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An innovative event for hands-on peace. Ever dreamed of social structures that sustain diversity and peace?
Oliver Rizzi Carlson
5 Team Members

"This is the most innovative, purposeful, and valuable effort to promote diversity and peace that I've found. I'm intrigued by the creative arts and experiential components as well." - Heather G. (donor)


Who we are and What we're doing

We're a group of young, passionate individuals committed to giving of ourselves to create sustainable ways of promoting peace. We understand that peace cannot be imposed, but is essentially a process of cultural change - and that this cultural shift needs to be supported ongoingly by infrastructures for peace.

That's why we decided to organize Nesting Peace - the Sixth Summit of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace (GAMIP). It will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 16-20, 2013.

Have you ever felt you were witnessing a historic moment? This is how we feel - and why we are putting all of our energy into this project.

For the first time, this Summit will be designed as an infrastructure for peace itself, proving to be unique in several ways:

  • Participants and Location: Engage a wide variety of actors to dialogue on this topic for the first time Geneva’s international character;
  • Experience: Providing the experience of various kinds of live infrastructures for peace throughout the conference to facilitate transformational learning and deep understanding;
  • Formats: Featuring interactive and innovative formats throughout the conference to maximize interaction and engagement on the issues at hand;
  • Team: Largely organized by youth who give their energy, creativity and time freely;
  • Self-practice: Applying principles and practices of peace to our own work, we use peace tools and processes as resources for the creation this event;
  • Funding: One of the first events to apply crowdsourcing to peacework in order to pose no financial barriers to participation exercising gift and solidarity.

We're contributing to a very important paradigm shift in peacebuilding - we invite you to be part of this!

Nesting Peace logo




What are infrastructures for peace and why organize this Summit now?

Infrastructures for peace are social structures that support and facilitate peace processes, including dialogue, reconciliation, mediation, peace education, restorative justice, and many others. These processes need to be implemented within a framework that provides continuity, social support and the involvement of all stakeholders. Infrastructures for peace provide that framework, functioning as the implementing mechanisms or enabling environments of peace. They take the form of restorative circle systems, local peace committees, national Ministries for Peace, peace academies, peace museums, among others.

Click here to watch an overview of Restorative Systems as an example of an infrastructure for peace.

This is an important moment in the history of infrastructures for peace. Just in the last 12 years, the world has seen the creation of the first four Ministries for Peace, as well as Offices, Departments and other institutions for the promotion of peace within governments. Outside of government, countless more infrastructures for peace have been developed by civil society around the world, including with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and many other actors. These experiences are the object of several studies that will be published in 2013, marking the coming of age of this concept.

Please click here to read more.


What people say about us and infrastructures for peace

> "[T]he proposal that there should be a Ministry of Peace within governments is not merely admirable, but if implemented would represent a serious indication of actual intent. I am happy to give my support to such a body whose responsibilities would include being a consistent voice for non-violent means of settling disputes." - the XIV Dalai Lama

> "Essentially, the aim should be the creation of a sustainable national infrastructure for peace that allows societies and their governments to resolve conflicts internally and with their own skills, institutions and resources." - Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

> "Years hence, when every country has a Ministry of Peace, people will look back and ask: 'What took us so long?' After all, we have a ministry for almost everything else: health, education and so on. How odd that, of all things, we have no ministries of peace. Peace is the key to accomplishing the rest. (...) We need a coordinated global plan which will bring together the brightest minds, the best plans and the most gifted leadership. The backbone of that plan will be the Ministries of Peace." - The Sakyong, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche

> Click here to watch Archbishop Desmond Tutu's Endorsement

Youth are stepping up to this challenge
- not just for Ministries for Peace, but for all kinds of social infrastructures for peace. Help us make it happen!


Why we're on Indiegogo

In the spirit of infrastructures for peace, this Summit relies entirely on donations in order to be truly inclusive and not impose financial constraints on individuals' participation.

We need to model the culture of peace that we seek to nurture. Sharing and giving of ourselves is an important characteristic of a caring community. We are creating the space to call such caring forth, to support each other in our work for peace.

We are doing our best to reduce these costs and encourage our work partners to share their time and resources to co-create this event with us.

To kick-start the "pay-it-forward" gift economy, the pre-Summit workshop on Restorative Systems has been offered by Dominic Barter and Sissi Mazzetti (facilitators) to the Summit participants.

We count on you and your generosity to also donate and support us by spreading the word to gather the funds needed to realize this event.

Please take a look at the crowdsourcing philosophy described on our Crowdsourcing page (http://www.gamip.org/summits/switzerland-2013-nesting-peace/crowdsourcing/)

and our Registration Form (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGoxUDBIWm5zeFZETmJCNmpuaU1GOUE6MQ#gid=10) - look for the section on "Costs."


What we need & Your part in it

Right now, our budget is the equivalent of about USD 290,000, of which:

about USD 120,000 are for the event itself;

about USD 100,000 are for our Solidarity Fund to sponsor participants who are normally unable to come and share their important experience in peacework at these events because of financial constraints;

about USD 70,000 are for incidentals (55%) and organizational costs (45%).

We have already raised about USD 105,000 (36% of the costs) through in-kind and financial donations. You may look at our website's Crowdsourcing page for more details and a visual overview of total funds raised and needed so far.

We're asking for USD 77,777 here on Indiegogo (about 27% of the costs) to show the power of crowdfunding for peace while also taking into account funds we may receive from public funding sources, in-kind donations, and participants' own contributions. However, peace is very hard to sell to established institutions. That is why we need you to help us cover at least USD 77,777 and make sure that this innovative, paradigm-shifting event for peace take place as designed.

Consistent with a culture of peace, we would like to recognize you as part of our support community no matter what amount you give. (We had to write at least $1 in the Perk Amount on the right. You cannot choose more than one Perk, but let us know if you would like more than one :-)


The impact

The Summit will:

  • Increase awareness and understanding about infrastructures for peace and their essential role in sustainable strategies of peace promotion;
  • Provide practical tools for the development of infrastructures for peace;
  • Give visibility to current infrastructures for peace, as well as peace infrastructure campaigns and projects around the world;
  • Strengthen the engagement of the international community working on infrastructures for peace and launch a Multi-Stakeholder Platform on Infrastructures for Peace;
  • Serve as a bridge among participants and potential partners to further infrastructures for peace at the local level in various countries;
  • Plant the seeds of initiatives to create infrastructures for peace at the local, cantonal and federal level in Switzerland.

The diversity of participants and the conference’s creative formats will highlight the transformative nature of infrastructures for peace, helping to launch the next stage of development of this significant, organized approach to peacebuilding.

The world is in need of approaches that work, peace systems that work. We need to give ourselves the tools and spaces to deal with conflict creatively and constructively. We can try to control behavior, or even change structures - but our worldview in the end will determine what systems we develop, and how we will act within them. The creation of a culture of peace is the only guarantee of the sustainability of peace.  Infrastructures for peace provide continuity to the processes that nurture a culture of peace.

At the governmental level, GAMIP has played a crucial role in the establishment of two of the current four Ministries for Peace in the world, i.e. those in Costa Rica and Nepal. The Ministries for Peace in the Solomon Islands and South Sudan have also benefited from this.

At the civil society level, GAMIP for years has been an important and only platform of exchange and inspiration for the creation of infrastructures for peace of all kinds in many more countries around the world.

Please see our website for more information on our history and this Summit: http://www.gamip.org/summits/switzerland-2013-nesting-peace/

Nesting Peace is organized by:

UNOY PeacebuildersPaciculturaGAMIP

Click here to see a list of our partners.


What if...?

If we don't reach our entire Indiegogo goal of USD 77,777, the money raised will go toward the event and we will double our efforts to crowdfund the balance in other ways, including on the streets and on our website.

Please also note that if the total amount of funds for the event is not raised by the beginning of the Summit through in-kind or financial donations, participants agree to engage in discussions to find creative solutions and take action to cover the outstanding costs. We view this financial co-responsibility as a worthwhile exercise in developing solidarity, listening, mutual support and creativity. Take this step with us.

Should we raise all necessary funds before the beginning of the Summit, on the other hand, we may use a session to share our successful funding strategy with others who are interested. You are part of that success!


Other ways you can help

Whether you are able to donate or not, please help us by spreading the word about our campaign via email, on social networks, and among your contacts. We need to reach many people, build a movement, and you are an essential part of this!

Please help us make history by creating the first example of crowdsourcing for peace of this scale.

You can also take a look at our Crowdsourcing page on our website to see other ways you can help: http://www.gamip.org/summits/switzerland-2013-nesting-peace/crowdsourcing/


THANK YOU for your contribution toward creating this paradigm shift in peacebuilding!

The sustainability of peace needs you.


Nesting Peace team


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    Consistent with a culture of peace, we would like to recognize you as part of our support community no matter what amount you give. We will use your input on peace and infrastructures for peace in the conference discussions.

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    Consistent with a culture of peace, we would like to recognize you as part of our support community no matter what amount you give. We'll send you a full report on the conference soon after the event.

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