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A black comedy covering a hideous week in the household of a couple, who after the breakdown of their marriage are still forced to live together.
New Aims Productions
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Negative Equity



This short tells the story of Gary and Fiona. Once madly in love, they got married, bought a house and were all set for a life together.
Four years later, their fairytale marraige has turned into a bitter and hate fueled nightmare with both of them forced to remain living under the same roof imprisoned by their staggering mortgage.

Fiona has accepted that things are over and is getting on with her life. Unfortunately for Gary, he just can't let go of the past. A messy, turbulent, rollercoaster of a week ensues when Fiona decides to invite someone over for dinner.

Negative Equity is written and will be directed by Rob Noonan and produced by Amy Kirwan. Two former students of film at St. Johns Central College, Cork.

Rob Noonan has written and directed a number of short films.
Most notably A Bad Day for Tim Black which featured at the student shorts section of the Kerry Film Festival in 2011 as well being selected to screen as part of a prestigious film festival, the Rencontres Henri Langlois Festival International des Ecoles de Cinéma.
In addition to this, he is writer and director of the forthcoming series Trickelbank's People.

Amy Kirwan is, for the most part, a producer.
Having set up New Aims Productions in 2011 she’s worked on various projects in many different roles from short films, web series, TV, corporate and music videos. Her most recent work was producing Rob Noonan’s forthcoming series Trickelbank’s People, as well as completing her short, short, Ode which screened at the Underground Cinema in Dublin.
She is also involved in the newest CollabFeature project, working with over 200 filmmakers worldwide.

The rest of our talented crew is mainly comprised of former students of film at St.Johns.

Generally, there is no money to be made from producing short films so our primary goal with this film is to submit it to as many domestic and international film festivals as possible. The result being that our talents as filmmakers are showcased and may provide opportunities to move onto bigger projects in the future.

Why do we need 10,000 Euro?

10,000 Euro is a lot of cash in this day and age. Where will it all go?
With producing films, from the pre-production stage right through production and post, to the screening at film festivals, there are varied and numerous expenses involved.
Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the costs that will be incurred in turning Negative Equity from a dream in my head to a reality, up there, on the big screen.

Cast wages
Crew wages
Transport costs
Catering costs
Location fees
Equipment hire
Set building and Art Direction

Sound mixing
Colour grading
Recording of score
Marketing costs e.g. Film Festivals both national and international,

We are really looking forward to making this film and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Rob, Amy and Crew

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    Thank you credit

    €10 is greatly appreciated. You'll get to see your name on the big screen under the thank you credits.

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    Exclusive access

    €25 will get you exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you'll be kept up to date with exclusive behind the scenes stills, outtakes and news. Also a thank you in the film credits.

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  • €50EUR
    Online Screening

    A sincere thank you for your generosity! You'll receive Exclusive access to the online streaming of the film after it's completed it's festival circuit, plus exclusive access to the facebook group and a thank you in the credits.

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    In addition to all of the above, you'll get a blu-ray copy of the film once It's completed It's festival circuit.

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  • €120EUR
    Thank you!

    As a thank you, we're giving, you a ticket to join us for the official screening and after party, before the film makes it's maiden voyage on the festival circuit, a blu-ray copy of the film after it’s festival run, access to the facebook group and a thank you credit.

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  • €150EUR
    Official Screening Invite

    €150 is a tall order, but thank you so much! On the way to you very soon are 2 tickets for the official screening, a signed poster from the cast and crew plus access to the facebook group as well as access to the online streaming of the film and 2 blu-ray copies for you and a friend (after it's completed it's festival circuit) and a thank you credit.

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  • €250EUR
    Co-Producer Credit

    Welcome to the team! €250 gets you a Co-producer credit plus an imdb credit, as well as 4 tickets to the screening, a signed poster from the cast and crew, access to the online streaming of the film, as well as 4 blu-ray copies of the film (after it's completed it's festival circuit) and a thank you credit! You'll also be added to the private facebook group.

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  • €500EUR
    Executive Producer Credit

    A huge thank you for your generosity you'll receive an Executive Producer credit, 6 tickets to the premiere and after party, an imdb credit, an invite to spend the day on set as part of the crew also an exclusive press package containing your 6 blu-ray dvd's, signed posters, stills and a signed copy of the script from the Director and cast.

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