NCASE M1 prototype, a Mini-ITX Case

A Powerful, Refined Mini-ITX Case, Designed by NCASE, Manufactured by Lian Li

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NCASE posted an announcement 1 month ago

Hi everyone,

We are working to launch a new campaign for those that missed out.

It's still few months away, will make an announcement when we are ready.


NCASE Design posted an announcement 8 months ago

Well, it seems our backers couldn't contain their excitement and have let the cat out of the bag: the M1 production campaign is live!

We sent an email out with a request to stay mum about it for a few days to our early backers, so they could get first crack at the limited number of production cases. But within minutes the news had spread across the forums, and the pledges flooded in. It seems people are very eager indeed! 

We know it's taken a while to get to this point, and we appreciate your patience and continued support. We hope and trust that the end result of our efforts have been worth the wait. Thank you!

-the NCASE team

NCASE posted an announcement 9 months ago

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your patience.

We are waiting for the production unit from Lian Li to be inspected by our team designer.

If everything looks fine, we will launch.

NCASE posted an announcement 10 months ago

Hi everyone,

We are in the process of finalizing shipping costs.

We would like to know which countries our customers reside in (most donors didn’t provide their address).

Please use this link: www.ncases.com/poll

NCASE posted an announcement 11 months ago

Hi everyone,

Part three and the final part of testing results, please visit the link below: