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  • £5GBP

    DRM-clear Netherworld copy - download, and possibly a Steam key. Your chosen name will appear on the Founder’s Stones that can be encountered in the world. Your name appears on the Rememberance Wall, a boundless wall available in the main menu that commemorates all the contributors, and in case Netherworld launches on Steam, you automatically unlock the Founder achievement. On the Netherworld Forums, a special icon represents your contribution.

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  • £10GBP

    Access to the beta version and to the related beta version discussions. You automatically unlock the Overseer achievement, and as with all the other tiers, your Forum icon represents the particular contribution level that you have chosen, your name on the Rememberance Wall becomes more prominent, and you also receive all the previous perks.

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  • £25GBP

    You can submit a short advice that you want to share with other players, which will occasionally appear on the Enlightment Obelisks that can be encountered in the world. The advice should be an actual advice expressed in about a sentence or two, and should at least remotely resonate with the ethereal Netherworld ambience, but we will be very open minded. This also unlocks the Mentor achievement, and secures you an additional Netherworld copy (download + Steam key) to use as a present.

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  • £50GBP

    We will translate your name to name an Immortal, which means that the players will occasionally encounter Immortal’s Soulshard, which is an enormous monument, dedicated to your name. We will make your name match the Immortal name style, and all the Immortal names also come with an epithet that is up to you, and a unique ritual. This means that Nicole Beckie may become Nico-Be The Compassionate, while Yves Lambert may become Y’Lambe The Ruthless, and so on. This unlocks the Immortal achievement.

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  • £100GBP
    Extraplanar Broadcaster

    You unlock the Extraplanar Broadcaster: In main menu, you can select an Extraplanar Transmission to broadcast, which can provide all the Netherworld players with a particular bonus when they encounter an Extraplanar Hyperstone when they play. This unlocks the Extraplanar Broadcaster achievement. You will receive three more Netherworld copies in addition to the two included in the previous tiers, and you become listed in the Credits as a Funder with a very special thanks.

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  • £250GBP

    Help us come up with a new location! Come up with a concept that we will implement and work into Netherworld. We will work with you to shape your vision so that it interacts naturally with the other mechanics, and constitutes a solid point in the overall scheme. This unlocks the Architect achievement, and ensures that you are listed in the Credits as a Funder Extraordinaire.

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  • £500GBP

    You can nominate a charity that we will donate 1% of any sales that Netherworld makes when released. This means that as soon as we sell more than about 10K copies, you will eventually donate to your chosen charity more than your actual contribution this way, and should we sell less – well, at least we both tried! This unlocks the Patron achievement, and positions you as an Eminent Funder in the credits.

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