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Please contribute below to 'My Inner Voice' which is a free app designed to help people get more out of their life by harnessing their positive 'Inner Voice'.
Zaid Ahmed
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United Kingdom
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Our team have over 10 years experience helping people suffering from a variety of mental pressures, such as phobias, stress and panic attacks.  This work has shown us that many people are living restricted lives, feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. 

Over the years this extensive experience has shown us that people needing our help have been influenced by a negative 'inner voice', controlling their feelings.  The type of messages they were giving themselves using this 'inner voice' were, ‘I can't do it’,  ‘I’m too scared’,  ‘I'm not worth it' and so on.  In our work we found that simply minimising this 'inner voice' lessened its impact and revolutionised quality of life and achievement for people time and time again. 

This was a revelation to us as we realised how something so simple could help people change their lives so significantly for the better.

We came up with the idea to put all of our experiences into a user-friendly app for everyone to use, for FREE.



The app is called 'My Inner Voice’. 

The 'My Inner Voice' app applies the tools and techniques used in well known therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help people weaken the impact of their negative self-talk and self-perceptions on their lives by turning them into positive affirmative thoughts and beliefs.

In time and with regular use, individuals can become free from their self-imposed constraints to thrive and become more fulfilled.



‘My Inner Voice’ app is different from other applications in 3 key areas:

It addresses the fundamental requirement for transformation – i.e. change in the mindset to effect change in behaviour.

It will be available in a range of languages including English, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish in order to reach and cater for the maximum number of users globally.

It is FREE to enable the maximum number of people around the world to benefit from it and help themselves to fulfill their potential.



The universal barriers of class and wealth in locating and accessing face-to-face therapists is damaging on so many levels, especially as in our experience there are so many problems which can be dealt with individually and at no cost.

The global appetite for this type of service/ product is evident and the potential global impact of this FREE service is great. As long as you can access the internet to download the ‘My Inner Voice’ app., you will  already be on the path to freeing yourself from yourself.

Imagine what that means? For the individual? Their family? Their community? The world?

The endless possibilities to be more tomorrow than you are today .... it’s a phenomenal thought and YOU can be part of the solution to somebody’s problem, somewhere around the world.



We need your help to raise £60,000.

This money is necessary to employ the designers and developers to produce this app. as well as the costs associated with bringing it to market.

The money raised will be used to bring a quality product to market as soon as possible.

The team is on standby – they all believe in My Inner Voice app. We want you to believe in it too. Imagine what we can achieve together.

Please pledge your support and make some noise for My Inner Voice app today.

Thank you.

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    A big THANK YOU from us!

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  • £5GBP

    Love what we’re doing and want to keep up-to-date on all things ‘My Inner Voice’? Show your support and we’ll send you exclusive updates and information as we build the app.

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    Your name will be included on our WEBSITE dedicated to thanking all of our Indiegogo supporters!

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    Your name will be included on our APP for every user to see! So everyone around the world that will benefit from this free app will know about you.

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  • £1,000GBP

    Want to be the first to benefit from My Inner Voice and the first to play a role in how we shape the app before it goes to market? Your feedback can influence the final product. You can be a part of our beta testing process! And don’t worry, when our final app. comes out, you will be one of the first to see it and use it!

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  • £5,000GBP

    This is one of a series of ideas designed to innovatively help people fulfil their life’s potential. We have many more to tell you about! Meet the founders, hear their discussions and have a say on plans for future products and developments.

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