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Funds raised in this campaign will help us with our initiatives planned for this year. Networking, and raising awareness.
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Short Summary


The New Mexico Film Foundation was created to support New Mexico independent film makers. This non-profit organization is the first of its kind in New Mexico and is meant to offer financial assistance and educational opportunities to the men and women who live in New Mexico and want to tell stories through film and digital media. Once funded we will be offering grants to New Mexico independent filmmakers.

In order to do this we need operating capital. A successful campaign will help us with a number of initiatives which will bring attention to various aspects of film making here in New Mexico. In the near future, one such initiative will shine a light on the post production industry in New Mexico. Another initiative will highlight the wonderfully talented actors that live and work in the state. And there will be many more such projects but we need help in order to get them started. 

Your participation in this effort is greatly appreciated. And all donations are tax deductible due to our partnership with From the Heart Productions.  

On behalf of our board of directors and myself, I want to thank you. 

We Need Money - You Get Thanks

So here is the deal:

  • $25,000 is our goal but just a fraction of what is needed to get this new non-profit up and running. Everything up to the goal will go towards the operating budget. 
  • If we really rock with this campaign because you have shared with all your friends, and we exceed the goal of $25,000 then 20% of everything above the goal will go directly into the grants fund and the balance will go to operating costs. 
  • If you guys get this campaign shared around the world and folks in Dubai get wind of it and we exceed $50,000 then 80% of the donations above the $50,000 go into the grant fund and 20% into the operating fund.
  • But Dirk, these perks pretty much suck. Well yes. Hats and shirts and posters and dvds are something we don't have and they all cost money. But I promise you this: As this organization grows, so will the New Mexico independent film industry. And everyone will benefit. The New Mexico Film Foundation is greatly appreciative and indebted to every single dollar that is donated. And one way or another that appreciation will be demonstrated. 

Why Are We Doing This? 

New Mexico has the best film incentives in the nation. This brings in movies like The Lone Ranger, Avengers, Lone Survivor, Transcendence and others. But those are all movies that are recruited to come to the state and film.and already have a script, have producers and directors and A list talent attached. 

But in New Mexico we already have talented above the line writers, directors, producers and actors. Unfortunately  the support system for these creative people is terribly lacking. That is the reason for creating the New Mexico Film  Foundation. A non-profit whose mission is to Support the independent film industry in New Mexico while offering financial support and educational opportunities to New Mexico independent film makers. Our grants will include: 

  • Screen writer grant
  • Seed grant just to get started.
  • Production grant up to $20,000. First money in to make the movie and help secure other financing
  • Post Production grant. Sound sweetening color correction and so on. 
  • Travel money to film makes whose films have been accepted in out-of-state film festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW etc. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We do understand that not every one can contribute. As a matter of fact there are independent film makers in New Mexico who are running their own crowdfunding campaigns. In essence, we have a bucket of money that is just being shwished around and going back and forth. But here is what you can do to help:

  • If you have limited funds (who doesn't?) and it is a decision between giving to this fund raising campaign and giving to a film maker trying to get their film funded, give to the film maker. But give to us later on.  We are a tax deductible non-profit and will accept money at any time.
  • Share, share, share, share. There is a reason these platforms are called "CrowdFunding." If you are part of an organization that has a newsletter please share this campaign with them. If you have 10 facebook friends (well sorry for that) share with them. If you have 1000 facebook friends (then you have never met more than 20 of them in person) share with them. And tell them why you are sharing. If this effort is important enough for you to share, it is important enough to tell your friends why you are sharing it. 
  • Be creative in your sharing. Get your friends and neighbors to make signs that say "Help Fund the New Mexico Film Foundation" and post pictures on the internet. If you own a plane and can skywrite then do that. But don't sue us if you crash. 
  • And when you share this campaign online, be sure to use the share tool on the page. This will help us with our campaign. 

Thank you all very much.

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