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A fun new social video channel that gifts its users with unique, premium videos produced in minutes!
David Leonhardt
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What’s everyone talking about?

A fun new social video channel that gifts its users with unique, premium videos produced in minutes!

Tawki us today:

Tawki makes DIY videos simpler than ever before - plus, you can animate them!

These folks know what we’re talking about…

"This is just what my small business clients need  as an effective utility to market their business .  Now I will be able to help them market themselves through truly unique videos – at a price they can actually afford!"

Mike Leigh, Strategic Business Coach & SME Leadership Consultant


Christopher J. Macalus

"As a small business owner of a residential and commercial lighting company, I am very excited about the new social video channel called "Tawki." With limited marketing dollars and the heightened interest my customers have in online video production, this service is the way to go."

Christopher J. Macaluso, CEO & Founder
PanaLuna Design Group, LLC

“To be able to produce professional videos within minutes without hiring an expensive production company is going to give a real estate investor an enviable competitive edge. And the team of Callari and Leonhardt are vetted social media marketing experts who have proven themselves with previous successful tech start-ups and a track record in finding solutions through automation.”

Philip & Roseanna Petruzzelli, Directors
InvestoMetrix LLC

Lisa Meuser“What an exciting project! So many budding performers are hard-pressed to pay for a reel, and to keep paying to update their reels.  This will make it both easier and affordable for them.  I love it!”

Lisa Meuser, Top Talent Agency


"Start ups for innovative ideas need support to get going. Ron Callari, author, thought leader, social networking expert, blogger and all around creative entrepreneur will soon launch a service-oriented website. TAWKI has been designed for individuals, organizations, small business and larger corporations who want to use the popular 'video' format to reach their audience. I'm looking forward to joining to help create waves of awareness through this multi-media platform. "

Debby Bruck, Homeopathy World Community Founder
and Live Talk & Video Show Host

Here are the fun folks doing the talking…

Founders Ron Callari, David Leonhardt and Gagan Kohli are three seasoned innovation thought leaders pushing the envelope in the social media marketing space. They not only think outside of the box -- they spend most of their waking hours working around the perimeters. Not your typical Silicon Valley types, Ron, David and Gagan are the kind of “Average Joes” you’d like to catch a beer with.

However, they’re savvy to the ever-evolving digital landscape, and over the years, they have assessed how individuals and businesses lack the wherewithal to fully benefit from the ONE marketing tool that shows the greatest return on investment today – namely, VIDEOS!

Callari, who cut his teeth on tech start-ups in the past (e.g.  was integral in identifying solutions through automation, in addition to signing multi-million dollar clients internationally in a few short years, he had a full marketing career with multi-national companies such as Marriott Hotels & Resorts.

Also proficient in video production, Callari was the award-winner in the New Jersey Film Festival with his movie short, called “New Jersey’s First Lady.”  In the social media space, Callari penned the award winning graphic novel, “Facebucks & Dumb F*cks” lampooning the world’s favorite social network Facebook and created the online editorial cartoons popularized as kidd millennium.

Leonhardt has spent most of his work life promoting clients and employers, at one point juggling over 500 media interviews per year for CAA Ontario.  From crack SEO to social content promoter, he has always kept one step ahead as the digital landscape evolves. 

As SEO becomes more of an Internet staple and less of a marketing tool, video production grows more and more of a strategic necessity...which is why he is here (and why you should be, too!).

Kohli will be leading the crack team of developers building the architecture and coding the details. He has become one of the leaders of India's global tech community. He is known both for leadership and collaboration, bringing the right resources to the table to make projects come to life.

As the head of eTrinity InfoTech, Kohli has specialized in delivery management of complex projects, including managing escalation and partnerships. His experience extends from iPhone and Android apps development to Flash gaming and AJAX, with numerous forays into cross-platform development.

All three professionals have witnessed small and medium sized businesses shy away from the high cost and big time commitment required to conduct successful video marketing campaigns. With Tawki, that time is past…Ron, David and Gagan are ready to have some serious fun with its social network’s users.

Your donations will help us to keep talking…

We are blazing a trail, but we need your help.  Video takes computing power.  We need severs.  We need back-ups.  We need coders.  We will need customer support.  We have the marketing know-how to get the word out, but we need your donations to help us enter phase 2. It takes significant resources to amass the variety of visual templates, images and music, so that every one-click video is truly unique & memorable and not just a re-sequencing of some previous video.

You have a variety of DONATION choices available, and we are thrilled to be able to reward you for these contributions. Tawki's primary goal is to make our SOCIAL VIDEO CHANNEL one of the most collaborative social networks available today. Won't you join in the fun, and partner with us to make that happen.

Get your own premium animated video right now!

You can be talking too – join in the fun – let’s shake up digital history!

Let's advance video creation by ten years today.

Video creation is nothing new.  Even online video creation is not new.  But it's just about to get a whole lot better.

FASTER. One of our competitors advertises one-click video creation.  Funny thing is, we lost track of how many clicks it took to get to that one click.  Let's make one-click video creation a reality.

SMARTER.  The secret sauce is the algorithm that will create 100% unique videos every time based on the tags you provide, and even incorporate your uploaded images and music if you wish. 

SIMPLER. You don't want the easy-peasy automated video?  Want a custom video...without frustrating hours trying to learn a new interface.  We are making full customization so simple that it will be Granny Approved!

COOLER.  The competition offers a very, very limited selection of templates for their videos.  Let's make videos for your family or small business cooler than the high-priced videographer pieces.  Yup, we can do that!

ANIMATION TOO! When we said cooler with more options – think about making your video stand out with your very own animated flick. Yup, we can do that  too!

Join us in New York City to make digital history today!

Why Tawki is worth talking about…

Tawki is where you become The Producer.  Even with no video experience, you can create professional quality videos on the fly ... and share them just as quickly.

  • Use our pictures or use your own.
  • Use our music or use your own.
  • Use our video clips or use your own.
  • Add a voiceover.
  • Edit either sound or visuals.
  • Add text slides.
  • Add subtitles.
  • Use our visual templates (animation too) or use your own.
  • Share your videos on popular sharing sites like YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Share your videos right on Tawki (because it is also a social network for videos!).
  • Produce your videos in HD (high definition).
  • Change the pace of the images.
  • Play with transitions.
  • Store your videos on our site.

The new tech magic: HTML5 and Cloud Computing are just reaching the point where we can deliver all this quickly and seamlessly across all platforms: Android, iPad/iPod/iPhone and desktop/laptop PCs.

Become a beta tester

Fun reasons why Tawki is essential for your online marketing plan

By making video creation faster, cheaper and simpler, a business that might have been able to afford just one video every few years can now make video part of its weekly marketing plan.

  • With just one click, a blogger can add video to their blog posts.
  • With just one click, hotels, spas, restaurants and other experience businesses can add a new video every week...or even every day!
  • With just one click, cat lovers and dog lovers, bacon lovers and beer lovers, hobbyists and fans can create themed videos to their heart's delight.

Want to add your own images?  One more click uploads them.

  • With just one more click, your family is in the picture.
  • With just one more click, your products are on display
  • With just one more click, your paintings, craft work or other art has its own video gallery.
  • With just one more click, you have your performance reel.

Want to add a voiceover?  Or some other edit?

  • Your third click creates a video resume. 
  • Your third click turns product displays into sales material.
  • Your third click turns the family photos into a video diary.
  • Your third click takes your hobby from "Lookit what I did!" to "Lookit how you can do it, too."

Want animation?

  • Choose from animated themes.
  • Animate the edited or unedited video.
  • Custom animation?  No problem!

Once your video is complete, there are several things you can do with it.  You can share on sites like FaceBook and YouTube.  You can email it to people. You can load it to your own website or blog.  Or you can show it to other Tawki Users - the Tawki Social Network.  In fact, you can easily view other users' videos, and vote and comment on them (that's the "You Click" part).  So there is a built in audience for Tawki videos. 

Help us make digital history and advance DIY video creation today.

Help make digital history today!

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    Everything the BETA TESTER DELUXE gets, upgrade to Tawki Pro with all the special extras during the beta testing and for a year after launch (value $200)

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    Premium Animator Special

    If you’d like a video produced NOW (before Tawki launches), we will customize a 1-minute animated video including a musical jingle using the Social Media Scientist character (featured in the video above) to promote your business, organization or hobby. Turn-around time is approximately 20 days. (value $5000)

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  • $8,955USD

    Everything the INSIDER gets,'ll become a consultant throughout development process and will be listed as an 'advisor.' Plus a lifetime upgrade to Tawki Premium (priced at $400/year). Plus the Premium Animator Special (value $5000) in addition to using one your videos created during BETA in free advertising in our extensive marketing campaign. Plus we'll fly you into NYC to attend the Tawki's exciting launch party (date and time to be determined) where tons of excitement awaits!

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