Need help finding a safer place to live.

A campaign about a guy, who's living in hazardous situation with fleas and roaches and sewer water.
Scott Jay
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
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Update: thank you for your help, unfortunately the money that I've received has gone towards repairs on the car that would allow me to get to Arkansas. It was completely unforseeable. I'm sorry.


I need your help.

In sept of 2012 my house was sold, being that I have no family in the area and nowhere else to go a friend of mine allowed me to move in with him. What he neglected to tell me was that his house was infested with roaches and fleas. I had terminex out, and it did nothing. If you look at some of the pictures you'll see what I mean.


The roach traps get changed daily.

The problem was that I could only afford one payment to the exterminator and that's not the end of the problem. I wake up daily to dead roaches lay all around me. I'm eating food out of a can for my own safety, my friend has no desire to fix the situation at all, and honestly he really doesn't care. Like I've mentioned I don't know anyone in the area so I've no place else to go.

I work, but the job pays little and the hours are crap. I'm only doing this because I need to move desperately. My on family won't take me in because they can't afford me and don't have the room.

Moving to Arkansas

This is the only option I have at this point, as you can see this was funded but the money immediately went to a tragic circumstance. I had to fix the car that was supposed to take me down there. The total sum of the repairs chewed up the donations and more.

My friend is becoming more and more increasingly abusive to me in nature, and is beginning to steal from me. Charging my cards (not my paypal but the card I use for direct deposit to my bank) for things. Thinking I don't notice it, he's nearly gotten into it with me physically, the situation is just getting worse and I have nowhere else to go.

Please help me.

I'm not asking for a whole lot, I'm just asking for enough gas to get to Arkansas, because that's the only option I have. I have a safe place there to stay.

My health is daily compromised, I can't use the bathroom and I can't take a shower, I've resorted to going to local YMCA's and using my friends gram's shower but she doesn't appreciate it happening all the time.

I'm essentially homeless, living in a condemned building. If you could take the time to read, or donate or signal boost this please do. I am very desperate. Each day I have no idea what's going to happen next, every day I could be on the street because of my friend.

Thank you for reading.

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