My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Help me and my boyfriend overcome some of the hurdles of our international LOVE
Hannah Mai
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About Hannah + Jana

So here it is: my boyfriend Jana and myself want to get married in his native India in December so that we can start a life together!! But it is not as easy as is sounds.
Jana grew up in a traditional village in South India and now works in a small touristic town. He studied stonecarving for 10 years and has made some beautiful sculptures. Right now he works at a guest house. His salary is not bad for indian standards but also not really good. As he still has to pay off his sister's dowry it is not enough. At the end of the month he usually has no more money and goes to bed hungry.
I am Hannah from Germany, after finishing highschool I have been back and forth between spending time in India and working at a hostel in Germany. I am now planning to go back to school to become a midwife. Which means right now i have to do some unpaid internships. I simply cannot take on the burden of financing this wedding and all the things that come with it all by myself. 

What we need your help with

There is a lot to get done in order for us to get married and for Jana to come to Germany with me.
Here are some of the next steps and what we need YOUR help with:
- getting an advocate to make this marriage happen and help us through the hell that is indian burocracy (about 200 €uro)
- jana needs to take a german course and take an exam in order for him to apply for his visa. this will be hard work for him as he cannot even read and write english properly right now (about 300 €uro)
- contrary to what the title of this page suggests we were not planning to have a huge wedding but it looks like it will have to be one. jana ist the first man of his generation to get married in his family. so for the formal part of the wedding jana expects about 400 people to come! he has so many cousins, aunts and uncles. and if they all come it is our duty to provide food for everyone. we will also have to rent out a wedding hall for all the guests to eat at. this is turning so much bigger than i had anticipated. but it is important for all of jana's extended family to come so we want to make it a good day for everyone. (about 1500 €uro)
- and then there is the visa fee and plane ticket for Jana. getting the visa will be a long and difficult process. apparently my government does not like people from india coming there. but we'll show them! (about 500 €uro)
If it should happen that we raise more than our funding goal extra funds can be needed by Jana's family. They live in a small house with no plumbing and no toilet. Jana would like to build an outhouse.

Why you should help

I am aware that this is a very personal cause.
So if you are a friend of mine your contribution would be gladly accepted as your wedding gift to us. 
If you only stumbled upod this and don't even know me you might want to take a second to remember how very priviliged we from the "western world" are. Jana is a very hardworking man but it is simply not possible for him to help finance this without going into debt. You will have to believe my judgement here but he is a very good man and he deserves the chance to make a good life for himself.
in the end it comes down to this though:
we love each other and we want to be together. 
Other ways to help out:
We are thankful for all good wishes and thoughts that come our way. If you can support us financially that would be even more amazing.
Otherwise you could also spread the word on facebook, tumblr or whatever social media site you use. Jana and I are thankful for every "share".
This can be very easily done with your INDIEGOGO share tools!
PS: Of course anybody who happens to be in India in December is invited for the wedding!!! :)
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    pendant + silk shawl

    we will write you a personal postcard from india plus send along a handcarved stone pendant made by jana and a colorful silk shawl!

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