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Help support a beautiful, flourishing downtown. Please consider funding New Albany: City by the River, a historical documentary about the city of New Albany.
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Who We Are and What We're Doing

New Albany: City by the River is a film that tells the story of New Albany's past and sheds some light on the people that are breathing new life into the downtown area. For over a year, my colleague and I have been researching and filming interviews on location, and our work is nearly complete. Now we need your help to share the film we have worked so hard to create.

My name is Philip Collins and I am a New Albanian graphic designer/photographer. My friend and fellow filmmaker Daniel Frank is a graphic designer/photographer/videographer, who also works and lives in Floyd County, Indiana. We both hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from IU Southeast completed in the Spring of 2012. Aside from the film, we have collaborated on many print based photography and design projects. Daniel also does professional videography work for local companies; recently he completed a video for local non-profit organization Our Place: Drug and Alcohol Education Services, Inc. in downtown New Albany.

Here is a link to some more examples of Daniel's video work.

We were inspired to make New Albany: City by the River while photographing culturally and historically significant buildings downtown to be used in Our Proud Heritage, a calendar commissioned by the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana which was distributed to every fourth grade class in Clark and Floyd Counties.

While creating the calendar we were able to work with local historians and hear firsthand about New Albany's history. Most people don't get the chance to experience New Albany's history on such a personal level. We witnessed the stories of people who have dedicated their lives to recording the past. Daniel and I feel that it is a valuable commodity that needs to be preserved. Our film is a way for us to share that personal, human element of history.

However, New Albany: City by the River is not just about celebrating the past; it is about recording the present. We are documenting these firsthand accounts from the people who are essentially rebuilding New Albany with their bare hands. We have interviewed over 20 historians, business owners, artists, and community members on location at important historical sites, businesses, galleries, and museums in historic downtown New Albany.

Our city is moving toward a great place. New shops, galleries and restaurants are opening every month. A vibrant community is re-forming in the downtown area, a community that recognizes the value of its history, art, and independent businesses. New Albany: City by the River captures this unique moment in New Albany's history.

What We Need & What You Get

At the beginning of our journey we received funds from a couple sources that we would like to thank now. We received $1000 last year from the New Albany Bicentennial Committee to get the film started. This grant went directly to buying the lighting equipment we needed to begin filming. We also received $150 from the Kiwanis Club of New Albany which helped us to purchase a lapel microphone which greatly enhanced the sound quality of our interviews.

If we meet our funding goals, the contributions we receive will go to help this film achieve its destiny. With your help, we will:

  • Create a quality DVD complete with professional packaging. We want this DVD to be a professional product to reflect our hard work and the excellence of the community it represents. In order to get a quality product made, we have to order at least 1000 copies. Because we have hundreds of hours of footage, we would like to make as much of it available on the DVD as possible. If we are able to afford dual layer DVDs, we can fit twice as much extra content. This includes extended interviews and behind the scenes footage.

  • Donate copies of this DVD to every school in Floyd County. We want the youth of Floyd county to be as excited about our history, community, and flourishing downtown as we are!

  • Support a New Albany musical artist. Music for our film is being provided by Ben Traughber, a New Albanian musician. No matter how much funding we raise, Ben will be compensated for his excellent work. However the more contributions we receive the more we can afford to pay him.

  • If we surpass our goal of raising $12,000, then our stretch goal of $15,000 would allow us to create a BluRay Disc version of the film.  This will allow us to take full advantage of the high resolution at which the film was created.

Every little bit helps us get a little closer to our goal. If everyone in New Albany could contribute 33¢ to this campaign it would get us all the way to our funding goal.


If you are able to contribute $5 or more to the campaign, you will be rewarded with a perk based on your contribution amount!  We have several to choose from depending on how much you are able to contribute, and depending on the success of the campaign we might be able to add more! Also, all contributions of $5 or more will get their name listed in the credits of the film!

  • $1 - Great New Albanian - every little bit helps!
  • $5 - Name in the Credits of the Film
  • $10 - 3 Unique Postcards of Downtown New Albany
  • $15 - Our Proud Heritage Calendar - Featured in the video above
  • $25 - (1) New Albany: City by the River DVD
  • $25 - 3 Wooden Coasters - featuring images of New Albany
  • $30 - DVD and Postcard set
  • $40 - Screen Printed Poster
  • $70 - Screen Printed Poster, DVD and Postcard set
  • $300 - Associate Producer
  • $800 - Executive Producer
  • More perks to come!!!

Check out the perks on the right for detailed item descriptions.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand if you can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Help us spread the word about our Indiegogo page by sharing the link with friends and family on facebook or tweeting about our film using the Indiegogo share tools located under the video above. 
  • The more people that are aware of the film the better, so don't be shy!

If anyone would like to contact me via email to help support the film or just to say "hello" you can reach me at

    Thank you so much for your time and support!!!

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    Select a Perk
    • $1USD
      Great New Albanian

      Every little bit helps us get a little closer to our goal. If everyone in New Albany could contribute 33¢ to this campaign it would get us all the way to our funding goal.

      1 claimed
    • $5USD
      Name in the Credits

      If you claim this perk, your name will appear as a contributor in the final credits of the film! Make yourself a part of New Albany history! We are ordering the DVDs on September 15th, so be sure and contribute before then in order to take advantage of this perk!

      21 out of 100 claimed
    • $10USD
      Postcard Set

      A set of 3 unique postcards featuring great photos of New Albany's historic downtown!

      8 out of 250 claimed
    • $15USD
      Our Proud Heritage - Calendar

      This perk is a calendar commissioned by the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana. The design work and photography for this calendar were created by the filmmakers Daniel Frank and Philip Collins. This calendar features beautiful full page photographs of the most culturally significant historical locations of Clark and Floyd County Indiana. Sept 2012-Dec 2013.

      4 out of 15 claimed
    • $25USD
      Documentary DVD

      This is what it's all about. The DVD for the documentary feature-length film: New Albany: City by the River. This DVD will contain the film, extended interviews, behind the scenes look at the making of the film, and more!

      32 out of 300 claimed
    • $25USD
      (3) Wooden Coasters

      A set of wooden three coasters, each featuring a different image of our favorite parts of New Albany! A crafty perk indeed!

      4 out of 50 claimed
    • $30USD
      DVD and Postcards

      Those who donate $30 will receive A copy of the DVD and the postcard set.

      11 out of 250 claimed
    • $40USD

      A hand screen-printed poster, designed and printed by the filmmakers themselves! Each piece will be signed and numbered by the artists. This artwork will also be featured on the cover of the DVD.

      3 out of 30 claimed
    • $70USD
      Poster Package

      The Screen printed poster, the DVD and the Postcard set.

      12 out of 100 claimed
    • $300USD
      Associate Producer

      The first ten people who contribute $300 will be featured in the credits of the film as an Associate Producer! You will also be entitled to all perks below the $300 level.

      6 out of 10 claimed
    • $800USD
      Executive Producer

      The most important status you can have on a film is Executive Producer. The first five people who contribute $800 will be featured in the OPENING CREDITS of the film as an Executive Producer! You will also be entitled to all perks below $300 level.

      1 out of 5 claimed
    • $1,000USD
      Major Project Funding

      This is a special class of contribution for organizations who wish to contribute to the documentary. Organizations who claim this perk will be featured in the opening credits of the film as "Major Project Funding Provided by" followed by the name of the organization. Example: Major Project Funding Provided by: Your Organization Here

      0 out of 3 claimed
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