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Learn to play Guitar with professional instructors. Choose from 23 courses and a growing library of HD videos, pdfs and play along tracks.
Myles English
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Victoria, British Columbia
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Don't Feel Lost Again

My Guitar Pal is the best online learning experience available for players of all levels and styles.  MGP has accomplished this by providing both world class instruction and the best and clearest user experience for the cost of a sandwich.  We continue to create great content (600 + HD videos and counting, spanning 23 courses) while offering our unique course system which allows for both progressive step-by-step learning as well as self-directed study.   We have taken lifetimes of experience as career musicians and translated tried and true teaching methodology to a web platform.

Why We Need Your Support

To add more of the best content imaginable, not just good content but “Great” content. With your support we can quickly grow to thousands of individually directed videos and dozens of courses with more award-winning performers and teachers. 

Be the Player You Want to be!

There are a lot of online guitar lessons that you can learn something from, but it is often difficult to take random lessons at random levels and actually learn from them in a way that allows you to play and communicate as a musician would.   A lot of what is available doesn't add up to a functional learning experience that achieves the goals of helping you learn while at the same time providing you with information you can rely on as correct.

Our courses, levels, and lessons are laid out systematically, like a very big book with videos, lesson sheets and play-along tracks.  You will never feel lost or confused as to where you should go next.  It is up to you whether you choose a systematic course of study or a random course of discovery or any combination of both because that is the way we all actually learn.

What We'll Have for Launch

  • 600+ (soon thousands) of individually directed HD videos
  • 40 studio-produced lesson-specific play-along tracks
  • Hundreds of pages of PDF support lessons
  • Comprehensive courses for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players
  • Blues, Fingerstyle, Jazz, Rock and Classical courses
  • Triads, Arpeggios, Scales, Modes and Alternate Tunings courses
  • Animated Theory and Harmony videos
  • Eight teachers
  • A great easy-to-use website that's optimized for computers, phones and tablets

What About After Launch?

  • Continue to create and release new content every week.  New videos, new lesson sheets, new songs, new play-along tracks
  • Expand the number of teachers
  • Add new features like Contests, Badges, Mobile Apps
  • Continually improve the site with the help of your feedback

By Guitar Players for Guitar Players

As a creative person you want to play with others and communicate and perform your own ideas.  My Guitar Pal doesn’t just show you where to put your fingers, we provide you with the tools to understand what you are doing thereby giving you a functional understanding of the musical language and the ability to perform and speak and write in that language.   

My Guitar Pal is a fully integrated learning system with teachers delivering a consistent message using a consistent and universal language . Every video, every play-along track, every lesson pdf supports a learning philosophy and learning system that has been proven.  This isn’t some secret system but is simply passing on the legacy of sound musical teaching to the modern medium of the web.

How Music Works

We are currently building a library of narrated and animated videos that teach you the fundamentals of theory and harmony in an engaging, practical and informative way. The theoretical should never become detached from the practical but instead build a foundation of understanding. For launch we should have the basics covered but would like to eventually expand to a more complete offering that includes advanced concepts of harmony and composition. Embedded below is an example of what we have been working on so far.

Contributing Teachers

Each of our presenters have been carefully chosen for their excellence as teachers, performers and recording artists.  We work closely with each teacher to design courses and support materials for those courses.  


Each perk includes full access to My Guitar Pal once our Indiegogo campaign is complete.  You will have access to all of our courses including approximately 600+ HD Video lessons for all levels and many styles including Jazz, Blues, Fingerstyle, Rock and Classical.  You will also have access to our play along tracks and printable lesson materials.

Each of these subscriptions is a recurring subscription at the Indiegogo promotional rate.  If you would like to cancel your subscription after your initial subscription cycle you can do that at any time through your user settings.

Contribute Now and Become the Player You've Always Wanted to Be!

Now is your last chance to receive access to My Guitar Pal at a super low introductory cost!

About Our Team

Lloyd – Production and Programs

Lloyd has had over 30 years of experience as a teacher, professional musician, recording artist and director/producer. His music has been played on radio and television all over the world. He started playing in his first band at the age of 15 and began his first tour at 18 and has played over 2000 professional dates. Many of his students have gone on to become professional players but Lloyd insists that the most rewarding part of teaching is the number of students who have made music a part of their everyday lives.  Lloyd continues to record and write and perform professionally.

Myles – Creative Director and Audio Mixing

Myles is an avid guitarist, performer, composer and teacher.  He has been playing since he was six years old.  His latest gig was recording and writing music for the television series "Holmes Makes it Right".  Myles grew up surrounded by music as both of his parents are professional musicians.  Myles also has a background in art, design and 3D animation and is responsible for the 3D work and look and design of My Guitar Pal .  Myles likes to record tracks and play and walk his dog Scooter on the beach.

Robin –  Managing Web Developer

Robin has a degree in computer science and paid his way through school as a guitar teacher and programmer. Robin came to mind as a developer for this project when he returned to the West Coast with his family after working in development on the East Coast. He and his brother used to be Lloyd's students.  From the outset Robin captured the vision of the project and despite some rocky terrain has helped bring the web architecture to the hilltop.  He continues to add new features and test and  manage development while enjoying married life with two young children. 

Joshua – Web Developer

Joshua is the newest and youngest member of our team.  Josh has a degree in computer science from Seneca College in Toronto and was technical co-founder for Crowdlinker as well as having developed other networking sites from the ground up.  Josh likes to play online games and program in his spare time - he says he needs a hobby.

Ray – Guitar Arrangements and Educational Consultant

Ray is our muse and has had both a full career as a music educator and player.  He has performed all over the world and because he also plays Koto his travels have often brought him to Asia.  He is a graduate of the Hollywood Guitar Institute and had the opportunity to study with some of the world's most renowned players.  It seems he can do almost anything when it comes to guitar and conceptualizing the creative process. Ray has contributed some fantastic arrangements and 3D materials as well as providing a continuous stream of sage advice.  Ray continues to teach and perform in the Toronto area.

Dave – Cinematography and Promotions

We found Dave through an Indiegogo campaign and discovered he lives here locally. We love his work because it is fun, quirky and a bit silly. Dave has been working on our video promotion and we look forward to more of the same in the future. 

Diana – Licensing, Intellectual Property and Print Content

Diana handles our admin work and the ins and outs of using copywritten material both going out and coming in. It is often a lot of work and research and is a difficult one to pin down at times in this age of digital delivery at light speed.  As we move forward this position will become more crucial as we continue to acquire, create and use more intellectual property.

With Thanks to the following Consultants, Contributors and Production Assistants

Stephen Long - PhD Professor MBA program, SiaSamimi - PhD Computer Technology, Mike Thompson - Business Consultant, John Vincent - Internet Startup Mentor, Washburn Guitars International, Jerome Zachary, Jay and Nick - Marketing Consultants, Terry Rachwalski, MBA - Marketing Consultant, Friend and Startup, Rob Bennett - ViaTech, Brian Threadkell - Renaissance Man and Management consultant, Clifton Dildy - Web Development Management Consultant, Aaron Watson - Musician, Brad Prevedoros - Guitarist, Bill Johnson - Bluesman, Rob Hamilton - Guitar Journeyman, Marissa Logan – Guitarist, Renderbob - 3D Modeler of Gibson J-185

What if We Don't Reach Our Funding Goal?

We will still launch May 15 and continue to add new features and content over time.

Thanks for Your Support! Please Share With Your Friends!

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  • $2USD
    Guitar Scales Ebook

    This is your chance to get a copy of our guitar scales ebook for less than 1/3 the price it sells for on Amazon! We'll send it to you in pdf and epub formats on May 15. This is probably the most comprehensive scales method ever written and it's great for all levels. Right now it has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

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  • $10USD
    One Month Subscription

    Receive access to My Guitar Pal for a period of 30 days. Because of your early support for My Guitar Pal you get 50% off our regular price of 19.95. You will receive a unique access coupon on May 15, 2014 which will be redeemable any time after the 15th. For additional subscription details please see below the "perks" heading.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $20USD
    Three Month Subscription

    Only ten three month subscriptions available at this price! Act fast! You will receive a unique access coupon on May 15, 2014 which will be redeemable any time after the 15th.

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  • $25USD
    Three Month Subscription

    This is an even better deal than our one month subscription! Not only do you save 17% off our base monthly price, but you get an additional 50% off our three month subscription price of $49.95. You will receive a unique access coupon on May 15, 2014 which will be redeemable any time after the 15th. For additional subscription details please see below the "perks" heading.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • $75USD
    One Year Subscription

    Not only do you save 25% off our base monthly price of $179.95 but also an additional 58% off that! This is a one time pre-launch special for our Indiegogo supporters. You will receive a unique access coupon on May 15, 2014 which will be redeemable any time after the 15th. For additional subscription details please see below the "perks" heading.

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
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