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I gathered Frank Zappa legends Ike WIllis, Ed Mann, Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars to record my brand new music and now the project needs funding ...
Wolfram Klug
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This campaign is over - CD release in 7/2014 pre-order here:





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They’re turning again!

Lifelong Frank Zappa fan Wolfram Klug had a mission.  That mission was to gather together legendary Frank Zappa band members Ike Willis, Ed Mann, Arthur Barrow and Tommy Mars for the first time in twenty years, harness their incredible talents and record a CD like no other.  

Short Summary

Wolfram travelled from Switzerland to Southern California to record in LA with Ike Willis (vocals and guitar), Arthur Barrow (bass), Tommy Mars (vocals and keyboard) and Ed Mann (percussion and mallets).  All of them are hugely talented musicians who featured heavily on Zappa’s greatest albums and live shows.  This brand spanking new work is a colourful and creative mix of vocal and instrumental tracks that fuse jazz, groove, funk, electro, spoken word, and solos. In other words, it's packed with fun.

Some of the tracks had been composed and arranged before going to the studio; others were improvised by the guys and embellished during the recording sessions. Three weeks were spent in the Lo-Tek studio in late 2012.  The recordings are mostly completed and all we’re looking for now is final funding to complete the editing, mastering and production of the CD. 

Tommy has been using some of his most favourite instruments including the Electrocomp Synthesizer which all self-respecting Zappateers know and love from the ‘Sheik Yerbouti’ album. Arthur grooves and rocks, Ed adds his inimitably cool textures and Ike’s unique voice reminds us of all the cool stuff he did and why we still love him.

Lyrics are fun ('Who took my pen?') and serious at times (not too much, don’t worry!) and always give enough reason for a good laugh about the mysteries and stupidities of life due to Ike’s and Tommy’s amazing talent of putting energy, soul and fun into Wolf’s written words. Their minds are as open as parachutes and the recording sessions were a joyful experience in all meanings of the word.  You can share in it too, if you pledge for the DVD.

 Tommy signs

Special guests include Michael Barsimanto on drums and many other Dancin’ Fools and Stink Foots from the States, South America and Europe.

You'll find many options including a digital download option. And of course there are some advantages that you'll get by pre-ordering the Limited Edition from us now.  You know you want to.....


What We Need and What You Get

We have already spent a huge amount of $ in advance for recording the CD (studio time, technicians, sandwiches, getting rid of brown shoes and laying on lots of sparkling water ....). Now we need to secure some outside funding to complete this incredible project.

Our goal here is a paltry $21,000 USD.  This is actually far less than what is needed to record, mix and master the album, so hopefully we will exceed this by a large margin, but this amount will commit us to finishing the CD.

We truly appreciate the trust that you will be giving us by contributing to this CD sight unseen/ears unheard, so we have included some specially-designed perks into this pre-order as a way of thanking you for your support.

One benefit of offering to help us is that you will receive the new CD at least one full month before it is available to purchase anywhere else.

You will even get a premix of one of the songs as is right now. This little gem will not only give you an immediate idea on what you will hear on the album later on but you'll be following the work in progress directly.  ANY perk you select will receive this as a instant 'thank you.'

Another benefit will be the DVD with video footage from the recording sessions in the studio with the guys. Rare stuff which you have never seen before in your life; making brand new music happen while you watch.  Check out our list of Perks with a wide range of rewards for your contribution.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING: Indigogo does not have the ability to add shipping and handling charges at checkout, but they do have a place to add additional funds in addition to the base price of the perk you are purchasing. Please note important comments in the product description box regarding shipping charges to your part of the world. 

Email any questions: mail@musicfromutopia.com

Daily updates on:   fb.com/wolframklug & musicfromutopia.com

Target release date and shipping date for this privately released Limited Edition is Autumn 2013. We will try our utmost to achieve this goal or be forever cursed to breathe in Teen-Age wind.....

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute, you can still help:

• Ask all your family and friends who extremely good taste, wit and senses of humour to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign.

• Share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter and other social media!



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$21,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 20, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Our freshest new song!

    We'll send you the download of the promo version of the album's title song as soon as you contribute. You'll feel like part of the production team!

    2 claimed
  • $10USD
    Album Digital Download

    Digital Download of the official album a month before it is available anywhere else plus the fresh new song included in the previous perk. Estimated delivery: Autumn 2013

    8 claimed
  • $15USD
    Official CD and downloads

    The new CD - something to grasp in your hot little hands. New music, narration, singing, instrumentals and an intriguing story interwoven through the album. Essential listening! Don't forget the fresh new song from Perk One and the digital download 1 month before CD release Important note re shipping: Please add $6 to your total contribution for European orders or $7.50 for all orders outside of Europe Estimated delivery: Autumn 2013

    6 claimed
  • $25USD
    CD, above perks and cool gift

    Official CD, digital download of album one month before the official release plus a specially-designed gift that perfectly partners the main song. We can’t reveal any more info because it's exclusive but we pinky swear to contact you after the funding process is finalised and tell you all. Don't forget the fresh new song from Perk One.... Important note re shipping: Please add $7 to your total contribution for European or $8 for all orders outside of Europe. Estimated delivery: Autumn 2013

    23 claimed
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