My Chili, My Dream

My Hot Dream is in Your hands.


Who am I?

My name is Paweł and this is my dream. I started thinking about it 3 years ago and since then I have been planning everything. First it was just an idea, little dream, now it's something that I can't imagine won't came true. I'm only few steps away from fulfilling my dream.

I'm living in beautiful city Gdańsk, Poland, and here I want to open the first polish chilishop, which will also be selling online. In our country there are many chiliheads but there is almost nothing to buy, so we must shop abroad or make everything on our own. Our cusine isn't spicy but every month, every day more and more people start to love chili and everything connected to it, so we all want to have place to buy it in Poland.
It isn't only a buisness for me, but first of all its my way of living.
I belive that with your little help it will became reality. I’ve worked in shop for couple of years, I was also an assisant of store manager in one of Marks&Spencer shops so I know how it all works.

What I need:
High quality products
Online shop
Rented shop
Necessary shop equipment

It all cost about 7500$, but even 0,01$ is important. I'm not looking for 1 person funding 1000$, but I need 1000 persons funding 1$ :)
If I will manage to acquire a part of the necessary money I will first launch the online shop to earn money to rent a shop.

The Impact:
Chili is amazing and most people know it, but not everyone. That’s why we also want to let them all know how tasty and healthy it is. There are thousands of different varieties, with different tastes and heats but people only use just 3-4 of them. Almost no one knows that it has the most vitamin C among all the vegetables! It makes endorphins in our body which make us happy, and are recommended in cancer diet.
Every year thousands of tourist visit Gdańsk so we want to give them an opportunity to give chilies in Poland a try.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you can't donate you can also help me by good word and spreading the word about my campaign among families and friends. The more people know about it,the bigger chance to make my dream come true.

Good luck to you all!

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