My Shameful disease

the world has rejected me because of my sickness; i feel like i am not part of this world even though i was born in it. just one word makes me different. AIDS!


Malaika, the angel of the Kasai community, is the victim of terrible and fatal disease- Aids. Contracting AIDS has isolated her from her community and also prevented her from going back to school. Having been abandoned by her family and friends, Malaika attempts to commit suicide. Fortunately, life has another plan for her. Malaika is saved by a nun and later decides to become an advocate for AIDS in her community. She becomes a voice for all the women infected with the AIDS virus. AIDS is very common in Africa with a very high mortality rate. Unlike developed countries where there are medications to prolong the inevitable, most countries in Africa cannot afford such medications. The lack of medications results in premature deaths for many unlucky patients. The completion of this project will give AIDS victims, especially women, a voice to defend themselves and a place in society despite of their medical condition. However, if this project does not succeed, discrimination in Kasai will persist; keeping many in oblivion, and failing to help many innocent lives. It is very unfortunate that people have to suffer and be looked down upon because of their infirmity. We need to bring this project to life. The sooner it gets off the ground, the better. As far as budget, we only have about $200.00 raised to this day; however, the money needed is about $5,000.00. Obviously, we can’t begin the film without money. Every cent of the money raised will go towards the project. The money will go towards 1. All the equipment including cameras, tripods, and batteries 2.  Stipends for the director of photography in south Africa 4. Catering for all the shouting days 5. Transportation on location for the crew 6. Stipends for the crew member (make up artist, sound mixer, production assistants, first AD, location manager) Please if you are part of any social network (twitter, facebook, myspace, hi five, etc…), I ask that you spread the word and help make AIDS a lot more manageable disease for its victims in Africa. It would help tremendously if everyone could spread the word to close friends, families and co-workers.

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