Nametag: Secure Programmable Social Computing

Privacy for your social life: User-expandable, secure social media in your browser where ONLY you and your friends share information. It's mathematically sound!

I'm a much better programmer then I am a marketer, and so I haven't spread this URL to anyone, nearly. In that time, i've improved all the core technologies and finalized the topology that will provide secure social media user-expandably, and it's easy to see that it's a subject non-cryptographers are going to misunderstand.

The importance of this issue deserves a really good media outreach; we'll be doing a second campaign and i'll actually send out emails to relevant groups.

Until then, if you contribute, you're taking one of the only steps available to you, or anyone, to make the social media safer for everyone. I'm going to have to take a job, I can't live on my savings anymore, and that just means it will be a little longer before you have a way to develop online relationships privately, an internet you can trust, without ads.

If you understand how important it is, donate a few dollars. If you don't, you'll learn what this project is doing soon enough anyway, because freedom is what this country was built on.

Count on it - james (author)


Full Screen Demo:

Beta: Use Safari or Chrome Desktop


Don't forget to press ESC to

enter Developer Mode!

Social Computer in your Browser? You Bet!

(Social Computer in action: This is HTML!)


Screenshot of Social Feed

(Daystream: the second of two social media apps you get out of the box)




a privacy-centric social computer

Runs in your browser with no plugins

social media feeds and posts

useful, secure, programmable

don't ask for permission.

It's your life; it's your data;

control it.


Encryption Flowchart

    Fig. 3: High-quality Identity makes it possible. We wrote the core almost last Feb 2012 and didn't look back. Now you can have online medical histories, financial outlays, diaries, eating habits, job hunts, resumes, political conversations, prescription reminders, tax data, and more, without ever asking yourself, "Who in the world am I giving this to?" 


---------------------- Quick Facts --------------------------

    Nametag is being able to speak to your close friends closely 

with mathematical privacy  

    You still have a feed-based interface with

friends and picture messages and posts out of the box

    Like any computer,

you can write applications for it inside it, without giving your code to anyone else. you also can export it and use it in your own sites.

    Even the people that provide the service (us) are 

never read anything about your life



------------------- Can I pull this off -----------------------

    I already have. This project is not vaporware.  

    These pictures are all all live screenshots from the production version of the tool. The demo? that's "frozen" from the real thing. It works, and is used daily by the team, today, now. 

Screenshot of Full Developer Environment

Full Screen Demo: 

Beta: Use Safari or Chrome Desktop


Don't forget to press ESC to

enter Developer Mode!



--------------------- Why Nametag? -----------------------

    Nametag is for speaking with your close friends as privately as you do with your bank: No 3rd Party Eavesdropping

    The infinite flexibility of Nametag lets us provide you with a beautiful, feed-based interface as the starting point. Messages, Pictures, Programs: anything you can imagine can become part of a post. Nametag empowers your creativity. It can power communities.

    Like any computer, you can write applications for Nametag, in your browser, without forfeiting any of your intellectual property, to anyone. You also can export your Apps at will and plug them directly into your own websites. What you learn in Nametag doesn't stay in Nametag. Using the language will give you the tools to become an expert web designer, as a side effect.

    With Nametag confidentiality is unavoidable. Even the people hosting your files and providing the service aren't privy to your conversations. You will only share with the people you expect to. You'll never need to share a single character of your personal life with someone you don't trust. That includes us.


----------------- What will I offer you? -------------------

    Besides giving you freedom when you talk online again, I mean.

    If you have an account with us, i'm releasing the Nametag Runtime under the GPL. You'll be able to use Secure Social Media and export the secure social media apps you create to run your own site.

    You can export any number of applications in the system into your own projects, open-source. That's a new and much more efficient way of writing web applications that can expand infinitely! That, by itself, is a brand new idea. 

    When i have the resources to put up lots of accounts, with polish on the interface and a researched workflow for friend management (which is basic at the moment) we can really start inviting new users in. Almost two years of research by a single individual has done this much, what would happen if the idea had investment? Resources?

    It would be a new world, online.


------- My dream job: making Social Media sane -------

    We believe passionately in our vision and will do what it takes to make it real. We already have, as far as I can go! I have no office. I have no other business. I work whereever I can: couches, cars, anywhere. I've invested all of my life savings into making a better future possible and it's back to contract work for me, unless you can help out with a donation.

    Together we can really change the game. Let's give your data back to its rightful owners: you, you, and you.


Team on This Campaign: