MyICETags: My In Case of Emergency Tags with Ice

Truly Life Saving! Jewelry quality pendants with smartphone technology. Securely access your emergency information in seconds. For people and pets.
Laurie Flanagan
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
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Small tag with stones, large tag with QR code

At first glance, MyICETags is a piece of elegant, versatile jewelry – but it's actually a portable lifesaving device. The stylish tag can be equipped with a scan code that once scanned with any smartphone, immediately connects to a secure web page that contains all the information you would want someone to know in the event of an emergency. The scannable code is currently available as a Quick Response (QR) code and a Microsoft Tag code. The only difference between the two codes are the look or style of the code and both function in the same way.

Our secure website is an optional service that provides you with a minimum 256-bit SSL encrypted portal and can be accessed by logging in to your secured personal page or viewed when the code is scanned. You can store your emergency contacts, medical history, medications, allergies, etc. 

Small Tag with Stones

Timeless Elegance and Versatility

MyICETags is crafted from solid surgical grade, hypoallergenic, 316L stainless steel and is custom laser engraved front and back. The gem border gives the tag a touch of classic beauty. You can wear this piece however you'd like: on a necklace or bracelet, as a zipper pull for your purse, or even your keychain. MyICETags can be customized with or without scan codes. Each tag is fully customized just for you! No two tags will be alike unless you order more than one in a given design. Each scan code will be unique to each person, pet or account. 

Excellent Gifts For:

  • Parents

  • Grandparents

  • Relatives

  • Children

  • Pet owners

.....the possibilities are endless


Some uses for MyICETags: 

  • People with extensive medical histories

  • Children with food allergies, Diabetes, Autism

  • Jehovah's Witnesses, Advanced Directives, Living Will

  • Life threatening medications like Coumadin or Insulin

  • Senior Citizens, Alzheimers, Dementia

  • Pets

  • and so much more...

  Small Tag with Stones "M"

Peace of Mind for Pet Owners

With MyICETags, you can protect not only yourself and your loved ones, but also your beloved pets. It's the perfect animal identification tag – if your pet is ever lost, whoever finds your dog or cat can just scan the code to instantly identify the animal and contact you. MyICETags attaches easily and securely to pet collars, and the solid construction means it won't get broken, lost or damaged during your pet's adventures. We are also looking into linking a pets implanted microchip with our customized secure webpages. This way if your pet should get out of his or her collar and they are found with a microchip it will act the same way as the scan code does on MyICETags. 

Back of small tag with stones

Support My Innovative Wellness Production

I am thrilled to offer this practical, collectible quality accessory that uses state-of-the-art technology to help save lives. This is where you come in: with your support, I'll be able to manufacturer and distribute MyICETags to the people – and their pets – who need a reliable safety mechanism and everyday piece of mind.  Here is what we need the funds for:

  • Manufacturing MyICETags
  • Software Development, Apps,  
  • Basic business services: call center, order fulfillment, hosting services, server, SSL certificates, marketing, employees, etc.

Why should I buy your product compared to any other medical alert jewelry?

Regular traditional medical alert jewelry only allows for a couple of lines. Although MyICETags can do the same thing what makes our product and idea unique are the scan codes and the actual quality of the tags themselves. As each year and each decade pass it is more evident that a large majority of people have more than one medical condition. The same holds true for contacts. Nowadays, we have home phones, work phones, cell phones. We have multiple people as our contacts. We have multiple medical issues, etc. It is not possible to get this on regular traditional medical alert jewelry. MyICETags is the solution to these problems. Instead of trying to get all that important information engraved on a small piece of jewelry we engrave a scan code that instantly brings you to a secure webpage that has all the important information YOU would want someone to know in an emergency. 

Back of large tag

Scan Codes

IndieGoGo Pledges/Supporters will receive a great deal that will not be offered again. This is because we have to purchase our original designs with certain minimums for customized products. Since IndieGoGo is crowd-funding we will get better pricing for higher volumes of tags manufactured. This discounted price is being passed on to our supporters.

MyICETags are available with different parts depending on the use of your tag. Tags that are for adults will come standard with a black silk cord and with or without a jump ring. You can opt to upgrade your black silk cord by choosing other chain styles and/or sizes at an additional cost. Tags that are for pets will come standard with jump ring and lobster clasp to hold the tag in the perfect position on your pets collar.

Detailed Specification of the Tags and the Services. The process:

Each tag is made from solid surgical grade, hypoallergenic, 316L stainless steel. Why did we choose stainless steel? 316L solid stainless steel doesn't rust or corrode like alloy metals and doesn't oxidize like silver.

MyICETags come in two sizes currently:

  • small tags are 32 mm X 18 mm X 2.5 mm;
  • large tags are 38 mm X 27 mm X 2.5 mm.

Small tags with stones have full cut cz's starting at 1.5 mm, large tags with stones will start at 2.0 mm.

  • The tags are CNC machined to accommodate the highest quality cz's available today. These zirconia's are full stones and are more like diamonds since they are cut in a similar way and have a brilliance, shine, etc. These are not crystals. Crystals are basically glass and do not reflect light like high quality cz's do. Each stone is set with prongs, never glued. MyICETags are jewelry quality pendants and will last a lifetime.

  • The tags are then polished to a mirror finish on the front and back of the tag for text only and has a matte finish on the back of the tags for QR codes. The matte finish allows for an optimum surface in order to scan the codes. We have tested and re-tested our codes so that they are optimized with the best resolution in order to be scanned quickly and easily. Any application that can scan for qr codes will work with our codes. If you opt for an MS Tag code you must use Microsoft Tag application to scan. This is not as well known scan code presently to most people so not everyone knows you need Microsoft's own scan code technology in order to read it. However, the up side is it appears to be even more sensitive to scanning and easily picks up code even before it is completely focused in on.

  • Services: each service package includes one year basic web hosting on our secure server per account. Per account is for one scan code. Example: one adult, a child and a pet would be 3 accounts. Our secure hosting and web pages and templates require custom coding so that everything is user friendly and not difficult or time consuming to get started.

What are we trying to do?

It is our goal to provide people and pets a way to keep up to date information to use in case of emergencies. Changes occur on a regular basis whether it is contact information like phone numbers, medications, medical conditions, etc. This is ideal since all you need is internet access and you can make changes or update changes anywhere you are.

Secure Access

What are your qualifications?

I have been an active Registered Nurse for the past 25 years. I have mostly worked in adult surgical, trauma, and most recently neonatal intensive care. I have also had a successful online web based business in the past which gives me a unique position to be able to carry out my vision of what this product and service should be. My career as a nurse and also as a family member has given me an insight as to what is important to know and to provide to first responders, ER personnel, etc. in an emergency situation. Every situation is different and it is important to have a system in place no matter what the emergency is (at home, in a motor vehicle accident, etc). In addition it is also important for each person to be able to update their information as often as they like, and for this same lifesaving concept to be of benefit not only to emergency personnel but also to you by having immediate access to all of your information.

How far have we come?

I have narrowed down exact specifications of the dimensions, the look, and the quality of the tags. I have received sample pieces along with actual tags for friends that are pet owners. Everything has been nailed down and all we need to do now is get the word out so that we can start manufacturing MyICETags in quantity. We will also use the funding to set up and customize the tag ordering process and also the secure webpages.


How soon will I receive MyICETags?

We are looking at approximately 8-12 weeks for delivery of the tags once the IndieGoGo project is finished. Why so long? It takes approximately 3 weeks after the project is over to receive all the funds. Unfortunately, we can only start once we have the funds. It then takes almost 4 weeks to manufacture MyICETags and then additional time to custom engrave each piece for each person. Once MyICETags are shipped to us we then need to ship them to you. Depending on the amount of support/pledges we have will determine how quickly we can ship them to you. The more financial support the more we are able to hire people to help with order fulfillment.  We can't guarantee delivery times but we would love to have them to you by Christmas.

Where are we going? Future Ideas?

We are very excited to share our ideas for the future. We plan on offering applications for smartphones, different metals (including titanium, silver, gold, etc). Different styles including bracelets, other style pendants, keychains, different stone shapes like princess cut, etc. Custom qr codes, wallet cards, additional space on the secure webpages for uploading documents, being able to print sections to bring with you to your doctors appointments, possible color options, and much more.

3D tags



I already have a way to notify people in case of emergency such as: application on my phone, or wallet card, etc. Why do I need MyICETags?

God forbid that you were in an accident. You have your smartphone with all your contacts in it....or did it get damaged or lost during the accident. Can you rely on your phone to speak for you?

Or what if you have a religious belief like not having blood products because you are a Jehovah's Witness. You carry a card but that can get lost too.

Or you have a tag on your child's sneakers or shoe laces. Do you have any idea how many times people, not just children, have been thrown right out of their shoes? And once the shoes come off it is not uncommon to be found long after the fact not even remotely close to the victim of the accident.

Why do the pictures with the stones look white instead of clear with brillance and sparkles?

Jewelry photography is at best very difficult with the aspects of reflection, lighting, depth of field, etc. The actual stones on the tags themselves reflect light beautifully and don't look white at all. They have a similar look as a diamond to the naked eye. Normal photography isn't able to capture some images like we see with our own eyes. This is a perfect example of seeing something a bit different through a lens as compared to how you see it yourself. The other issue is that of the reflective surface. Think of taking a picture of a mirror, you are going to get reflections in the piece that you really don't want to be there. So bottom line is that the quality of MyICETags far exceeds any photograph or video that can take a picture of it. Seeing is believing. They are just beautiful in person.

Can I get MyICETags in different styles and colors?

For right now, we are offering MyICETags in small and large sizes, with or without stones. We are planning on offering different styles, different metals and colors in the future.

If everything is customized how do I get that information to you?

We will have a template for you to follow for the tags themselves and also for your secure webpage. Once funding is successfully completed you will be sent instructions on how to customize MyICETags. This will also include your scan code if you opted for the service. Once you place your customized order for MyICETags you will then have access to a user database template for all your information to use on your secure webpage. Any additional information that isn't available on the template is easily added in other sections. If you think that we should add a certain part to the template we encourage you to let us know so we can add it to the template.

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