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We are making a music video for our song “Natural Disaster,” a joyful little tune about amplified neuroses and finding the apocalyptic in the mundane.
Grace McLean
Video / Web
Brooklyn, New York
United States
3 Team Members

A Perfect Storm

Hello friends! Grace McLean & Them Apples are making a music video for our song “Natural Disaster,”  a joyful little tune about amplified neuroses and finding the apocalyptic in the mundane.

We found ourselves on Indiegogo a little over two years ago when we funded our first EP Make Me Breakfast.  With the help of our fans we were able to produce a disc that captures and amplifies our energetic, lyrically driven, confessional soul-pop style.  

Since then, our music has continued to evolve with the addition of a new band member, the Electroharmonix 2880 Looping Station.  With the 2880 Grace is able to loop vocals to create percussive beats, melodies and harmonies.  The voice is the instrument she plays best, and Grace has composed a song in concert with herself in “Natural Disaster.”  Click here to listen to the track.

To create the calling card of our new sound, we are making “Natural Disaster” into a music video!  

As a band, we revel in the marriage of intellectual and silly, playful and refined.  We plan to capture the whimsy of Grace McLean & Them Apples by putting our delightful antics on a beautiful sound-stage and capturing it in Hi-Def.  I mean, look: You can see a live show and love it in the moment, but you’re hardly ever standing right up front, and you can’t really take the full experience with you, no matter what new technology you’ve got on your phone.  We want you to live in Grace’s world.  So, we’ve decided to take the world of “Natural Disaster” and literally build it, film it, and share it with you on your computer, tablet, smartphone or AppleTV.  Do you own an AppleTV?

Our Collaborators

We are teaming up with some pretty fancy pants people to make this thing slicker than an oil spill.  Click below to check out some of the amazing work they’ve done.

Director: Adam Lerman

Art Direction and Set Design: Emily Kaplan

Director of Photography: Casey Stein

Producer: Lizzy Morrison


Disaster Relief

In order to make this video the hottest it can be, like molten lava oozing down your street hot, we need a few supplies including:

  • Camera 

  • Lights 

  • Studio Rental 

  • Props 

  • Van Rental 

And we need to compensate the beautiful team we’re hired

  • Art Director 

  • Set Designer 

  • Grips 

  • AC 

  • PA 

  • Director of Photography 

  • Makeup 

  • Editor 

  • Colorist 

  • Mimes!!! 

By joining our Disaster Relief Crew, you can take advantage of our sweet perks!

  • A free download of the song

  • A sneak peak of the video

  • A song of your choice covered using the 2880

  • Personalized ringtones

  • A song written just for you

Building a Better Mousetrap

As as a songwriters and performers we want our audience to feel engaged and tickled and hugged and cared for and involved.  This music video synthesizes our intimate music and theatrical performance into something between a Michel Gondry daydream and a puppet show with Fiona Apple if Fiona Apple was happy.

Two years ago we used Indiegogo to successfully fund production of our first EP Make Me Breakfast, and have since been able to share our music with a much wider audience!  Hooray and Thank You!  We return to the Indiegogo community now to bring “Natural Disaster” out of your iPod and into your life!

So, how can you help?

1.) Contribute to the campaign and watch the magic.

2.) Spread the word by proudly posting your contribution via your social media feeds.

3.) Think of people who may want to know this is happening.  Do you have friends who work in the arts that may want to promote this exciting new music?  Wasn’t your great aunt interested in “young people’s music?” Didn’t you go on a date with that iBanker who just can’t get rid of all that money?

Tell them.  Tell them that you heard a song that doesn’t sound quite like anything you’ve ever heard, and that you’re helping make it into a video you can’t wait to see.  And that they should too.

Tell your tweeters, your co-workers, your bloggers, your Froggers and your friends.

Let’s make a Natural Disaster happen!

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raised by 167 people in 1 month
100% funded
No time left
$6,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 7, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Download Disaster

    You get a download of the song!

    12 claimed
  • $5USD
    Neither Snow nor Rain...

    Personalized thank you postcard featuring behind the scenes photo from the set of the music video + song download

    12 claimed
  • $10USD
    First Responder

    You get a sneak peek of the video before it premieres to the world + behind the scenes thank you postcard + song download

    49 claimed
  • $25USD
    Call Your Mother

    Download three loopable ringtones PLUS get exclusive behind the scenes photos + sneak peek of the video + behind the scenes thank you postcard + song download

    27 claimed
  • $50USD
    Make Yourself Breakfast

    Get a signed copy of our EP + 3 ringtones + behind the scenes photos + sneak peek of the video + behind the scenes thank you postcard + song download

    13 claimed
  • $100USD
    A Butterfly Flapping Its Wings

    Be a Producer on our video and get your name in the credits! + signed EP + 3 ringtones + sneak peak of the video + behind the scenes thank you postcard + song download

    10 claimed
  • $175USD
    Run for Cover

    Grace will record a cover song of your choice on her looping station + all of the above

    1 out of 10 claimed
  • $250USD
    Personal Disaster

    Grace and Adam will write an individualized song for you + all of the above

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $500USD
    Widespread Disaster

    Grace and Adam will write you a song AND play it live at a concert + all of the above

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Localized Disaster

    Grace will give you a private concert *travel not included + all of the above

    0 out of 4 claimed
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