Things didn't go quite as expected at SpaceCON this year.

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If you have trouble viewing the video, you can also check out the trailer on YouTube!

Update: Thanks so much to everyone who helped us reach our goal by contributing and/or passing along our trailer! This money will help us tremendously in finishing post-production. However, there are always unanticipated expenses with ultra low-budget filmmaking, not to mention we still have another stage after post-production– distribution. Therefore, we'd be extremely thankful for further contributions made through our IndieGoGo page while our campaign is still running. The $5,500 goal was the bare minimum we needed to get through post, and every donation helps us get a little closer to finishing the film!

I'm very happy with the way everything looks so far, but we're in need of more post-production funding to complete the film in the most professional way possible. This includes editing, sound design, color correction, and a score- which brings us to needing a total of about $5,500. By contributing to the post-production round of fundraising, your donation amount will make you eligible for the perks listed to the right.

Check out the trailer above, we'd very much appreciate your donation to our SUCKY project!

All donations are considered gifts. Note: Since we are not a non-profit, donations are not tax deductible.

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