My Simply Beautiful Christmas - Phillippa Lusty

Help Phillippa to record her EP 'A Simply Beautiful Christmas' - an early fundraiser for her debut album.


I’m Phillippa Lusty, a singer/songwriter from Cornwall, UK, pursuing my dream of writing, recording and performing beautiful songs. I have trained as a musician since I was a little girl, growing up by the wild & wonderful beaches of Cornwall, in my parents little beachfront hotel. I have been writing and arranging my own music since I was a teenager, using the experiences of my life’s journey as inspiration for my music. Through music I have had the opportunity to perform in many amazing places, have met some very special people and made many friends (and fans who have become friends) along the way - all of which have influenced me and my music in some way. I am completely independent, funding my work through teaching music and busking on the streets of London.




I want to create a small EP of well-loved and beautiful Christmas songs. The idea is keep them pure and simplistic, using just my vocals, with guitar and piano and maybe a little of my own violin playing. I hope to capture the spiritual essence of Christmas, which is so easily forgotten in today’s fast moving society. The two musicians accompanying me on this musical adventure are both people I hold very dear – I hope this will really come across in the songs.

I have negotiated some special rates for the recording of this EP, with a promise that I will come back to record my debut album! After carefully costing out this project, budgeting for graphic design, session musician hire, rehearsal/studio/producing/mastering time, photography/cover design/printing/Cd making/packaging, and marketing I need $1600. If I don’t make my desired goal I will still go ahead with the project, although I may have to be eating beans out of a can for Christmas if I don’t!

All donations will go toward mixing, mastering, packaging, duplication and marketing. Any residue will kick start the work on my debut album. 




This is important to me because friends and fans have been asking for Christmas songs from me for a while, and with your help, this will make it possible this year. By contributing to my campaign you will be helping me on my first steps toward raising the funds needed for my debut album. 

I really hope that you will dig into your pockets and help to fund my first steps into an independent release. If you have enjoyed listening to my songs, now is the time to show it and get this off the ground….I have been deeply moved by the support I have received from so many of you, encouraging me to seek sponsorship to create my debut album, so I have decided to take the plunge with a small first step  that I hope will get your coins jangling into our pot.

I have masses of lovely goodies to reward you, so please take advantage of what I am offering and help me to reach my target!



QUOTES AND REVIEWS (to show I'm real!)

“If I had to pick out only one act, it would be a singer who introduces herself as ‘Phillippa from Cornwall’ and has one of the most angelic voices I have ever heard…”  Paul Donovan, Sunday Times

“A singer-songwriter, arranger,and violinist, who has charaming stage presence, was pitch perfect throughout and is stunningly beautiful; she has the whole package” Nicola Jarvis, Editor, Classical-crossover.co.uk

http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/cornwall/hi/people_and_places/music/newsid_8705000/8705870.stm   - BBC Introducing page

“The standout for me was Cornish singing star-in-waiting Phillippa Lusty...Alluring and with a beautiful soprano voice, one wishes Phillippa well with her singing career in London…” Lee Trewhela, West Briton

“I recently heard a 15 year old soprano who would blow your socks off…” Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, David Frost Show




I know how tough it is to have no money, so if you cannot afford to contribute financially I understand – but you can still help a great deal by using the share tools on this site and getting my campaign as much exposure as you can – send it to your friends and family, share it on facebook, pinterest and anywhere you think will make a difference. Help me to get people looking at this page… please. If you think you can create some noise for this campaign, then we can still barter some rewards – come and talk to me <3


If this is our first meeting, then you can find me on youtube, facebook, myspace and on my own website - piplustymusic.com








Thank you for joining me on the first steps of my journey… 


God bless.


Phillippa Lusty

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