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12 videos about 12 amazing Jewish European individuals. Video reporters by this project give voice to their local Jewish communities.
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Listen to Jewrnalism’s voice about contemporary Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe.

 Support Jewrnalism’s young Jewish leaders sharing thoughts and events.

 Your pledge of $100 to Jewrnalism will ensure a young Jewish voice throughout Europe’s Local Communities.


Pledge now to double your gift with a generous gift from ROI community.  Up to $5,000 of your dollars will be matched raising Jewrnalism’s critical voice.


Reasons why Jewrnalism’s voice is desperately needed in the global Jewish community:


Central and Eastern Europe has rich and growing Jewish communities, rising from, and, in spite of, the ashes of the Holocaust.  Blending the past and the present, this region holds hundreds of years of history and heritage and is the root of many Jewish family trees.

Yet, Jews visiting Central and Eastern Europe often come with negative stereotypes and prejudices about this region.  Too often, outdated and inaccurate materials are used for group heritage and education tours for young Jews visiting from around the world. 

Jewrnalism’s mission is to inform and educate Jews around the world of contemporary Jewish European life.  Jewrnalism, founded in 2011 is a network of young journalists in over 23 countries.

Jews living in this region have important stories to tell about what it means to be Jewish.  These stories inform world Jewry about our past, and the strength of our present, and, future.

Sharing vital stories about their reviving Jewish communities connects these journalists to their own Jewish story, strengthening world Jewry.

Jewrnalism is dedicated to developing young Jewish leaders. While money and time are allocated for seminars, the potential of these young Jews is often unrealized due to their geographical distance from Jewish communities in Europe, the U.S. and Israel. 

Supporting Jewrnalism with a gift of $100 or more will provide the necessary resources for them to engage and participate in projects with world Jewry.

Please click here for current funding and support information


Reasons why MJG is important and deserves your support

  • The visual and entertaining features will break stereotypes and misunderstandings that existing between Jews from Europe, USA, Israel and other parts of the world.
  • This uique and powerful venue allows young Jewish leaders to realize and grow their potential as leaders through the media


How MJG will bridge world Jewry and widen perceptions: 

  • The programs created and hosted by Jewrnalists will allow viewers to discover the life within European Jewish communities. 
  • Viewers will be able to see cities they have heard about and ‘visit’ businesses. 
  • These ‘visits’ will provide a realistic and informative view of Central Eastern Europe while answering questions Jews in other parts of the world have about this region
  • Episodes will take place in points of interest including museums, coffee shops, JCC’s and other Jewish heritage and cultural centers
  • MJG’s target audience of young Jews (20 – 35) in the US and Israel will learn about this region known for the Holocaust from their peers in contemporary times, sharing contemporary Jewish issues  


MJG’s format and outcomes:  There will be 12 episodes promoting:

  • 12 young Jewish social entrepreneurs/innovators, from
  • 12 European cities (in countries from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Austria, Romania)
  • 12 Jewish community members from the highlighted city
  • 12 Jewish institutions connecting Jews in that city


Funding for MJG:

  • The estimated cost for 12 episodes is $12,500. 
  • Commercials will be accepted from Jewish restaurants, hotels, museums and communities from each broadcast episode.


How $12,500 MJG donations will be budgeted:

  • $1600:  Participants from 12 countries will take a Video script writing course from Media
  • $8,4000: for 12 episodes at $700/episode for reporting Jewrnalist and their camera operator, video editor, English translation, room and/or equipment rental, travel expenses.
  • $1000:  salary for project coordinator who for 12 months will take care about money, logistic, video distribution and quality of the project.
  • $1500:  Fees


MJG will produce as many shows as we can with the money raised.  If you would like to participate in our project but are unable to give us money, please contact us to contribute your time with translation and/or editing. 

Please help us make MJG a reality and empower the new Jewish leaders of Central and Eastern Europe

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