will be used for marketing and improving the delivery methods.

    The Perks

  • Since Newsstream will select the unique set of videos presented to the viewers, there is an ability to publicly thank the supporters who helped get Smart T.V. News off the ground and develop towards it's potential. 
  • The Newsstream staff will produce short text based videos thanking all of it's supporters. 
  • Higher level supporters will be given a discounted membership in the Founders' Club. This will allow them to help shape Newsstream, Smart TV News and other future products such as Newsstream Radio. 
  • The highest level supporters will be individually thanked with a video produced by Newsstream's staff. The video will be shown to viewers through the stream such that each viewer will see at least one "thank you" video each day.

The Impact

  • Your contribution will be used to create the next generation of news delivery where people will be able to tune in on any web enabled devices and receive news that impacts them.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please share this with your social media contacts.
  • Indiegogo's share tools are there to make sharing easier.
  • If you will, or hope to, produce content go to Newsstream's Contributor Page and create a Contributor Account. Please post an "about me" video and link your personal web page. This will provide content for others to see so they know Newsstream is building.
  • Contact us if you wish to write a post about Newsstream or Smart TV News.
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$20,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on June 30, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Thank you page

    A list of all supporters who contribute $10 or more will be prominently linked at Smart TV News' website. Contributors will be able to opt in to the list. There will also be a set of videos produced thanking the contributors. At the $10 level the list will be divided into single pages of text shown as a video to all viewers.

    0 claimed
  • $40USD
    Founders' Club Membership

    See the Founders' Club page at http://smarttvnews.biz for an explanation of the Founders' Club and it's benefits. Founders' Club Members will be able to comment on the policies pages and their input will shape Newsstream and Smart TV News. The comments are only visible to other members.

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  • $500USD
    Personal Video Thank You

    The Newsstream team will produce and promote individual thank you videos for every supporter who contributes $500 or more. The videos will be incorporated into the stream such that every viewer will see at least on thank you video each day.

    0 claimed
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