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MySight360 - Wearable VR Camera for Videos
Our 240-deg wearable VR camera with smooth videos perfectly simulates the view angle of human eyes.
Jimmy Sun
Los Angeles, United States
$191,908 USD total funds raised
283% funded on January 19, 2017
Prototype Stage
Prototype Stage
Do you have a desire to ditch the expensive mounts and rigs, and truly enjoy your outdoor experience? Meet MySight360. Wear it anywhere anyway you like, at any angle. And no matter how bumpy the recording condition may be, MySight360’s powerful video stabilization will always give you a crisp and sharp video...

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Free Your Hands And Enjoy The Moment!

Do you have a desire to ditch the expensive mounts and rigs, and truly enjoy your outdoor experience? Meet MySight360.

Wear it anywhere anyway you like, at any angle. And no matter how bumpy the recording condition may be, MySight360’s powerful video stabilization will always give you a crisp and sharp video!

And with its One-Touch Highlight Video creation, hours of footage can instantly transform into a video you can share on social media without all the hassles. Now that’s taking convenience to the extreme!

Sample 30 sec highlight video (from a 3 hour bike ride):

See Who's Talking About Us


Do You Have These Problems?

We are a team of technical-savvy engineers crazy about hiking. With MySight360, we are on a mission to solve your outdoor video recording problems:

If you are struggling with these problems, then MySight360 is your solution!

4 Key Product Advantages

#1: Wearable

No need for expensive mounts and rigs, completely hands-free. Just clip on MySight360 and start enjoying the moment, rain or shine.

Weighing only at 3 ounces and compact design, it is perfect to wear it anywhere on the go!

Some unexpected rain on your trip? Not problem. It is the perfect companion that will endure the harshest outdoor conditions (rain, dust, and heat)

#2: Awesome 4K Stable Video

MySight360 will capture breathtaking ultra high-definition videos in 4K quality at 240 degrees wide-angle. 

4K vs. 1080P in Panorama video mode:  

And with the advanced built-in horizontal calibration, every video will be amazingly stable without all the dizziness.

Let us wow you with our horizontal calibration feature:

#3: LifeLog

Never have to worry about battery problems again. Its built-in video snapshot function will automatically record for 10 seconds every 3 minutes, optimizing battery management to last over 15 hours of usage.

#4: One-Touch Highlight Video

After a full day of activities, the last thing we want to do is to spend countless hours editing/stitching the final video. With just one touch, MySight360’s App can free you from the stress and help you quickly create a video that’s perfect for you to share with your loved ones and sometimes, to the world!

Therefore, MySight360 is the perfect solution for hiking and outdoor activities!

Some sample highlight videos:

Hiking highlight story

Travel highlight story

But that is not all…

MySight360 is also the perfect companion to record your daily activities. Whether it may be capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories or just everyday moments. Because we understand that the best moments in life tend to happen without warning, so with MySight360 we got you covered.

1. Backpacker / Tourist

We believe we should all be able to capture life's moments quickly and easily. Just clip MySight360 on the strap of your backpack and create your memories as you are travelling in a new city.

Check out a backpacker scenario:

2. Biking

When mounted linearly, MySight360 transforms into a sleek minimalist design bicycle camera. Sometimes you have an amazing experience and want to be able to capture wide 240 degree wide angle videos and share it with your friends. Now you can.

Here's a biking scenario:

 3. Dog

We love our pets, and with MySight360 we can experience the world through the perspective of our favorite family member pet (without all the un-stabilization).

And here's a pet scenario:

4. Motorcycle

Mount it on your helmet to immerse yourself in the VR experience of the long road trip. You can concentrate on the road, and the rest leave it to MySight360.

And also a motorcycle scenario:

And since it is wearable, image the unlimited possibilities…

MySight360, Best Valued Camera

Weighing at less than 90g, MySight360 is a Camera, Stabilizer, and Video editing solution, all in one package. 

See why it is the best choice:

Still Not Convinced?

The following are some additional reasons why MySight360 is not your typical camera:

1. Unique Lens Design

MySight360 is uniquely designed to be forward tilting fish-lens at 45degrees, which is ideal for wearable and creates a simulated first person point of view.

2. Personalize Video

MySight360 mobile App transforms your smartphone into your camera’s editing suite. Whatever you are in the mood for, whether it is adding text, graphics, theme, and music, the possibilities are endless.

3. Social Sharing

Share the moment as it happens. At the moment of glory (top of the mountain), with the MySight360 app one-click sharing, you can share your experience with family and friends.



4. VR Content Creator

With MySight360, you have the freedom to create your very own immersive VR experience. You create the content and MySight360 will make sure its viewing quality is up to par so you can capture your target audience’s viewing attention.

 VR Mode:

So How Does it Work?

With MySight360, you have the freedom to choose.  You can either use it as a stand alone camera unit or together with your smartphone. And when you are home, you can access the MySight360 software suite for all your editing needs.

Tell Me More (About the App)

With MySight360, you are the storyteller.  And with the App you have full control how the story is told.

Live View Mode

Seeing is believing.  MySight360 is WiFi-enabled, so you can effortlessly connect to the App and preview/control the camera unit.   

Create Your VR Story

Define your story. You have full control of how you want to present your story to the world.

Watch Your VR Story

Re-live the moment.  Whether it is panorama or VR immersive, enjoy the experience as if it was the first time.  

Product Overview

We took into consideration all the requirements necessary for designing the perfect wearable VR camera. 

Take a look at what we have in store.

Just in case we miss anything, here are all the features:

With MySight360, it has everything you need (and more), so go ahead, push all boundaries and let your videos speak volumes for you.

See MySight360 In Action

Stretch Goal $100K => UNLOCKED

We want to be able to take our MySight360 everywhere, including underwater.  Wish granted!  

We will be developing a water-proof case especially designed for the MySight360.  The initially tested specification is that you can use it at least 10 meters underwater and we are still fine tuning the design to let you go even deeper. We will keep you updated. So if this is something that interests you please add USD50 (almost 40% off retail) to your original pledge and we will ship it out to you when we send your MySight360 at fulfillment.


Reward Design

We need your support to make MySight360 a reality! Check out the awesome rewards, exclusively for our INDIEGOGO backers.


Project Timeline

It has been a long journey, now we need your support to begin production.

Our Team

Our Story

In order to come up with the perfect wearable VR camera, countless hours of testing and refining took place. Take a look what we went through, and you will understand why MySight360 is the best VR camera for YOU!

Product Concept


Behavior Study

 ID Sketch

 Prototype Experimenting

INDIEGOGO, we need your support:

As you can see, we have successfully created and tested MySight prototypes. Now we need your support to begin production and deliver this amazing product to the masses. Please support our campaign so that we can make MySight360 a reality! 

Help us share MySight360 with your friends and family:








Q1. Why do you call it 360 if it is only single 240deg lens?

Ans: We apologize for the misunderstanding. MySight360 actually take the 240deg video and optimally transforms it into a 360deg video. The purpose for this is not only to provide the immersive experience, but also allow for horizontal calibration (making sure all the videos are horizontally stable).

Q2. Can MySight360 record voice?

Ans: Yes, there’s a built-in microphone in MySight360.

Q3. What is the difference between MySIght360 and typical action cameras?

Ans: Action cameras are typically used in short-duration sports such as surfing, skydiving, etc. MySight360 focuses on long-duration (minimum 2 hours) sports such as hiking and biking. In addition, MySight360 also focuses on the overall viewing experience, that’s why we developed the horizontal calibration and stabilization.

Q4. Does MySight360 support Android smartphones?  

Ans: Yes, it will, but currently supports iOS and will begin Android development in March 2017. 

Q5. Do you have plans to make a fully water proof version?

Ans: Yes, but we need INDIEGOGO backers’ support. In order to manufacture the water proof case, we need a minimum production quantity of 1,000pcs.

Q6. Will MySight360 have Wi-Fi connection issues?

Ans: None to be expected, our prototype unit has passed all our internal tests. We are continuing to improve on the connection to ensure its stability and speed.

Q7. For the VR goggle mode, I do not find a solution in the reward tiers?

Ans: We are currently looking for outdoor and portable solution. When we have something, we will let you know.

Q8: Will you have other colors, maybe some feminine colors?

Ans: Definitely! At many of our product demonstration events, female potential users were one of our biggest supporters.


MySight360 Accessory Addon Purchasing

Prototype Stage
Prototype Stage
Do you have a desire to ditch the expensive mounts and rigs, and truly enjoy your outdoor experience? Meet MySight360. Wear it anywhere anyway you like, at any angle. And no matter how bumpy the recording condition may be, MySight360’s powerful video stabilization will always give you a crisp and sharp video...
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