The dark isn't the only thing to fear.

Our Story

Kelly has an intense fear of the dark.  While home alone the power goes out.  Is she imagining all the things that are happening to her or is something very real hiding in the dark?

The Impact

This is a short film that is part of the upcoming The Collective Volume 4.  The theme is emotions and I was given the emotion Fear.  I'm hoping to make a great psychological short that will give everyone the chills.

What We Need & What You Get

I'd like to be able to pay my cast and crew this time around.  I have people that work with me that are super generous in giving their time and effort.  Would be nice to reward them for doing so. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can't contribute financially we'd love to be able to use your expertise in anything.  Hit us up.  Freakwolf@gmail.com

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