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Be a part of the first ever narrative web series created entirely by members of a social network! Help us include more of YOU!
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7 Episodes, 3 cities, 1 month and endless possibilities. Match is the first web series to be created entirely by members of a social network -- and we need your help!

Check back often for updates, information on the directors, the actors, writers, and the progress of the series!

What do you want to watch tonight? Okay... let's make it!

When did you last see something that you helped create? MyTeeVee is taking the current model of television production and flipping it on it's head.

This is the future of entertainment.

CLICK HERE to watch MyTeeVee's founders, Andres Faucher and Kevin Allen Jackson, explain their motivations behind creating the network.

“There is a fire that burns deep within each of us, that motivates us into action -- for good or for evil -- and that intertwines us with others”

This is the common theme that runs through the 7 episodes that comprise season one and the only thing tying them all together. Each episode, while being part of the larger Match series, is also a pilot for its own potential episodic series.

MyTeeVee is extremely excited to bring this project to light. For years, it has been a dream of our founders to create a community of entertainment professionals that valued inclusion and support of its members over all else and that extended opportunity to those hopefuls who might not otherwise have the means to pursue their passions.

We believe this goal can be accomplished while maintaining the highest artistic integrity, and Match is the first vehicle through which we are going to do it. 

Everyone has a story and everyone is driven by something. Each of the episodes explores the different motivations that compel us to act, react and seek out others.

We have selected 7 scripts from the nearly 300 that were submitted. We will shoot each one over the course of a month, utilizing members of the MyTeeVee Community to act, direct and everything in between.

We’ve already attached some amazingly talented filmmakers and are in the midst of searching for our final directors, actors and other crew members (updates will be flying at you from here and on our website, as they happen).

While it would definitely be easier to shoot everything in one single location, we’ve chosen to shoot season one in three different cities (Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco) so that we can include more communities more directly in the creation of the series. In the future, we hope to shoot episodes in even more cities all across the globe.

And your contributions are a major driving factor in making this happen!



Written by ZK Lowenfels Directed by Matthew Kaundart

A precocious 12-year old girl already in high school forms an unlikely alliance with the school heartthrob when they discover they share a dark secret.

Innocent - Pitch Artdirector's concept pitch

Click Here to read an excerpt from Innocent 

Secret Lives

Written by Shane Perez - Directed by Tara Alexis

An enigmatic stranger checks into a Washington hotel and soon finds himself having to turn the tables on an armed assailant. Is it a case of mistaken identity or does this man truly have something to hide?

director's concept pitch

Click Here to read an excerpt from Secret Lives 


Written by Jake Eberle - Directed by Traci Hays

A 30-something still trying to find his path in life discovers he possesses a special gift… but is it his alone or is someone or something manipulating him?

director's concept pitch

Click Here to read an excerpt from Seer


Written by Charlie Aaron - Directed by Andrea Ashton

A teenage girl forced into therapy she doesn’t need by her overbearing mother tempts her lonely therapist until he violates everything he believes… with bizarre consequences neither of them could have imagined.

director's concept pitch

Click Here to read an excerpt from Lies

With Every Death… 

Written by Kevin Allen Jackson - Directed by Christopher Stanley 

A young girl from a blue-collar traditional Italian-American family prepares to leave for college against the objections of her father, while the entire family struggles to cope with the death of the family patriarch.

director's concept pitch

Click Here to read an excerpt from With Every Death...


Written by ZK Lowenfels - Directed by Elspeth Brown

A teenage girl lives out a fantasy she wasn't ready for  then let's the world know about the nightmare she helped create.

director's concept pitch

Click Here to read an excerpt from Tonight

The Society

Written by P.J. Marino - Directed by Ian Spohr

A young man dies an untimely death and finds himself in a dangerous netherworld between heaven and hell where souls struggle to find salvation.

director's concept pitch

Click Here to read an excerpt from The Society

The Cast of The Society will be announced August 27th!!!


We’re looking to supplement our limited resources so that we can include as many members from as many parts of the world, as possible.

It’s all too often the case that someone amazing is tucked away in the middle of nowhere, seemingly far out of reach of their dreams and ambitions, especially in the film industry. We want to bridge that gap. We want everyone, regardless of social, geographic or economic barriers to have the opportunity to join us and create something beautiful.

On top of that... creating high quality web pilots takes a lot of people and we can't ask them to do it for free. In this industry, people pull favors, people work long hours, and much of the time, for little or no pay. 

Of course we're looking at the most cost efficient routes. But even those routes can add up. 

MyTeeVee’s principles are simple: Be Constructive... Be of Service... Collaborate and Create... and with your help we can push ourselves and the community of MyTeeVee above and beyond.


With the $40k we raise from this campaign, we’ll be able to include as many people from the MyTeeVee community as possible. The majority of the funds will go towards hiring more people for more departments, allowing more inclusion.

It’s going to take every dime of what we already have to just hire the main departments and the bare essential people to make the set work. But we’re ready for the challenge and our community is, too! We have thousands of people interested in helping us on set and beyond. Now we need to make it possible for them to be there. 

We’re essentially shooting 7 short pilots over the course of a month, each with its own director, actors, and crew.

We're looking at 20-30 people per film, so let's multiply that by 7. We think most will get hungry at some point or another. You would over the course of a 14 hour day. Say we're feeding them just on set. That's well over 500 meals, and that's just one a day. Some are being flown to our shoot cities. They'll need a place to stay too. That's a lot of mouths to feed, flights to catch, and beds to rent.

Rather than having one person doing more work than is physically possible alone, why not have more people on set to help them out? Those people will be able to contribute to the project and forge relationships with other filmmakers, crew members and actors. 

We promise that every penny contributed will end up on-screen. The closer we get to our financial goal the better off each individual project will be and the better the series will be.


In exchange for your support for our series, we’re offering a plethora of amazing perks, like access to the auditions, live streaming of the process, dinner with the producers, walk on roles and a whole lot more!

Here are a few:

  • Digital downloads of the shorts

  • Artwork from the film

  • Special “Striking Match” ringtone

  • Invitation to our wrap party

  • Signed Posters

  • Special thanks and your name in the credits

  • Match T-Shirts

  • Visits to our sets (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Washington D.C.)

  • Producer Credits

  • We’ll advise you on your upcoming film projects

  • Tickets to our premiere in Los Angeles

  • Dinner with the Producers from MyTeeVee


MyTeeVee Logo For Match IndieGoGo

“You gotta make it happen for yourself” doesn’t mean that you have to do it BY yourself.

MyTeeVee is a free to join, internet-based entertainment and social network where members create their own channels to post and promote their work, help decide what content gets produced and broadcast, meet and collaborate with other like-minded artists, and participate directly in the creation of the original content at all levels. 

We aim to facilitate the creation of media that you demand. 

Our founders, Andres Faucher and Kevin Jackson, are both actors, directors, writers and producers. In an entertainment landscape that’s constantly evolving, their love for creating, not only their own films and entertainment, but also a collaborative effort amongst other artists, drove them to seek out a different kind of platform to do so.

Click here to see Kevin and Andres talk about their motivation for starting MyTeeVee.

The current system is changing, allowing for more people in more places to pursue their artistic dreams. MyTeeVee wishes nothing more than to help facilitate a creative, collaborative atmosphere.

The possibilities are nearly endless and will ultimately be shaped by everyone on MyTeeVee.


We understand that not everyone has a lot of money, let alone enough to splurge on an IndieGoGo Campaign, but there are definitely ways you can help us out!

Here are some ways that you can help even if you can’t toss us a dime:

  • Share this page with your friends, family, acquaintances and even your mortal enemies

  • Follow us on Twitter at @MyTeeVeetv and use the hastag #MatchWebSeries to get the word out about raising funds for our series

  • Follow us on Facebook at

  • Join MyTeeVee at
  • and start creating content with us! We will have a huge amount of updates with perks like behind the scenes live streamed to the world interviews with people on set and photos from our travels. We have a ton of features for anyone interested in the entertainment industry, as well as a phenomenal membership that keeps on creating.



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  • $10USD
    You're with us...

    ...and we'll be eternally grateful! You're name will have a special place in our hearts and on our website. In addition, you'll recieve a newsletter about the progress of Match including bios on the directors, actors, etc and places we are and are going to be.

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  • $30USD
    Help us light the fire!

    You get to see what we create. You'll receive a digital download of the shorts as well as digital concept art content for each of the episodes. And!.. A special Striking Match text ringtone for your phone! You also receive your name on our site as a contributor, the newsletter and a special thank you video from the producers at MyTeeVee.

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    Buy a ticket, take the ride...

    You will receive access to a private set of interviews, photos and featurettes on all the episodes of Match. You're name will be in the credits, and you'll get access to our worldwide streamed live Wrap Party. [Also includes everything above]

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    Take it home!

    Received a special edition Match T-Shirt, a DVD of all the shorts with Special Behind the Scenes! And a signed copy of two of your script choices. [Also includes everything from above]

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  • $100USD
    Light the Flame

    You'll get a medium sized Match Poster from the Episode of your choice, and a limited edition Match Eternal Lighter. (pictures coming soon!) [Also includes everything from above]

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  • $175USD
    You are one with MyTeeVee!

    We'll send you a Signed and Framed Production Still from the shoot, A Special Edition, only printed once, Match Series Poster signed by all the directors of the Episodes, and a personalized shout out from set! [Also includes everything above]

    1 out of 100 claimed
  • $300USD
    We want to see you!

    You'll receive an autographed set of the Match Scripts as well as a 30 Minute Skype session with the Producers behind Match (Delivery contingent upon availability) [Also includes everything above]

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  • $500USD
    Whaddaya Got?!

    We'll check out your script or project and give you creative and professional feedback! [Also includes everything above]

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  • $750USD
    Come be part of the magic!

    You'll be invited to personally join us on set, meet everyone and walk away with a smile. (you must provide transportation to the set of your choice in any of the four cities we're shooting) [Also includes everything above]

    0 out of 30 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    We want to know you!

    *EXCLUSIVE TIER!!! Come have dinner with the producers of Match, and we want you to be in it... Receive a walk on role or background character in one of the shorts. (Must provide your own transportation and lodging) [Also includes everything above]

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    You're part of the Team!

    *EXCLUSIVE TIER!!! Get the full experience with an actual associate producer credit on the episode of your choice, We'll promote your business, your acting career, or whatever you want on our site and in our Newsletter (7 times) that reaches approximately 12 million followers for a period of two weeks. [Also includes everything above excluding exclusive tiers]

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  • $5,000USD
    Move up the ranks!

    *EXCLUSIVE TIER!!! We'll add you to our affiliates page on our website, promote your business, acting career, film, or whatever you want in our site and our Newsletter for a period of one month! O, and you're now a Co-Producer on the episode of your choice!!! [Also includes everything above excluding exclusive tiers]

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  • $10,000USD
    You win... You always do.

    *EXCLUSIVE TIER For a donation this big, you've made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of filmmakers... Shouldn't that be enough? Didn't think so... You're now credited as an executive producer on an episode of your choice and you get to choose between us flying you to the set or to a screening here in Los Angeles. (Travel and accommodations will be provided by us!) [Also includes everything above excluding exclusive tiers]

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