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NAIMOR is a highly hydrophobic three dimensional nanostructure carbon material in different shapes and can absorb oil 150 times its weight.
Ivano Aglietto
Czech Republic
10 Team Members


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Environmental oil spill disasters such as the BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico may recur unexpectedly. The outcome of such disasters are enormous leading to the killing of marine creatures and contamination of natural water streams, storm water systems or even water supplies. We must be ready to confront such turbulences with effective and eco-friendly solutions to minimize the short term or long term issues.

There are many ineffective and costlier conventional technologies for the remedy of oil spills like using of dispersants, oil skimmers, sand barrier berms, oil containment booms, by controlled burning of surface oil, bioremediation and natural degradation.

A cost effective solution RECAM® - REactive Carbon Material, has been already developed by Ing. Aglietto for oil spill recovery and can be applied in powder form for oil spills of small and medium extension.

For oil spill that involve large areas, a new revolutionary solution NAIMOR® - NAnostructure Innovative Material for Oil Recovery, is now proposed. It is a three dimensional nanostructure carbon material and can be produced in different shapes, dimensions. Highly hydrophobic and can absorb a quantity of oil around 150 times its weight. Light, strong, flexible and can be reused many times without losing its absorption capacity. Campaign video showcases the RECAM® and the new proposed concept NAIMOR® which needs your SUPPORT for the final stage of development.


With the rapid advancement in technology and need for the natural resources like crude oil, to make a common mankind life easier lead to the extraction of oil. Use of drill ships, drilling barges, submersible rigs are the different means of oil extraction and the damages caused during extraction are inevitable which are also caused by natural calamities such as hurricanes, typhoons leading to the oil spill into the surrounding marine waters. Anywhere in the world, oil spills caused by damaged tankers, pipelines and offshore oil rigs causes long term effect on the surroundings by coating everything it touches. If it is marine waters, the damage is severe and causing death to sea creatures like dolphins, whales, seals.


Oil spills releasing hydrocarbons into the marine waters effects the plants, animals in long term and difficult to quantify. One of the most visually alarming physical effect is animals smothering by oil coats covering their bodies. Toxic compounds released during oil spills can be ingested by the sea creatures causing short or long term negative impacts on marine ecosystem. Oil persists in sediments for several years and is slowly removed by natural remediation. Even the smallest oil spills needs to be promptly dealt with so that they don’t contaminate the natural water streams, storm water systems or even the water supplies. It takes just one liter of oil to contaminate 1 million liters of drinking water. To overcome this long term damage to ecosystem, certain precautions must be taken to remedy as soon as possible.

Ivano Aglietto, an Italian engineer with a PhD in Environmental Engineering has devoted his profession for the production of most advanced and innovative nanostructure carbon materials and the industrial development of their proper use in applications for the environmental remediation.

His first invention was RECAM® (REactive Carbon Material), a revolutionary solution for oil spill recovery and has been extensively applied for water and wastewater treatment.

RECAM® is inert, non toxic, regenerable, reusable, eco-friendly material and can absorb oil 90 times its weight. It is ferromagnetic in nature and can be recovered from water using magnetic field. The hydrocarbons absorbed can be burnt in order to reuse the material and no toxic gases are released because of its inert and non-flammable nature. Their is also possibility of extracting the absorbed oil by squeezing the material or by vacuum filtration. Oil recovered does not contain any water because of the hydrophobic behaviour of RECAM®. Recovered oil can be reused as resource and the RECAM® for recovering oil. RECAM® is used for oil spill remediation and successfully passed the Artemia test.

Use of RECAM® as barrier

RECAM® can be used as a barrier system for the oil removal in the sea waters. It is sufficient to spread the RECAM® on the water surface to start forming a uniform and homogeneous barrier which does not let the hydrocarbons to escape.

Use of RECAM® to absorb the oil

After spreading the RECAM® on the water surface, the second phase involves the recovering of oil with a process that is not a simple absorption process, but an action of capturing the oil and entrapping it in the nanostructured material.

Use of RECAM® in deep water

In order to recover the oil from the deep sea water, it is possible to release RECAM® into the deep waters using the pipes with openings. Released RECAM® starts absorbing the oil and encloses it, then slowly rising to the surface of the water with the trapped hydrocarbons, where they can be easily recovered.

RECAM® has already been used in Various Applications and Fields

Drinking Water Treatment

POU Devices

Fracking Industry

Chemical Industry

Emerging Contaminants

Bilge WasteWater

Paper Mill WasteWater

LandFill Leachate

Dyeing-Tanning WasteWater

Municipal Treatment Plants

Permeable Reactive Barrier

Pharmaceutical Industry

Nuclear Plant

Food Processing Industry

Mining Industry

Gas Filtration

RECAM® has been Certified by
European Community - Directorate General for Research and Innovation classified RECAM® with an independent study as one of the best nanotechnology of the 30 nanotechnologies that can have more impact in the commercial use.
Reference - Industrial Technologies PDF (Page No. : 179 - 180)

Removal of Radioactive Contaminants with RECAM®
Nuclear Physics Institute of the ASCR Public Research Institution (Department of Radiopharmaceuticals) certified the high removal efficiency of radioactive contaminants by filtration with RECAM®.
In all the tests performed, the efficiency of removing radioactive isotopes with RECAM® is higher than 99.9%.

Case Study : Groundwater Remediation with RECAM®

RECAM® is being replaced now with a new innovative nanostructure material, NAIMOR®.

NAIMOR® (NAnostructure Innovative Material for Oil Recovery) is a nanostructure material that can be produced in different shapes and dimensions with an incredible efficiency for oil recovery.

Main Characteristics and Properties

  • Can absorb quantity of oil 150 times its weight.
  • Inert, made of pure carbon, environmental friendly and no chemicals involved.
  • Highly hydrophobic and the absorbed oil does not contain any water.
  • Regenerable and can be used several times without producing any wastes.
  • It is a three dimensional nanostructure and can be produced in different shapes, dimensions.
  • Capable of recovering gallons of oil depending on the shape and dimensions of the carpet.

Different Products with NAIMOR®

NAIMOR® CarpetsThese will be available in carpet shapes and can be produced in different sizes and dimensions. Our first production of these carpets will be in the standard dimensions of 1x2x0.02 m.
NAIMOR® BoomsBooms are used to confine the oil spill but also they absorb the oil during their movement. These are the first type of booms that can be regenerable and reused for recovering oil.
NAIMOR® SheetsLong sheets are used for recovering oil from the large oil spill areas. The collection of the oil and the regeneration process are conducted with the help of fully equipped drone boat.

Use of NAIMOR® Carpets

Floating carpets of NAIMOR® are distributed over the spill area and left there until they are completed saturated of oil.

Once the oil is absorbed into the three dimensional nanostructure of NAIMOR, it can no longer be released into the water.
Regeneration Process of the Carpets

Once saturated by oil, the carpets are submitted to a squeezing process that allows recovery of the oil collected. Thanks to the fact that NAIMOR® is a material completely hydrophobic, the oil recovered is free of water and thus becomes a resource.

After the regeneration process, the carpets of NAIMOR® can be reused several times with obvious economic and environmental advantages

Use of NAIMOR® BoomsThese booms are moved on the surface of water with the help of boats on either side. Because of the double effects of confinement and absorption, the booms not only confine the oil distribution but also absorbs the oil more effectively. Once saturated with oil, the booms are recovered for oil removal.
Regeneration Process of the BoomsThe regeneration process of booms is similar to that of carpet regeneration. A special device is under conceptual engineering development. After the regeneration process, the booms are displaced on the water again to recover the oil.

Use of NAIMOR® Sheets

NAIMOR® can be produced in long sheets that are moved over the sea by a drone boat with remote control. The drone unrolls the sheet and starts to recover the oil moving through the oil spill area.
Regeneration Process of the SheetsWith the squeezing process, the oil is collected in a tank inside the drone boat, completely free of water and can be reused. After the regeneration process, the long NAIMOR® sheet is unrolled again and starts afresh to collect the oil.
Benchmarking with Other ProductsThe following table depicts the comparision of NAIMOR® with Other Products. It is clear that NAIMOR® is not only more efficient but also cost effective and eco friendly.

The technologies usually applied for recovery and containment of oil spills are having many critical issues, costlier and are not effective in most of the situations. No technology can remedy these oil spills to full extent and the outcome of the oil spills in the meantime are long lasting with negative impact on future generations. Various ineffective technologies used till now are sand barrier berms, oil containment booms, oil skimmers, controlled burning of surface oil, use of dispersants, bioremediation and natural degradation.

Sand Barrier BermsBuilding sand barrier berms to protect mainland wetland from oil is not a new strategy and it depends on the suitability of construction. Protecting the areas where vulnerable species live and focusing on them is the best strategy to adopt in order to increase the speed of recovery. Planted berms are intended to protect the islands and inland areas from oil as they could rapidly erode through natural processes.
Oil Containment BoomsBooms are long, floating, tube-shaped barriers fitted with a rigid or a flexible underwater support. Some booms have a limited skimming capacity and requires a lot of time, labor. Oil may wash over or slip under the booms and different types of booms are required for various situations. This is a containment solution for the problem but cannot solve it completely.
Oil SkimmersThey are used to remove the surface floating oil from water and have a relatively low recovery rate. Different types of skimmers are available for use depending on the kind of oil spilled and weather conditions. Due to the fact that they are having mechanical parts, they tend to clog and break down easily. Maintenance of skimmers are costly and are not suitable for large oil spills in view of their size and skimming capacity. They are not very effective in separating oil from water in huge volumes. Recovered oil can be reused for other purposes.
Controlled Burning of Surface OilInitial efforts to reduce the spread of an oil spill often begin with controlled burning which tends to have less toxic effects than using of dispersants. During burning operations, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released from the crude oil into the air. In addition to VOCs, crude oil contains toxic metals such as mercury, lead and other combustible products at low levels such as aldehydes and acid gases. Combustion also releases sooty smoke containing toxic gases that may cause nausea, headaches and breathing problems.
Use of DispersantsThe use of chemical dispersants reduces the effect of oil spills by changing the chemical and physical properties of the oil. We cannot ignore that when these dispersants are used the oil remains in the water and can sink to the bottom sediments exposing marine species to oil that can accumulate in their tissues. Dispersants contain a mixture of solvents, surfactants, additives and they have their own toxicity levels and are being used at significantly higher volumes where little is known about their environmental impact.
Bioremediation & Natural DegradationSome of the natural marine bacteria degrades the oil. When fertilizers are added, bacteria multiplies, increasing the consumption and breakdown of oil. This method for removal of oil poses many risks. In particular, one must acknowledge that bacteria have difficulty in consuming weathered, hardened oil. Furthermore, it is well known that these fertilizers may dramatically increase plat growth which then reduces water oxygen levels needed for fish and shellfish. Long term effects of the artificial fertilizers are unknown.


Q) Is NAIMOR® really environmental friendly?
A) Yes, it is absolutely environmental friendly. NAIMOR® contains only Carbon and it does not release any chemical compounds. Also the process of NAIMOR® production is environmental friendly and it uses only natural materials for its production with important carbon footprint.

Q) What is the difference between NAIMOR® and RECAM®?
A) NAIMOR® and RECAM® are completely two different products in terms of shape, properties and process of production. RECAM® comes in powder and can be used for local oil spills and cleaning of birds. NAIMOR® is the new product that is most advanced and environmental friendly solution for oil spills. Based on the experiences with RECAM®, today it is possible to think of a new more advanced solution for oil spills. Do you like RECAM®? Then, just imagine how easy and cost effective it will be to solve the problems of oil spills with NAIMOR®.

Q) Is it possible to recover the absorbed oil from NAIMOR®?
A) In all its shapes, the carpets, the booms and the long sheets, it is easy to recover the oil collected by NAIMOR® with the application of pressure. It is important to notice that NAIMOR® does not absorb water, so the oil recovered can be reused as a resource.

Q) Is it possible to reuse NAIMOR®?
A) Yes, NAIMOR® is regenerable after recovering the oil with pressure and can be reused many times. First laboratory tests demonstrated that it is possible to reuse NAIMOR® at least 15 times without loosing its efficiency.

Q) Are there any products with an efficiency similar to NAIMOR®?
A) NO. If you find one and if you prove that it is more efficient than NAIMOR®, you will have compensation of your donation or the amount you spent.



There are many ways to support NAIMOR either Financially or Socially.

  • Contributing even a dollar will help a lot and counts towards the success of the campaign. There are exciting perks for bigger contributions.
  • If you are unable to make the monetary donation doesn't mean that you can't support the campaign. You can support by spreading the word of NAIMOR® and the Campaign to your family and friends using the "Share This Campaign" URL under the Campaign Video on top. Share the campaign url on your facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and other social media accounts or embed the campaign on your blog/website or email it to your friends.
  • Participate in our REFERRAL CONTEST and WIN CASH Prizes!
  • Send us your valuable ideas and suggestions to ivano@naimor.com.

Thanks for your valuable support towards NAIMOR® and we are delighted to announce a referral contest to award our loyal supporters with cash prizes/gift cards/perks.

The referral contest ends along with the indiegogo campaign i.e; on February 02, 2014 (12PM PT) and there are no limits for your referral earnings. Anyone can participate in this contest and the minimum amount to claim is $10 USD and the maximum amount that you can make is unlimited. You must make a valid referral to get 6% of the referral donation to the campaign.

For example: If the fan 'A' refers his friend 'B' who makes a successful donation of $50, 'A' will receive 6% of the $50 as referral amount, which will be $3. You must make a minimum referral amount of $10 to claim the prize and the maximum referral earnings you can make is unlimited.

If your referral makes a donation of $50, you will get 6% of $50, which is $3.
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To start participating, you can share the campaign using the share tools on top.

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Ivano Aglietto is an engineer with a PhD in Environmental Geo Engineering. He had participated as Speaker in the 48 National and International Conventions and Conferences, primarily focusing on the issues of Contaminated Sites Remediation, Water Treatment and Environmental NanoTechnologies. Also worked as President of the National Association of Environmental Experts and President of Observatory of Contaminated Sites, been the member of Commission UNICHIM for the Remediation of Underground Tanks.
Invented RECAM®, the first nanostructure product used for the environmental remediation applications. After the extraordinary success with RECAM®, he developed a more advanced nanostructure product NAIMOR® which is even more efficient and needs your SUPPORT to make it a reality.

Please direct your Questions and Concerns to : ivano@naimor.com
To know more about NAIMOR®, visit : www.naimor.com

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    "Oil Spills: the TRUE" Movie

    A digital copy of "The TRUTH about Oil Spills", a documentary about the real effects of oil spills on health and environment, with contributions of several experts who were involved studying about the oil spills from years. If you add 20 USD you will get the original DVD copy, signed.

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    Mini NAIMOR carpet

    You will receive a sample (2 square inches) of NAIMOR that you can use for demonstrations and to play with your friends or to show your kids the easiest and environment friendly way to remove oil from water. FREE shipping worldwide

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
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    40 minutes call with Ivano

    If you have 40 minutes to talk with Ivano via Skype, what would you like to know from him? The formula of RECAM? What are the other applications of NAIMOR? Or you would like to propose a new design for the drone boat? Get these questions ready and call. The conference call can be planned anytime at your convenience.

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    NAIMOR & RECAM EducationalKit

    You will receive a Mini NAIMOR Carpet + 1 Liter RECAM Sample + Digital Copy of "Oil Spills: THE TRUTH" Movie.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $380USD
    Nanotech Conference

    Attend on 26 April 2014 in Miami to the Conference "Preserving the Environment with Nanotechnology" in Los Angeles. Ivano will introduce all secrets and applications of nanostructure materials with practical demonstration during a lecture of 5 hours. An occasion to get into the magic world of nanotechnology!

    6 out of 260 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $550USD
    NAIMOR drone boat model

    You will get a model of NAIMOR drone boat (scale 1:20) that you can control with your iPhone or iPad. Have fun playing with it with your family, with your friends or use it at your school for environmental education. FREE shipping worldwide

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    NAME / LOGO as OfficialSponsor

    Your NAME or your company LOGO will appear on all the models of NAIMOR drone boats that we will produce and you will be listed as Official Sponsor of the NAIMOR Project in all Online and Offline Marketing, PR Promotions, Websites, Videos and TV.

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