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http://mycloudplayers.com/ create & share playlists from SoundCloud tracks. No installation. No ads. It's free. Just bookmark it!
Gorancho Cucko Sirkarovski
1 Team Member

First of all the most important links...

My Cloud Player   My Cloud Stations   My Cloud Mixer



What is it?

Please bear in mind that MyCloudPlayer is an advanced online audio player, search engine and playlist creator powered by SoundCloud, Last.fm, EchoNest.com and Lyrics.Wikia.com. This means that it is intended to be used by folks who spend a lot of time online and who love an endless stream of fresh music.

As the story goes, it all started out as an attempt to see how far we can take Javascript & jQuerry while creating something we felt was missing from the cloud music experience. One thing led to another, and MCP was born! 

MyCloudPlayer is our first project (and thus it's in the most advanced development stage) for an all-in-one search engine, audio player, playlist creator, SoundCloud social app, and much, much more… please see for yourselves and at least give it a chance. If you regret it, feel free to send us some hate mail ;) 

Light Orange Theme is Up and Running. Just click the 'Theme' button to switch between themes.Light Orange Theme is Up and Running. Just click the 'Theme' button to switch between themes.

What is it all about?


The point is, we like functionality, and lots of it; packed in an easy to use compact app which doesn't require you to pay, to download and install stuff, or to go over those annoying ads. 

Anyone is free to use it and access the vast sound library created by millions of SoundCloud users with no strings attached. The most popular feature, and the one we were particularly proud of in the beginning was the "Playlist" feature which allows you to connect with your SC account and create your own personal playlists which you can then easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & most importantly, embed on your blog, website or whatever.

Embedded Playlists work on mobile devices (Android, iPad, iPhone). HTML5 with fallback to Flash for old android devices.Embedded Playlists work on mobile devices (Android, iPad, iPhone). HTML5 with fallback to Flash for old android devices.

Some of our users even took it a step further and used this feature to create their own internet radio stations. Now, even though we did not expect this, we were very happy to realize we created something which is better than radio... Wohooo!  (e.g. > Radio Bboy 24/7)

Why are we building it?

We started building it because we needed and application which allowed us to listen to cool music all day long, with no limitations and no hassle. Now, we are working to make it better for our growing community of users and fans, as well as, to expand the functionality to the limits of our imagination. Lately, the two subpages above came to be,inspired by the users & for the users…

We believe that music should be accessed democratically, and discovery of new tunes, bands and artists should occur organically, and this is precisely the goal we are striving towards achieving. Now, considering that SoundCloud itself is a community of people who freely share their music with the world and as such are themselves responsible for the tunes they post and publish, the whole copyright conundrum is addressed from the very beginning. Everyone is responsible for their own actions at the party, and MCP is just the DJ…

Just a few of our most well known users...


Why do we need the money?

The reason why we're here on IndieGoGo is to ask you, the kind & visionary netizens, to help us get the funding together to finance the full time efforts of a stellar development team, so we can finally build the dedicated iOS & Windows Phone apps for MyCloudPlayer, and thus take the joys of unlimited independent music to a whole new level. 

We would also use your contributions to get a dedicated server and security certificates which will make MCP even daster and more reliable than it already is. 

You see, MCP is the work of volunteers, and everything, from the design, coding, marketing, is done by people who love & use the app daily. Your contributions, will help accelerate the progress and maybe even drive the development of other apps which are currently on the back burner, cuz we're forced to do our day jobs as well. 

MyCloudPlayer @ the Chrome Web Store


Adds a My Cloud Player App Launcher in your Chrome browser.Adds a My Cloud Player App Launcher in your Chrome browser.
Adds a button, context menu and keyboard shortcut (ctrl+alt+M). Works like bookmarklet if you are on any page which contains SoundCloud songs.Adds a button, context menu and keyboard shortcut (ctrl+alt+M). Works like bookmarklet if you are on any page which contains SoundCloud songs.

Where we are now..!?

Well, if the info stated above and the links were not enough to convince you that we are serious about our project... we are happy to let you know that there is also an Android app with over 10K downloads. Now, bare in mind that this app is still just in Beta because, as we mentioned, this project is done by people who have day jobs (but we believe its a proof of fact of how much we love it). 

I dare all u go name a better one with more functionality. its still in development as I see but is AWESOME AS HELL. Enjoy


There is plenty more that can be done and here and now we ask for your vision and contribution to help us make MCP even better than it already is. 

Also, if you kind netizens decide to fund this project of ours, we promise that we will pursue integration with MEGA.CO.NZ and other similar cloud services which will be deemed secure and used by enough of our users. 

Our promise...

We promise to keep the desktop browser app free and neat for everyone to use. With your help, we will bring an awesome user friendly app to smartphones and tablets in a couple of months and hopefully this will enable us to get the ball rolling and push through with the rest of the ongoing projects which you hopefully have already discovered.

Thank you!

Read what others say about MCP...

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I Love Free Software
Radio Canada


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    You get free copies of the apps for you and FIVE of your friends + a place on our Wall of Fame + the goodies mentioned, including a privileged honorary title in the community.

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  • €5,625EUR
    The Investor pledge

    Be "The First" to get the app on your smartphone AND tablet + extra copies for up to TEN of your peeps for you to gift around. You will also get exclusive beta access to upcoming desktop releases which will blow your mind + you will receive VIP monthly progress reports for all our related endeavors. In other words, you join MCP royalty, and we will involve you in the future of MCP.

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